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[YesAuto Design Decode] Mythology is the shadow of human beings. Wherever there are people, there must be soil for mythology. A few years ago, the idol in the hearts of children was a saint like Odysseus, but in recent years Achilles, who has a conflicting personality, is highly regarded. Things that seem to be in conflict are mixed together, and the result is not always opposites, and sometimes contradictory and asymmetrical beauty will be born. This is the case in life, and so are the cars designed by humans that integrate coupes and SUVs.

● Bodybuilder in suit and leather shoes

Years ago, we had no resistance to the angular Takakura Ken. A few years ago, people were eager for small fresh meat. Now those friends who are thin in clothes and have flesh when they are undressed have become the objects of the stars. The development process of automobiles is also undergoing similar changes. The last century was the world of cars. At the beginning of this century, the wave of SUVs hit, and the design of different styles is now showing signs of leading the trend of the future.

The reason why our world is diverse is precisely because in addition to the existence of connections between things, there are clear personalities. The difficulty of the perfect integration of two types of things lies in whether they can find the core that resonates among them. An experienced person is the key to finding the core.

After Geely acquired Volvo, it has learned many experiences in engineering development and styling design, among which the role of talent is crucial. Compared with the relatively conservative Volvo, Geely is more innovative, which also gave birth to fresh models such as coupe SUVs. Among them are the predecessor Guy, who has given rich lectures, and the young Chinese team who is eager to make breakthroughs.

● Pioneer or Martyr?

We have been educated since we were young to “be the brave to eat crabs”, but in the process of opening up and expanding our territory, we will inevitably suffer pain. If we don't grasp the scale and scale, we can easily change from pioneers to martyrs. On the road of merging cars and SUVs, we have seen pioneers, some of which have become timeless classics, and some are unacceptable.

At the Detroit Auto Show in early spring 11 years ago, the attention of the media around the world was focused on the BMW booth. The reason is that the Germans released an epoch-making product in the United States very early. How the German, who has always given a stubborn impression, used paintbrushes to change the history of car design is really interesting. When the curtain on the show car was opened, the scene was awe-inspiring.

To this day, I still remember the scene at that time still fresh. Before that, smooth movement and ruggedness were like a pair of antonyms in my mind. The Germans used the method of “up and down stitching” to pinch them on a car body. Can such a slightly peculiar look be hot? I don't think the Germans present have anything to say.

With the passage of time, the launch of the BMW X6 and its hot sales, car companies have also realized that this market segment is a blue ocean that has never been noticed before. In the next few years, we have seen the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe SUV. , GLC coupe SUV, Acura ZDX, Mazda CX-4… Although these models have different positioning and design concepts, they all contain the seemingly contradictory core of kneading cars and SUVs.

It is not difficult to see that most of the luxury brands who have the energy to invest manpower and material resources in the field of these non-traditional models for the development of new models in order to obtain a higher premium rate. As the “Guanzi Herder” said, “We know the courtesy of the warehouse, and know the honor and disgrace if we have enough food and clothing.” The development of a niche model such as a coupe SUV is for those who are still struggling with traditional models or want to grab more. It is not a wise move for brands with market share.

● Although there are different aesthetics, there are still general formulas?

-Kneading contradictions

Each of us is a consumer, but because of our different backgrounds in growth, work, life, education, etc., our aesthetic standards vary greatly. Many years ago, car design emphasized to meet the aesthetic needs of most people as much as possible, but for relatively niche models such as coupe SUVs, the goal is to satisfy the core target consumers as much as possible while taking into account the aesthetic needs of most people. How to meet the needs of individuality and commonality, which seem to be at the two ends of the scale, is one of the problems that lay in the Geely design team.

An excellent car designer can adjust the proportions of different areas to give vehicles different personalities. If you observe the car design sketches in recent years, it is not difficult to find that they are deliberately creating a sense of calmness. .

The difficulty of a coupe SUV lies in the previously mentioned characteristics of kneading the two models. The stability and expansion of the SUV need to be combined with the smooth movement of the coupe, and the transition and connection are crucial. To achieve mutual tolerance, the secret of not robbing each other is to control the size and proportion, of course, this must be accompanied by details.

The reason why many previous coupe SUVs look like the product of the two types of models is that the design team failed to appropriately weaken the details of the models. For example, if the large and prominent front and rear bumpers of the SUV models continue to be retained, they will be different from each other. The fluency of the coupe was contradictory, and Xing Yue weakened it in this regard.

In addition to conflicts, the characteristics of different models can also be integrated. Many friends are curious as to why the effect of the design sketches is greatly reduced when the mass-produced car is reached. The difference in tire size is one of the culprits. Due to factors such as cost, handling, and regulatory safety, the tire sizes used in mass-produced cars are smaller than the renderings, but this is not irreversible.

There are many ways to create a sense of expansion. Shading through lines is used to portray personality characteristics step by step with different levels, so we can see that Xingyue's body has obvious ridges.

It is not easy to integrate contradictory things, but it is only a small part of the whole vehicle design. For today's car brands, to make the product stand out from the crowd, it is also important to catch the eyes of the observer instantly. This relies on family design, of course, the degree of this is as subtle as the skill of “a little seasoning” in cooking.

-Make it more auspicious

When it comes to car design today, the unavoidable problem is family styling. Early matryoshka design has proven to do more harm than good. Now the popular one is seeking common ground while reserving differences, and the Geely design team is also familiar with this. Therefore, in this little guy wearing a golden coat, you can easily find auspicious elements, and at the same time you can discover its unique personality.

Unlike previous Geely products that meet most people’s business or home needs, Xingyue’s design is obviously much sharper. Under this guiding ideology, the development team has made unremitting efforts on this point, which is often used for reference in the industrial design field. The characteristics of cats are also reflected in it.

Today I mentioned the Geely design. The details from traditional Chinese culture have become a significant label. As an important part of the overall family design, the front grille is also the core focus of the Geely team. In addition to the color and material changes , The designer also buried a new egg here.

Although the color scheme and creativity of the grille are similar to those of Binyue, there are still differences between the two cars in the details of the grille. The front grille of Xingyue is not only flatter and tighter, but the most important difference is that of Xingyue. The inside of the grille is solid and does not have the effect of air intake, which is also part of the aerodynamic optimization. Thanks to various design optimizations, the drag coefficient of Xingyue has stabilized at 0.325. For an SUV model, this number is still very good. You must know that the BMW X6's score is only 0.34.

Just as shadows always appear along with the sun, what exists with the commonality is individuality. The character characteristics presented by Xingyue are the fusion of contradictions. Details such as engine compartment covers and headlights converge with the characteristics of different models.

Regardless of the car model, the design of the headlights is always an important part of the front face. It can be said that the quality of the design in this area can completely determine the impression a car will bring to people. In order to conform to the overall styling tonality, the development team carried out multiple rounds of modification on the internal details of the lamp cavity.

Not only is the style of the daytime running lights brand new, but the headlights are also quite powerful. It is equipped with matrix full LED headlights from Valeo, providing functions including adaptive light adjustment, cornering lighting, adaptive high beam lighting, etc., to provide the driver with the best visibility while avoiding other vehicles Produce glare, and better improve driving safety.

If the headlights are a pair of eye-catching eyes, then the status of the reflector can be regarded as low-key. Although the sharp shape helps to create a handsome personality, the blind area is too large and there are hidden safety hazards that will not be mass-produced, and its location and layout will also affect the air resistance coefficient of the vehicle, which will affect the wind noise.

-A tiger's head is not a snake tail

The failure of many coupe SUVs lies in the rear of the car. When different models are brought together here, it is easy to cause excessive bloat. The size and proportion of the SUV will cause the lack of details and highlights here. Geely’s breaking method is through the taillights and rear spoilers. The board increases visibility.

As a fast-back SUV, because of the small visible area of the rear windshield, the rear will look very thick. If you have driven a BMW X6 on the road, you will definitely have a kind of following. The feeling of driving behind the tank is caused by the depression caused by the heavy visual effect of the rear of the car.

Nowadays, many SUVs use penetrating taillights to make the visual effect of the rear look wider. Although Xingyue does not use penetrating taillights functionally, it uses a chrome trim to subtly adjust the left and right taillights. Connected together, thus creating a little charm of the through-type taillights.

Young people wearing hats crookedly

No matter how old we are now, everyone will have their own youthful years. Recalling the past, we have a desire to show ourselves at that age. It's just that some people will speak out, and some people will show themselves through actions, or wearing or clothing.

In the early stage of vehicle development, keywords will be input to the design team after market research. I think the keywords of the Xingyue project must include personality and self-confidence. How to meet the visual and practical needs under the limited cost is placed in the interior The problem of the development team's desktop.

-A sense of technology in the new era

Xingyue's positioning is undoubtedly young. Sophistication and technological sense are the keywords that this group prefers, but how to create a feeling is a difficult problem. With the rapid iteration of electronic consumer products, full LCD instrument panels and voice control have been flooding our lives in the past two years, and this development concept has also been moved to car design.

The LCD screen is certainly a good way to show the sense of science and technology, but if the information is messy and disorderly display, it will be counterproductive. Careful observation is not difficult to find that Xingyue’s development team has planned separately for the font sizes and functional partitions displayed on different screens. For example, the functional area on the center console screen is relatively large, which is convenient for peripheral observation.

Although designers are avoiding following trends, it is undeniable that in a certain period of time, different brands of car designs will have explosive models, and the high-floor design is the trend of the last two years.

-Impress you with details

Similar to the appearance, it is not enough to create a sense of science and technology in the interior, and the pursuit of texture in contemporary young people is becoming more and more prominent. The designer's brush alone cannot meet the demand, and the intervention of the engineering team can make the dream into reality as much as possible while controlling the cost.

There is an old saying in China called the finishing touch. In the interior decoration, leather and soft materials cannot create a sense of exquisiteness. Details need to be echoed. This responsibility falls on the decorative strips. The slender imitation metal decorative strips play a positive role. It is the role of embellishment.

Our brain will make judgments when the eyes scan things inadvertently, and ultimately affect the evaluation of the whole thing. For example, although we don't observe the steering wheel specially, the number, position and surface of the spokes will leave us an impression. On the other hand, the smaller the size of the airbag in the middle of the steering wheel, the easier it is to give a sense of refinement.

I know that the most worried thing about a coupe SUV is whether the sloping back shape will affect the rear space. From the results, the development team is well prepared. The solution is not to rely on a certain detail, but a series of “operations” from the root platform development to the rear model.

● Easter egg session:

Just as the current Hollywood blockbusters are used to burying Easter eggs at the end of the film, designers are also willing to add some interesting details in today's car development. In Xingyue, we found such knowing details.

to sum up:

Through Xingyue, Geely has not only opened up a segment of the market that has never been involved, but also told people that Geely can not only make popular models that can be accepted by consumers, but also has the energy and ability to meet the needs of those niche consumers. Although it seems that the coupe SUV is still a niche market, with a large number of post-90s or even post-00s becoming potential car owners, this market will not grow and develop. Perhaps what it lacks is just a suitable price and beautiful shape. And with a complete set of models, will Xingyue become that car?