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[YesAuto Design Decoding] In October 2018, SAIC-GM-Wuling released a brand-new R platform to enhance brand competitiveness and market share by further improving product quality. The platform is based on a modular design and can be derived from a variety of models including cars, SUVs and MPVs. Baojun RM-5 is a brand new product based on this platform. The overall design style is very similar to the previously released concept car RM-C. Today we have an exclusive interview with its designer, let’s take a look Why do they want to build such a car?

Design team and designer introduction

SAIC-GM-Wuling has set up studios in Shanghai and its headquarters in Liuzhou. The Shanghai studio is mainly responsible for design trends, customer projects and brand positioning; the Liuzhou headquarters team is responsible for execution and development, and the two studios work together. Young designers in the team account for the majority, and can put forward more young, cutting-edge and energetic ideas for the product.

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with Gao Chenwei. He was one of the first Chinese designers to go abroad for further studies and studied at the prestigious School of Design and Art at Coventry University in the UK. Baojun RS-5, the first product under the Baojun R platform, came from him. As the general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Forward Design Center, he is responsible for the styling of all products.

The design concept and product positioning of Baojun RM-5

Speaking of the Baojun RM-5, I have to say that Baojun RM-C, a brand new concept car officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, is based on the Baojun RM-5. From the actual effect, the Baojun RM-5 retains Most of the design elements of the concept car, the similarity between the two is still very high.

The design of the split headlight set has long become one of the design features of Baojun's family. This design style has also been inherited and carried forward on Baojun RM-5, and at the same time, it can further reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle seen from the front part. , Can bring a more stable feeling. Unlike more and more models that are showing the beauty of rigid lines, what you see on the Baojun RM-5 is more soft routing. The product reveals a kind of affinity, which can quickly get closer to people. distance.

A plastic decorative cover is added to the engine compartment cover. This first extends the visual length of the entire cabin. The black decoration extends from the rear of the car to the front cover, further stretching its visual effect. Some skin patterns are also made on the veneer, which will look more unique. In addition, its color can be customized later to meet the different needs of more users.

Judging from our previous articles and comments on Baojun RM-5, everyone has the most discussions about the rear of the car, and it is also polarized. In Gao Chenwei's view, the design of automotive products should not stick to tradition, just like everyone's initial attitude towards split headlights, but as more and more models are used, consumers are slowly accepting it. The emergence of new things will always be mixed with a variety of different voices, I believe that the future will be accepted by more people.

Double large screens bring a better sense of technology

If the appearance is for others to see, then the interior is what we face every day, so the design of the interior of a car is equally important. The interior of Baojun RM-5 adheres to the embracing design style. Sitting in the car can give you a feeling of being wrapped.

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with the design of dual large screens, but relatively speaking, it appears more in luxury cars, and not many in daily family cars. This design is adopted on the Baojun RM-5 and Baojun RC-6 models unveiled this time. On Baojun RM-5, air-conditioning outlets and physical buttons below are added on both sides of the central control screen. While ensuring the visual effect, the ease of operation is also well preserved.

The detailed design that I personally like is undoubtedly the second-row parent-child scheme of Baojun RM-5 under the 2/2/2-style seat layout. It can be manually slid to the left through the seat on the right side of the second row. If you take your child on a trip, it will be more convenient to take care of. The closer distance will also bring more security to the child. It is a very innovative design among cars of the same level.

Baojun RM-5 has three seat layouts of 5/6/7 seats to meet the needs of different users, especially in the third row configuration. On both sides of the third row of Baojun RM-5, there are air-conditioning outlets that can independently adjust the wind direction, and the air volume switch is also placed on the left side, and the right side is the USB interface, so that the front, middle and rear three rows have Equipped, for more and more mobile phone party users, car charging has gradually become a rigid demand. In addition, the third row of seats can be laid down in proportion, and one side can be laid flat when the load is not full, so that it is no problem to pull some longer items in normal times.

Summary :

A change can be clearly seen from the Baojun RM-5. It no longer blindly pursues the maximization of space, but instead puts more effort into details, quality, technology and humanity. As a further refinement of the interstellar geometric design concept, Baojun RM-5 has its own characteristics in appearance, with split headlights and front and rear through-type echoing designs. The addition of dual-screen interiors further enhances its sense of technology, and adds more designer thoughts and ideas to the buttons, the texture of the central control cover skin and other details, which are also positively indicating that the Baojun brand is going up. Determination. Baojun RM-5 and RC-6, the pair of red and blue CPs, will be officially launched in early September. In the future, Baojun Automobile will launch a variety of new products, let us wait and see.