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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Behind a movie is our year, and a good script comes from thinking and precipitation of life. In addition to writers and screenwriters, designers are no exception. The inspiration for their works comes from the accumulation and discovery in life, the exploration and thinking of new things. Just like the tip of an iceberg on the sea, inspiration seems to “emerge” from the designer's mind by chance, but it contains years of experience and unremitting exploration. A household MPV, SAIC Maxus G50, is also not “incidentally”. We will know more about this design interpretation.

■ Introduction of design team and designers

SAIC Maxus Design Center is abbreviated as SAIC XDC. DC is the abbreviation of Design Center, X stands for the infinite possibilities of design, X symbolizes the surpassing limit of innovation, and X is the spirit of pursuing excellence and the ultimate, which embodies the determination and expectation of SAIC Maxus to make breakthroughs in the transformation of its entire business.

The design center currently has a total of nearly 90 employees. Most of the team members come from domestic famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Jiaotong University and first-class art and design colleges. The average age of the design team is 30 years old. Group of young designers with unlimited creativity.

Young designers are more sensitive to trends and acceptance of new things, without the burden of the brand's inherent model. Therefore, it can give full play to the vitality of independent creativity and break through new heights of innovation, and will not “stick to” the inherent model. In addition, another characteristic of this design team is its strong “localization”. In our previous design interpretations, some design teams have overseas designers or overseas backgrounds, and this “localized” team of SAIC Maxus, the understanding of Chinese brands and Chinese culture, can be very fast in terms of design concepts. To reach a consensus, it will be able to quickly sublimate to respect for local culture and confidence in original development.

Mr. Huang Bin studied industrial design at Shanghai Jiaotong University from 1992 to 1996. Since joining Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center Co., Ltd. in 1998, he has grown from a creative designer to mass production chief designer, and since 2012, he has served as Executive Deputy Director of Pan Asia Design Department. During his tenure, Mr. Huang Bin led or participated in the styling design of key SAIC-GM models such as Kirin Concept Car, Buick Regal, Excelle, Yinglang, GL8, New LaCrosse, Chevrolet New Sail, Buick Future Concept Car, etc. He has a wealth of Experience in car design.

In 2018, Mr. Huang Bin joined SAIC Maxus and is currently the Deputy Chief Engineer of SAIC Maxus Technology Center and the Executive Director of the Design Center. And led the team to complete and release the TARANTULA concept car and the MPV model SAIC Maxus G50.

Mr. Huang Bin believes that designers not only have the appearance characteristics in people's eyes such as fashion and romance, but also need to have good self-discipline. Usually in a creative process, the designer’s ideas cannot be interrupted. This may require high-intensity work that lasts one, two days or even longer. Energy and physical strength are essential qualities for a designer.

In addition, Mr. Huang Bin said that he has been maintaining long-distance running and swimming and other sports, which can be regarded as laying a physical foundation very early. And in the past two years, there is another point of interest, that is skateboarding. In addition to what most people seem to be a cool and trendy sport for young people, Mr. Huang Bin believes that it is a combination of art and technology. In addition to relaxing the bones and enhancing balance and coordination, there is also a feeling of dancing. At the same time, his thoughts after exposure to skateboarding also aroused his thoughts. From the coordination and balance on the skateboard, the “dancing” posture on the skateboard, to the muscle lines of the car body, and the elegant dynamic scene of the car body, sports can be borrowed. Zhang Li was greatly inspired.

In 2018, the team completed and released the TARANTULA smart SUV concept car, a new electrical and electronic architecture platform, and a more intelligent MPV family car based on the spider smart selection platform-SAIC Maxus G50.

■ Product positioning and design concept

Different from SAIC Maxus G10, which has a strong business atmosphere, SAIC Maxus G50 is positioned as a household MPV product that accompanies family travel and comfortable large spaces. Although it is also an MPV product, the designer first abandoned the square “rigid” modeling routine from the beginning, and instead used the car as an artistic carrier. The problems and challenges faced during the period were that while maximizing the internal seating space, the size and shape of the car body gave the car a sense of sculptural aesthetics.

The designer's control of inspiration is gradually depicted in the design sketches. From the grille on the front face, the headlights to the side windows, and then gradually transition to the rear of the car, the overall shape is like a swimming arowana. It is also an auspicious element that Chinese people agree with.

When we asked about the most representative keywords in the SAIC Maxus G50, Huang Bin said: If you can generalize it as “young, sporty, trendy” and other words, it would seem a bit too monotonous. However, the current market trends have more or less commonalities, such as floating roofs, the penetration of headlights and grilles, the pursuit of stability and low body posture, etc. Everyone is in a mainstream aesthetic trend, but these are not Unique characteristics.

■ Detailed interpretation of appearance design

The front part of the car is often the most representative personality display of a car. SAIC Maxus G50 adopts the recognizable “Smart Gathering All Directions” octagonal family front grille on the front face. The front grille is combined with the headlights. This design method is unified with the most popular horizontal widening design elements. In addition, in terms of grille style, it also provides several different textures and logos to choose from.

Whether the shape of a car is beautiful, the most important thing is the proportion of the body. On the basis of a good proportion of the car body, a few lines on the side of the car body are interspersed. Fish is inseparable from water. The application of lines outlined on the side of the car is like interspersed waves. It can also be called an “art on the top of the wave” instead of being stuck with a long-waisted line from the front of the car. Pull to the rear of the car.

Applying the technique of car body sculpture to the car body, you can see the ups and downs of light and shadow from front to back, so that the whole “Arowana” car body shape has a feeling of jumping in the sun. In addition, this is also Mr. Huang Bin's experience and perception in skateboarding.

In the research and development stage, the leadership and executive team did some research on potential users, and the final feedback was that they were more inclined to side sliding doors, and household MPVs were more car-oriented in terms of the practicality of entry and exit. This is also an important reason to support the team's decision-making.

The interspersion and combination of the taillights and the chrome trim is a process from start to finish from the side and the rear of the car. The “shoulder” design of the taillights at the rear of the car also highlights the three-dimensionality to a certain extent.

The styling design of the rear of the car focuses on its practicality, mainly to ensure the space of the trunk, and the head space of the rear passengers cannot be “shrinked”. This is also a home MPV that takes care of every family member's car. On this basis, the tail part highlights a certain sense of hierarchy.

■ Interior feel at home and convenience of space

The interior also follows the design principles of home, and there are mainly three different color combinations to choose from. In the application of materials and decorative materials, a large area of soft package materials are used, and they are matched through the craftsmanship of the stitching. In addition, on the parts that can be touched by hand, the use of matte plating or high-gloss piano paint is used to enhance the overall interior texture.

In terms of driving intelligence, multi-screen linkage and multi-information interaction are indispensable configurations for young people in the Internet age. The new car uses a 12.3-inch floating touch screen, a 7-inch LCD instrument panel and a C-HUD head-up display, plus the interaction of mobile phone interconnection, which can realize the interconnection effect of multi-screen linkage.

In terms of the arrangement and number of seats, SAIC Maxus G50 provides a design layout of 5-8 seats. Whether the main two seats in the middle are independent or in-line, determines the number of cars used by the family and the choice of travel habits. In addition, in terms of personalized color matching, users can also choose.

For an MPV that focuses on family travel, in addition to the riding space in the car, the convenience and comfort of getting on and off the car and getting in and out of the second and third rows are also particularly important. The second row enters the third row aisle, a series of ergonomic issues such as the height of the door frame and the opening angle of the side sliding door must be considered very well.

In addition to the seating space, passengers also need to consider humanity in their car life. SAIC Maxus G50 has a 12V power supply and USB port under the rear air conditioning control area, and it is also convenient to take a mobile phone next to the seat. In addition, the third row of seats is also equipped with an ISOFIX child safety seat interface. This consideration is extremely necessary in the context of the increasing number of second children in the family.

★ Summary of the full text:

In the entire design process, the designer first emphasized that the body is like a swimming arowana fish, and the fish is inseparable from water. The source of inspiration for the floating lines of the exterior and interior parts is also derived from the tension of the waves. And art. The exterior emphasizes dynamic and vitality, and the interior is homey and full of technology, while pursuing spatial convenience and comfort. Young and pragmatic may be the value of this MPV of SAIC Maxus G50. In addition, it also provides independent matching and selection of grille and rim styles, interior color matching, seat layout and configuration functions. This interesting “C2B customization mode” is also an embodiment of SAIC MAXUS's exclusive characteristics.