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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Speaking of Southeast Auto, most young consumers presumably have the impression that it is SUV products based on Southeast DX7/DX3 models. However, three years ago, Southeast Auto's sales support was still sedans, such as its V3 Lingyue, V5 Lingzhi and V6 Lingshi. With the rise of Southeast SUV strategy, it also shifted its product focus to this market. Apart from routine minor changes, its cars have not undergone substantial changes. At this year's Chengdu Auto Show, Southeast Motor unveiled its new sedan, the Southeast A5 Yiwu. As a brand new model, its exterior design has changed significantly compared to the family's existing sedan products. Before we took a real shot and test drive of it, today we will talk about its overall performance from a design perspective.

Why build such a car

The domestic SUV market has always maintained a good market enthusiasm, which has also caused many auto manufacturers to flock in to compete for this big cake. Southeast Motor is a good example. It has started more than 3 years in the SUV market. Attaching importance to the development of the former superior sector-the car market, so Southeast A5 Yiwu came out as the times require. After all, it is impossible for the SUV market to keep growing. Two-line development will bring more room for the future development of the brand.

In the development process of Southeast Auto, its first self-built car was the Southeast Lingshuai, and subsequently launched the V3 Lingyue, V5 Lingzhi and V6 Lingshi models, and the Southeast A5 Yiwu is based on the V5 Lingzhi. The platform is built. At the end of 2016, Southeast Auto began to plan to restart the car. It took only two months from the start of the plan to the official launch of the project. Zhang Xuelong also laughed and said that this was the most efficient one.

Who is the positioning of this car?

At the beginning of building a product, you need to know who you are selling this product to. Southeast A5 Yiwu's initial direction is to build a model of more than 50,000 yuan, for those first car buyers in 3-5 tier cities. It is difficult to control what elements they like, so market research is essential.

Compared with SUV models, sedans have their own unique advantages, such as handling, drag coefficient, fuel economy, and trunk space. Of course, the limiting conditions are sedans and SUVs of the same level.

The role of sludge model in car design is very important. Southeast A5 Yiwu produced a 1:1 scale model at the beginning of the design. Its advantage is that it is easy to process and modify, and it has a good grasp of the details of the vehicle during the production process. Designers have more space to play and try.

It is based on the V5 Lingzhi platform, but has a brand new design in shape. The exterior design follows the concept of the southeast car family-style wing cube, and uses the design elements of the wing in the shape. The eagle's posture when taking off, flying, and capturing prey is integrated into the product's styling design. The conspicuous design is the front grille.

When talking about the shape of the front grille, Zhang Xuelong said that this place was the most tangled part of his design. In the initial market research, he came up with a number of design options to choose from, but the final research results were different from what he expected. The result of user feedback is that they prefer to use a lot of chrome decoration on the front of the car, which looks shiny, and the width of the trim is very wide. These survey results make it difficult for designers to get into the hands of the design team, because in the eyes of the designers, it is not the beauty or fashion they are pursuing.

The designer has optimized the previous design several times, reduced part of the chrome decoration, refined the front grille trim and the interior trim, so the actual car finally presented by the Southeast A5 Yiwu The weakening is mainly concerned about the obvious two-level differentiation after the product is put on the market.

In addition to the front grille, the shape of the headlights also fully derives the design concept of the wing. The addition of the lens can make the vehicle look more vibrant, and the lines inside and on the side of the lamp cavity are inspired by the wings of an eagle.

For a car, the design of the rear is equally important. The shape of the rear of the Southeast A5 Yiwu has a certain resemblance to that of the previous V5 Lingzhi. The shape of the taillights on both sides of the A5 Wing Dance is flatter and echoes the headlights, and the shape of the taillights is more three-dimensional and LED light source is added, which is in line with the current trend.

Compared with the individual appearance, the overall design of the interior is more homely, which also takes into account the positioning of the vehicle. For Southeast A5 Yiwu, it is positioned as an entry-level family car, so the overall design is more warm. In terms of interior color matching, it currently offers two kinds of brown and black to provide consumers with different choices.

The use of floating screens has been a trend in the automotive industry in the past two years. This can also be seen from the side that everyone is enthusiastic about floating screens. The Southeast A5 Yiwu is equipped with a 9-inch screen, which supports the CarLife mobile phone interconnection function, which is more in line with the usage habits of young user groups.

In the creation of the sense of touch, Southeast A5 Wing Dance also made a lot of effort. Like the soft package on the center console, although it is not as soft as the slush molding process, it still feels good to the touch. In addition, the convex design on both sides of the rear seats is also my favorite, especially when the rear seats are fully loaded, the passengers sitting on both sides will be more comfortable.

Summary :

In this designer interview, Mr. Zhang Xuelong, the chief designer of Southeast Motor, revealed to us that in the future, Southeast Motor will launch a new A+-level product platform that takes into account both fuel and pure electric models. Its characteristic is to further control the body. Under the premise of length, the wheelbase will be made larger. In Southeast's future car planning, it is not ruled out that it will build a series of products like SUVs. Therefore, in the future, Southeast Motor may continue to develop the A series in the car market (such as Southeast A6/Southeast A7, etc.).

For a car with a starting price of less than 50,000 yuan, the design of the Southeast A5 Yiwu is a stylish one, and the slightly exaggerated front grille is well recognizable. The interior design is relatively satisfactory. In terms of design details, such as the front double USB interface, the soft package of the center console, and the larger package of the rear seat backrest, both wings are better to show the details. Considering its starting price of less than 50,000 yuan, it is still quite competitive in the market.

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