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[YesAuto design decoding] On March 3, 2020, BMW released the i4 concept car online, and the production version of the i4 model will start production in 2021. It is worth mentioning that the mass production model will continue to a large extent the design of the concept car, so our design interpretation today will become very meaningful. At the same time, the i4 is also of great significance to the BMW Group, which will become a high-end pioneering work in the new era of BMW electrification.

● Continuation of family design, incorporating avant-garde elements

BMW's launch of the i4 concept car this time can be seen as an outlook for the i4 mass-produced model. We are already familiar with the design language of BMW fuel vehicles. The debut of this new model finally brings us a sense of impact and freshness. Visual effects.

The front face of the i4 concept car is very exaggerated. The “double kidney grille” continues from the BMW family design. At the same time, as a new era product, the car has a modern interpretation of it. This seems to be a big step forward for BMW. Symbolic. In addition, the new car has not given up on BMW's “ancestral angel eyes”, and has also performed a new interpretation of it.

We guess that the new LOGO may be adopted by the BMW i4. In fact, from the perspective of the LOGO alone, this is also a representative of the innovation and simplified design of the new car. BMW is the first to equip the new LOGO on the i4 concept car. Attention.

The layout of the pure electric vehicle drive system is compact, so it is often easy for pure electric vehicles to have a design that maximizes the riding space. This can also be reflected in the i4 concept car. In addition, the overall cockpit of the i4 concept car is relatively rearward. Visually, it can bring us a kind of momentum that is ready to go.

The i4 concept car does not use a camera rearview mirror, which is quite surprising, but if the rearview mirror of this shape can be used in the production model, it will be great. The new car is designed with a “golf club”-shaped blue trim strip above the side skirts. This is the design adopted on the BMW 7 series. This detail can also prove the high-end positioning of the i4.

The rear styling design is also exaggerated, especially the inwardly inclined slope has an outstanding visual effect. At the same time, this is also a design used to improve aerodynamics. As BMW said, the designer has done a good job in the aerodynamics of this car. lots of work. Officials said that many of the exterior and interior design elements of the i4 concept car will appear on the i4 and other BMW pure electric production cars, leaving people with a lot of expectations.

● Concise and elegant, with novel interior design elements

The i4 concept car also brought us surprises in the car. We have every reason to believe that BMW’s future i-series pure electric vehicles are expected to adopt an interior design that is different from that of fuel vehicles. We can take the design shown in this concept car The language serves as a reference for the production version of the model.

The i4 concept car boldly adopts a panoramic canopy design, and the roof does not have the reinforcing beam on the traditional model. Although the visual effect is cool, it is expected that the mass-produced model will be difficult to continue the design.

The interior design of the new car is driver-oriented, in line with BMW's long-standing “driver-centric” concept. Similar to many pure electric models, there are almost no physical buttons in the i4 concept car, so the visual effect is very simple. At the same time, multiple rose gold color decorations create a light and luxurious atmosphere in the car.

The floating screen design is unique. In addition to the unique support method, the narrow frame and non-reflective glass screen has the sense of science and technology that a pure electric car should have. The steering wheel is my favorite part. I don’t know how you feel about this unique steering wheel?

In the future, BMW iX3, iNEXT, including the production version i4, will be equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology. BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive technology has optimized motors, gearboxes, electric drive components, and batteries. According to previous news, BMW’s future fuel vehicles, plug-in hybrid models, and pure electric vehicles will all reserve space in the chassis. It is used to install and expand battery packs, so this technology can be said to be a new beginning for BMW, and it is of great significance. It is reported that in 2021, the BMW i4 will be produced on the same line as fuel vehicles and plug-in hybrid models at its headquarters in Munich, which is also conducive to the unification of some technical standards.

In addition, the battery equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology is known for its new technology, ultra-thin structure, and high energy density. The battery capacity of the i4 concept car is 80kWh and the weight is only 550kg. The calculated energy density has reached 145.5Wh. /kg.

In addition to the 0-100km/h acceleration time of 4 seconds, I believe that other dynamic performance of the i4 will not be bad, as the official said, it has carried out a new interpretation of BMW's world-renowned excellent dynamic performance. In addition, in June 2019, we reported some information about Power BEV. The car is also equipped with fifth-generation electric drive technology and is equipped with three motors. Its maximum power reaches 721 horsepower and peak torque reaches 1150 N·m. Therefore, we predict that in the future, i4 may provide a three-motor high-performance version for consumers to choose from.

to sum up:

There are still two years to go before the mass production version of BMW i4 is on the market. Within two years, the global market is bound to have more and more outstanding electrification products. As the “big brother” in the automotive industry, I believe that BMW will not lag behind. The excellence seems to be in line with common sense. The iX3 will be officially launched in 2020, but the car is based on the fuel version of the X3 model. The i4 is the beginning of BMW's high-end pure electric products, so the importance of the latter to BMW is self-evident. For the BMW i4, please look forward to it.