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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Probably no object can be like a car, which perfectly blends use value and emotional value. It not only meets people's travel needs, but also carries social symbols that show consumers' taste, taste and identity. Therefore, each model is not only the output of the brand concept, but also the self-expression of the consumer's personality. Last week, we brought you the design interpretation of Trumpchi GM6. Today, continue to see how the design team of Trumpchi allows the new generation model GS5 to continue to evolve and interpret the brand's latest design language with the brand tone and DNA determined.

◆ The desired effect of the body posture is “energetic”

As the pioneering work of the Trumpchi SUV family, the Trumpchi GS5 is also one of the earliest models that adopted light and shadow sculptures and Lingyunyi 1.0 era design language. Therefore, GS5 has special significance for GAC DESIGN: it has witnessed the development of the young design team and inherited the family DNA. At the same time, the design of new models is also a new proposition and new challenge, and it needs to show the progress of GAC's design.

Through continuous research on the changes in Chinese consumers’ lifestyles, car usage scenarios and needs, the GAC design team found that consumers have changed in two ways in the past six years: one is becoming more rational and their demands for products have become clearer; Pursue individuality. So they have been thinking about how to create a sense of high-level and technology through design to realize consumers' self-expression.

Today, the designers who will explain and share with you are still Danka and Feng Yu, the two are the technical leaders of the exterior and interior styling of the GAC Concept and Modeling Design Center. In the Trumpchi GM6 article last week, we have introduced the GAC Trumpchi design team, the layout of the design center and the interpretation of the design language, so we will directly enter the topic next to interpret the design details of the Trumpchi GS5.

With the brand tone and DNA established, how to make the new models continue to evolve and develop? The first task of the design team is to inherit the excellent factors of the previous two generations of GS5, not to “remake” the entire model and lose the family DNA. The forward dive attitude of the GS5 model is a major feature, so the design team hopes to retain the sporty sense of forward dive on the new GS5.

Although the grille has attracted enough attention, the details cannot be sloppy either. In fact, it has many similarities with the family's brother models, the most notable being the LED headlights and the surrounding styling. The shape of the latter is more sharp. The effect it wants is very simple, that is, no matter whether you look at the whole from a distance or look at the details closer, you will not feel bored.

The side of the body can best reflect the essence of “Light and Shadow Sculpture 3.0”, and emphasize the integration of lines and body sculptures, which can ensure the fullness of the shape and the visual effect is more solid and powerful. When asked why the luggage rack adopts a hollow design, the designer gave the answer that he hopes that the GS5, as an SUV, can have a more stable and high-spirited posture, and the top-mounted luggage rack often shows the atmosphere of vacation.

The design expression of the tail is relatively straightforward and adopts a tougher design language. LED taillights traverse the rear of the car, and the seemingly simple and capable lines outline the round buttocks, which increases the visual recognition. It is worth mentioning that the tail light has as many as 190 LED light sources, which greatly improves the quality of the tail light.

◆ The starting point of the interior is set at 80 points, fashion + technology

Coming to the vehicle interior part, I asked the chief designer Feng Yu to use two words to describe the interior design of Trumpchi GS5. He thought of fashion and technology. Feng Yu believes that few SUVs will remind people of these two words, because the design team's pursuit does not stop at the 60-point level of space practicality, but uses 80 points as its starting point.

For a car, the designer definitely wants to express more than we can see and feel. If the GS5's styling interprets the aesthetics of light and shadow, then its interior styling is more to show a sense of freedom like the sky and the clouds. Feng Yu also cited an example. The central control metal decorative strip runs horizontally, and its style is like mist, which is to vividly show the artistic conception of Chinese aesthetics.

The sense of fashion and technology of Trumpchi GS5 is mainly reflected in the interior color matching and the large-size full LCD instrument panel and central control screen, which users can clearly feel after entering the car. In addition, GS5 uses soft materials for most of the area above the waist, which guarantees a good sense of grade and achieves a starting point of 80 points.

In terms of storage space, the performance of the GS5 is in line with the mainstream level of this level. The number and volume of storage compartments in the car are relatively good. Both the driver and the passenger can find a suitable location to place their handy items. Especially for the front armrest box, the interior is not only wide, but the bottom is neat, which greatly improves the practicability.

In fact, from the data alone, the 2710mm wheelbase gives the GS5 a certain advantage in the same level. For designers, what they have to do is to find ways to work internally. The spatial highlights of the GS5 mainly include the rear leg space and the flat floor to ensure that passengers have ample space and comfort.

The volume of the Trumpchi GS5 402L is indeed inferior to that of the Changan CS75 and Roewe RX5, but in fact, the trunk of the GS5 does not feel cramped, mainly due to the flat design. Even if the rear seats are down, its flatness is still very good.

Full text summary:

The evolutionary history of Trumpchi GS5 itself is also the best testimony of the young GAC DESIGN's self-innovation. In shaping the new Trumpchi GS5, the design team must continuously upgrade the external appearance and at the same time continue to optimize the internal. As mentioned earlier, the first task of the design team is to inherit the excellent factors of the previous two generations of GS5, not to “remake” the entire model and lose the family DNA. The biggest feature of the new car is that it creates a forward-dive attitude. By examining the lines and light and shadow changes of the body design, it makes people feel that this is a car with a sense of strength, rather than a sleek and non-personal driving tool. If you are asked to score, do you think that the design of a new car can get 80 points?