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[YesAuto Design Decode] If a thing can cause people to pay attention to it for a long time, then it will definitely leave a deep memory in the brain of the follower. Where does this memory come from? I think a large part of it comes from a thing called “high face value”. The so-called “high face value” in the minds of many followers may be sweet and moving girls, or they may be handsome and handsome boys, and of course there are also It may be a new car that follows the trend of design trends. The new Roewe RX5 PLUS has once again debuted with a new look. After absorbing part of the design language of the Roewe iMAX8, can this compact SUV keep up with the trend of the times?

● The front face is the “ultimate” interpretation of Ronglin Guochao on this car.

Although the internet buzzword of “face value is justice” is a bit absolute, it is undeniable that many people approve of this sentence. In order to have a good-looking appearance to attract people's attention, the importance of car styling is self-evident. Since 2006, SAIC Roewe has started the road of accumulating original styling designs. The “Lion Dance Project” launched in 2012 is an exploration task of the brand's new generation of design language. From the positioning of the entire brand to the definition of the specific design language, a complete review is required. The Roewe RX5 was officially released in 2016, and this compact SUV has since become the “fist” product of the Roewe brand. In 2021, Roewe RX5 PLUS has undergone continuous styling and modification, and its vitality is still very tenacious.

The new Roewe RX5 PLUS we saw today is already the fourth-generation front face of this model. I believe that friends who are familiar with the evolution of Roewe’s styling can see its origin at a glance. Yes, the new Roewe RX5 PLUS’s latest face shape is exactly The large-size parametric Ronglin front face from the Roewe iM8 concept car and the Roewe iMAX8 production car, and the family brand feature is one of the most significant features of the new Roewe RX5 PLUS.

Different from the front of the trend-evolving car, the side and rear of the new Roewe RX5 PLUS are not obvious, and the line trend and detailed characteristics are basically the same as those of the PLUS models currently on sale. In addition, the shape of the front and rear LED lamp sets is also consistent with the current model. The dark lamp cavity has a more conspicuous contrast between light and dark after being lit at night. The special light design also helps to improve the recognition. Perhaps the most obvious change in the rear is the rear spoiler. The undulating lines and hollow styles can play a significant role in enhancing the sporty feeling of the whole car.

● The new style of the center console is still at the forefront of fashion.

The interior styling has changed a lot, and the simplified center console has a stronger sense of embrace than the current model. Trendy design elements are also constantly emerging on this new car, such as the through-style hidden air-conditioning vents, and the suspended full LCD instrument panel. The shape is very trendy. The new version of the model also uses a lot of fluorescent yellow elements in the details of the interior, such as the center console stitching, air-conditioning outlet trim strips, etc., where the air outlet trim almost runs through the entire center console from left to right. This design inspiration from the strings adds a touch of art to the cockpit.

● The new RX5 PLUS will be able to be equipped with an integrated child seat.

The new RX5 PLUS will also add a child seat as an optional accessory. Originally, this configuration was only available for RX3. This time the product upgrade has been moved to the higher-positioned RX5 PLUS, perhaps to win the hearts of more home users. Unlike the RX3, the integrated child seat on the RX5 PLUS has been moved from the right rear side to the left rear side, which is the position behind the main driver. It is said that this position adjustment is to make the rear adults better. Take care of children.

● Article summary:

Continuously following fashion trends and iterating appearance is one of the reasons Roewe RX5 PLUS can maintain market competitiveness. In addition to strengthening the brand attributes, the large-size Ronglin grille that follows the Roewe iMAX8 style is also focusing on consumers’ vision. Looking at it, the embracing and simple interior styling is also catering to the trend of future car design. The new Roewe RX5 PLUS looks like a fashionable person, standing at the forefront of the team leading the trend. If you want to see the actual effect of the integration of the new front face with the real car, at the upcoming 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, have a close contact with it!