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[YesAuto reveals the new car technology] The current Audi A4 has been slightly weak in the battle with the old rivals Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series. The battle-tested “veteran” finally ushered in a long-lost replacement after seven years. The new generation of Audi A4 using the MLB platform was officially unveiled at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Although it did not give people a refreshing sense of subversion in appearance, it revealed an increasingly tough design route. Compared with the appearance, its long-awaited technical reserves make the internals of the new generation of Audi A4 even more not to be underestimated, including the first-time 1.4T longitudinal engine, new suspension design, lightweight body technology, powerful driver assistance systems, and Matrix LED lighting technology and so on have been included.

●The appearance incorporates more tough elements

First, let's talk about the appearance of the new generation of Audi A4. You will find that although its overall outline has not changed much, more and more angular elements appear on the grille, lights, cabin cover and body waistline, which makes it no longer look like that. The mellow and plump guy.

You may find that I didn't mention the shape of the car lights when I said about the appearance. This is because it “has something in it” and it is worth mentioning it separately.

Matrix LED headlight technology

— Video display of matrix LED car light technology:

It can be said that these Audi's car light technologies represent the current world's top level, but from the latest generation of Audi Q7, TT and this new A4, it does not seem to give us much in terms of car light technology or styling design. Surprise, and other manufacturers' car light technology is gradually narrowing the gap with it. Even BMW's new generation of 7 Series has already mass-produced laser headlight technology ahead of Audi. So in the future, will Audi lose its position as a trend leader in automotive lighting technology, or is it accumulating relevant technical reserves and “holding a big move” in the future? We will wait and see.

●Is the overseas Audi A4 lengthened?

In recent years, the updated models are no longer purely relying on increasing the “measurements” of the body to pursue a better driving space. Optimizing the layout of the interior components in the car can also increase the space to a certain extent. Through our edited static test with a height of 182cm, the new generation of Audi A4 has one punch in the front head space, two fingers in the rear head space, and two punches in the leg space. The overall riding space is relatively generous.

In the future, after domestic production, the new generation of A4 will inevitably be transformed into A4L. At that time, the rear space, especially the legroom will become more abundant, and it will once again compete with the “old rivals” of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Fight in a space war.

Aerodynamic design

In the eyes of most consumers, the body styling may be synonymous with goodness or not. In fact, there are more in-depth considerations. This is the aerodynamic characteristics. The new generation of Audi A4 highlights a tougher style, so the body has added a lot of sharp lines and three-dimensional surface design. Students who understand the principles of aerodynamics know that the sharper the corners of these car body details and the more three-dimensional the surface, the more difficult it is to control the airflow through the entire car body.

Therefore, in order to ensure excellent aerodynamic characteristics, the new generation of Audi A4 has also been optimized in several places on the body, so that its drag coefficient has reached 0.23 (Avant travel version is 0.26). This not only improves the fuel economy of the vehicle, but also helps control the noise inside the vehicle.

In addition to reducing the drag coefficient to improve fuel economy, another idea is lightweight design, which is equivalent to reducing the load of the vehicle during driving, which will naturally be more fuel-efficient.

●The whole vehicle is “slim down” by 120 kg

The new generation of Audi A4 is not only lightweight in terms of body structure and materials, but also optimized in terms of parts and assemblies. While the size of the vehicle has increased, the weight has been reduced by 120kg, which is equivalent to reducing the weight of nearly two ordinary adults.

Under the circumstance of ensuring sufficient collision safety, the two optimizations of weight reduction and wind resistance reduction will make the fuel economy of the new generation of Audi A4 have a better performance. However, these factors are not the most important “killer” of fuel. The most critical is the source of fuel consumption-the engine. Let's continue to understand which engines are equipped with the new generation of Audi A4.

EA211 1.4T engine adopts vertical layout for the first time

Nowadays, luxury brand mid-size cars have begun to be equipped with small-displacement engines. For example, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series have their own 1.6T versions. The smallest displacement engine of the previous generation of Audi A4 was 1.8T, while the new generation of Audi A4 is equipped with a smaller 1.4T engine, which is the 1.4T engine code-named EA211 on the current Audi A3, which is just Change it to vertical layout.

New 2.0L TFSI gasoline engine

For domestic consumers, the diesel engine version of the Audi A4 is basically nowhere to be found. Compared with the 2.0L TFSI on the current Audi A4L and Q5, this brand new gasoline engine is optimized on the original basis, but it still belongs to the third-generation EA888 engine.

The new 2.0T engine has increased the compression ratio to 11.7:1, and uses its variable valve timing technology to further advance the intake valve closing angle during the engine intake process, which not only reduces the chance of knocking, but also improves Fuel economy.

Through the previous dismantling of the 1.8T engine (new third-generation EA888) on Volkswagen Lingdu, it was found that it had castrated the dual fuel injection system and the cylinder head design of the integrated exhaust manifold. Will the domestically produced Audi A4 also be equipped with the simplified EA888 engine in the future? Everything is still unknown.

Does the new generation of Audi A4 involve the “Volkswagen emission door”?

According to official data, the exhaust emissions of the two diesel engines of the new generation of Audi A4 are still reassuring. Regarding the issue of emission fraud, Volkswagen officially stated that new exhaust aftertreatment devices have been added to diesel models after 2016. Judging from the pictures we saw on Weibo, the new generation of Audi A4 has a urea filler port next to the fuel filler port, which means that it is equipped with an exhaust gas after-treatment SCR system. But whether the new model is aside from the relationship, it depends on whether the after-treatment device has been normally turned on. If it only works normally during the emission test, it is also not in compliance with the regulations.

Abandon the CVT gearbox and switch to a 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox

The gasoline version of the new-generation A4 is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission. In the 3.0L TDI diesel version, Audi also added the 8-speed on the Audi Q7 separately. Automated manual gearbox. In addition, the CVT gearboxes of current models no longer appear. We guess that there are three reasons for the abandonment of CVT gearboxes: First, the group’s strategic factors, no matter how much CVT gearbox technology has progressed, it will ultimately not meet the operational positioning, and consumers are unwilling to buy it; It is proud of the quattro four-wheel drive system matching; third, reducing the purchase of gearbox varieties can reduce the overall cost.

In addition, only the four-wheel drive version of the current Audi A4 is equipped with this 7-speed S-tronic longitudinal dual-clutch gearbox, and the two-wheel drive version in this generation of models will also be equipped.

●The front and rear suspensions are redesigned and optimized

There is no doubt that the vertical engine can save more horizontal layout space for the engine compartment, and it is easy to install the space-consuming multi-link independent suspension. The multi-link suspension features a good balance between comfort and handling. Therefore, the combination of a longitudinal engine and a five-link front suspension is an Audi A4 that places equal emphasis on comfort and handling and has little effect on cabin space. For a medium-sized car that is too sensitive, it is called a “golden combination.”

The new generation of Audi A4 has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. The four-wheel drive model can also be equipped with a quattro sport differential. The quattro sport differential is equipped with a multi-disc clutch inside, which can provide the vehicle with a limited slip effect between wheels and achieve better torque distribution in corners. In order to be suitable for these different driveline structures, the rear suspension of the new generation Audi A4 is designed with a certain reserved space.

Can adjust the soft and hard suspension system

The new generation of Audi A4 can optionally be equipped with a continuous damping control system (CDC). This system uses solenoid valves to control the hydraulic flow rate inside the shock absorber to achieve continuous adjustment of the damping coefficient of the shock absorber, so as to achieve the effect of changing the hardness of the suspension. This system can collect the beating information of four wheels and give feedback within a few milliseconds to adjust the best softness and hardness for different road conditions.

The redesigned suspension system will definitely have a different driving experience in dynamic performance. Please be patient and wait for our real test drive after the listing. But what is certain is that high-end models equipped with a continuous damping control system (CDC) will always provide us with the best suspension softness and hardness during daily driving.

New changes in the car

Driving assistance system

At the North American Auto Show at the beginning of the year, Audi released a new generation of Q7. The new car is equipped with Audi's latest driver assistance system, including traffic jam assist system, performance prediction assist system, parking assist system, steering assist system and so on. Now, the new generation of Audi A4 has completely transplanted this system.

— Traffic jam assist system

The traffic jam assist system is based on the adaptive cruise system (ACC) with automatic start-stop function, and relies on the front camera and radar to receive the distance information from the vehicle in front. In congested urban areas, we can completely relax our hands and feet and let the new The first generation of Audi A4 automatically follows in the “big force.”

— Effectiveness Prediction Aid System

The performance prediction assistance system is a comprehensive driving assistance system based on adaptive cruise control (ACC), navigation system, camera system capable of recognizing traffic signs, etc. It can know the road conditions ahead through navigation or traffic signs, and then automatically Control the vehicle's acceleration, braking, shifting, etc., and always run with the most fuel-efficient strategy of the engine.

— Lane Keeping Assist System

— City Prediction Auxiliary System

The camera on the front windshield glass is the basis of the new generation of Audi A4 city prediction assistance system. It can not only identify vehicles but also pedestrians. Its maximum detection distance is 100 meters within a vehicle speed of 85km/h. During driving, if there is a danger of collision ahead, the vehicle will remind the driver and will actively brake whenever necessary.

In addition, if the collision cannot be avoided, the new generation Audi A4 will automatically close the windows and sunroofs, tighten the seat belts, and turn on the hazard warning lights before the collision. After a collision, the brake system can be controlled to prevent secondary collisions.

— Auxiliary system for getting off reminder

— Reversing assist function

● Summary

Through the above content, in your eyes this new car may not be as simple as it seems. Aside from the tougher body design, its new 2.0T engine, new suspension structure, matrix LED headlights and full LCD instrument panel are enough to make people look forward to. The aerodynamic optimization of the whole vehicle makes the drag coefficient of the new generation Audi A4 smaller, and the lightweight body structure allows it to reduce weight by 120kg. These changes will improve fuel economy. Of course, don’t forget its powerful driving assistance system. In the adaptive cruise (ACC) mode, the new car’s performance prediction assistance system can also automatically control fuel consumption to the lowest level based on current road conditions and combined with navigation information. In addition, a variety of driving assistance functions such as traffic jam assistance, pedestrian protection, and exit assistance reminders make this generation of Audi A4 more convenient to drive, allowing us to drive on the road more easily. If the new generation of Audi A4 is fully equipped with these high-tech equipment after the domestic market, coupled with a reasonable price, I believe that the current BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz C-class life will not be too easy.