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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Welcome everyone to read the fifth issue of the special program “Design Trainees” in the graduation season of the Car House. In this issue, we will continue to bring you excellent design works of our students. The so-called creativity has no distinction between old and young. There are many post-00s works of high school students in this period of design works, and there are also Chinese poetic concept cars that stunning design directors.

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Today is no longer the era of education where “a multitude of troops cross the single-plank bridge” relying on the college entrance examination as a watershed. More and more students will choose to apply for high-quality overseas universities after graduating from high school, and enjoy excellent educational resources at the undergraduate level. Frontier culture and good environment. If you have to say there is a “shortcut” to studying, then compared to the practice of going through the obstacles to get an offer from a prestigious school after finishing college in China, it seems that it is not bad to go out earlier. Young people need more than the grades in the books. Vision and insight are right.

Here is the story of a post-00 generation. The 19-year-old Liu Yaobing is a high school student at the 15th Middle School in Langfang City. At the same time, he is about to attend ACCD University in the United States. Due to the impact of the global epidemic, he needs to move to Shanghai first. ACCD Exchange Center, and then set off to study in the United States. So what kind of plan allowed ACCD to throw an olive branch on Liu Yaobing? Let's start with the first design plan.

During the interview, Liu Yaobing said that he felt that in addition to being beautiful, it was also the essence of design to solve problems. So this set of plans is to help the densely populated Southeast Asian cities and towns to solve the traffic problems. In addition to studying cars, Liu also likes to think about geography, so he is concerned about the serious problems of population explosion and irregular urban expansion in some developing Southeast Asian countries, such as the capital of Indonesia.

So a POLESTAR motorcycle with a simple style was formed in Liu Yaobing's mind. At that time, people may bring their children and family with them. Therefore, this motorcycle is also designed in the form of three-wheeled wagons, so that it can be loaded. And stability is more secure.

Compared with POLESTAR's three-wheelers, this plan is more future and advanced. Student Liu admitted that the founder of Virgin has a great personal charm. When it comes to space travel, he even got involved earlier than Elon Musk's space X. Because he also likes ships and aviation vehicles, Liu Yaobing began to design such an interstellar travel vehicle.

From elementary school to junior high school, as he got older, Liu Yaobing's “Modern Ship” magazine was gradually replaced by “TopGear”, and then he gradually became fascinated by cars, and his hobby fell from the sky to the ground. Later, he was led by a paintbrush on the road of product styling design. Today, he is about to set off for the American ACCD with a dream. We also wish him a smooth journey to school.

In completing this cooperation project between CDS and Jaguar Land Rover, Tang Chongjun seriously considered the “Land Rover spirit” that can be tapped as a Chinese user. 2048 is undoubtedly the era of data explosion. Big data determines everyone's lifestyle. We live in an invisible data network, and our self-awareness is submerged. Perhaps you have thought about getting rid of “fetters” and “control”, then how to “de-digitize” life becomes a demand for the future.

So, how to explore, let go, and find the spirit of Land Rover in your heart? Tang Chongjun's inspiration came from ancient poems and Chinese Fengshui. There is an old saying: Going back to the garden and living in the countryside, the winding path leads to the quiet. It is to show the ancient people's mood of escaping from the world and returning to the countryside. Unexpectedly, after thousands of years, the aspirations of mankind will return to one place.

In addition to Feng Shui's exquisiteness of “the front has the light and the back is the back”, Tang Chongjun also borrowed from the circular arch design of Suzhou gardens. In the first month, he drew a lot of sketches. After constant experimentation, a method of appropriately covering the interior with plants and creating a space with a circular surface allows users to see the scene outside the car through the bamboo forest. This is the best interpretation of the “Land Rover spirit” he has explored. Right.
Tang Chongjun said frankly that his design sword went slant and might face a lot of incomprehension and criticism. However, in the mid-term report on this project, Sophie, the design director of Jaguar Land Rover China, gave him a lot of suggestions and affirmation, such as seizing the “torque path.” The “song” in the interior layout created a step-by-step, changing scene experience for the interior layout, which greatly inspired him.

In the process of program adjustment, the designers of Jaguar Land Rover Design Center gave Xiao Tang a suggestion: the design direction should be closer to the luxury airship, and the volume should be reduced as a whole. So Tang Chongjun simplified the interior structure and re-divided the three interiors. area.

There is also a short video display to help everyone understand the design more intuitively. Tang Chongjun said that the biggest gain for him from this cooperation project is that he is constantly forcing himself to learn new things and new software. The students who participated in the project at the same time also Very strong, I feel the sense of urgency, and I am grateful for the growth that this design has given him. At present, Tang Chongjun has relied on his solid business ability to join the Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center.

After reading the design works, according to the usual practice, we invite the current design masters of domestic car companies to provide some suggestions for studying and finding jobs for the students. First of all, let’s listen to Shan Weishi, deputy dean and design director of the Research Institute of BAIC Group How to say:

How to define car design & how to choose a school
Strictly speaking, car design is called vehicle styling design, which includes exterior design, interior design, etc. Car design is a commercial design activity. The main solution is how to design a competitive model in a limited time. Car design is not pure art. Art and design belong to two categories. Art is an individual's expression of social and natural feelings, while design is to balance various factors, such as fashion trends, brand positioning, structural requirements, cost accounting, and so on. To become a car designer must learn in many ways.
So how to choose a school? Domestic school selection can be roughly divided into two categories. One is the transportation design major under the Automobile College of a comprehensive university. For example, Tongji University Automobile College, Tsinghua University Automobile Department, Jilin University Automobile College, etc. The other is the automobile design major set up by the Academy of Fine Arts. For example, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts have opened automotive design majors. In addition to applying for the exam based on the scores, students can refer to the background of science and engineering and choose the automobile major of a comprehensive university. If you have a strong art background, you can apply for the automobile design major of the Academy of Fine Arts. In addition, there are many excellent universities abroad, such as ArtCenter College of Design (ACCD for short), Detroit School of Creativity (CCS for short), Royal College of Art (RCA for short), Coventry University, United Kingdom, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, etc.

What to learn and how to apply for automotive design
Automobile design majors usually have to understand and learn the basic knowledge of automobile design (such as car body structure, perspective), and knowledge of artistic shapes (such as creative design, design psychology) after entering the school. At the student stage, attention should be paid to the improvement of three aspects of ability. First, theoretical study. For example, two-dimensional expression ability (hand-drawn), data modeling software, model making, etc. Second, hands-on practice. It is not only necessary to learn theories in the classroom, but also to study the shape through models to improve practical skills. Third, expand learning. Observation of social development, team communication and collaboration ability.
As for the application, the car designer is very hard. Usually we have to do a project for at least one year. There are several principles for us to examine whether designers are suitable for design positions: First, there is a strong desire for design and innovation. Second, there is a sense of mission and a sense of teamwork. Third, solid professional knowledge and skills.

Finally, Mr. Shan said that the future of automobiles is developing towards intelligence and new energy. Automobile designers are required to pay attention to social development, technological development and human needs in addition to their professional knowledge. Traditional car design is transitioning to experiential design. In addition to whether the shape is good or not, the user experience is more important.

How to learn & self-improvement during school
I personally think that we must first lay a solid foundation, because most domestic universities do not have professional courses in the first two years, so in the next two years, we must pay close attention to learning professional knowledge, improve our professional skills, and lay a solid foundation. Don't forget to raise your horizons.
Advice on recruitment
When recruiting designers, we will pay more attention to personal abilities, followed by graduate colleges and educational background. Because we pay more attention to the comprehensive quality of designers, in the future, designers will also have comprehensive quality in addition to professional capabilities. For example, focusing on industry development, understanding big data and autonomous driving, we believe that vision and professional capabilities are equally important.

Finally, we also welcome all automotive design graduates and students in school to submit and register. We will continue to explore the outstanding works of major universities. Please send your personal resume and portfolio to the mailbox lianxisheng2020@autohome.com.cn , You will have the opportunity to enter our selection range. Contributed works, we will report on the best. Stay tuned for the interpretation of the next issue.