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[YesAuto Design Decoding] A car that has gone through 46 years and 7 iterations has more than 40 million riders around the world. This evergreen tree in the car industry is golf. Undoubtedly, the evolution of Volkswagen Golf largely represents the direction and trend of the overall design of the Volkswagen brand in different periods. Such a huge car series has changed from a simple “transportation tool” to a self-contained “cultural identity”. Today at the opening ceremony of the FAW-Volkswagen New Golf and Bob Dylan Art and Aesthetics Forum, we were fortunate to see the eight generations of golf in the same house.

As the saying goes, it’s a blessing for four generations to live together, so it’s even more rare that a car can achieve two “four generations under one roof” in its life cycle. Let’s start with the grandfather of golf . Back in 1974, the first-generation Golf, code-named MK1 in Giorgio Giugiaro's pen, abandoned the rounded arc design that was popular in the auto circle at the time, and a hatchback hatchback that subverted the convention was born. Front-front-wheel drive, hatchback, simple design language, these will become the most important part of this car's DNA in the next 46 years.

As time comes to 2020, the eighth-generation Golf also stands on the shoulders of previous models. Although it has the smallest generation in the family, it is the most digital generation. The eighth-generation golf takes their design elements as the keynote, fully integrates digitization and intelligence, and to a large extent represents the attitude of the Volkswagen brand towards the era of digital intelligent driving. Its design ideas show the trend of emotional, pure and intelligent.

Written at the end:

From 1974 to 2020, the Golf has more often been reborn from a model to a symbol. As the soul model of the Volkswagen brand, the digital replacement of this highlight also allows us to see an important step taken by the Volkswagen brand towards digital intelligent driving. If the changes in the appearance of the eighth-generation Golf still do not move you, then continue to pay attention to the breakthroughs it has made in the electrified architecture.