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[YesAuto concept car real shot] As SUV's premium ability is stronger, so few new car companies have launched sedan products, and SUVs are basically used to open up the market in the initial stage. However, the next stage of competition for pure electric vehicles will also start on the car battlefield. No, the Weimar Maven concept car showed off its muscles at the Beijing Auto Show.

The Weimar Maven concept car is a pure electric car with a NEDC endurance of 800km. It is expected to be mass-produced in 2021. Tesla, BYD, Xiaopeng and other car companies that have mass-produced pure electric cars need to pay attention to this new player.

The headlight group is very thin and is integrated with the decorative belt in the middle. If you look closely, you will find that its LED light belt is not a simple “eyebrow”. The Weimar logo in the middle can also be lit, and I believe it will display battery power information just like EX5 and EX6.

Radar models are set in the middle of the front and rear of the car. Although the official does not announce the technical details, it is said that Maven will reach the level of L4 autonomous driving, so it is guessed that it will be equipped with lidar technology.

From the displayed interiors, Maven is still in a relatively forward-looking concept stage. There is not much mass-production design in the car, but an exploration and conceptual design for the future. The new car has L3 conditional autopilot and L4 autopilot parking functions.

The new car has cancelled the traditional instrument panel and replaced it with a whole HUD projection display. With the improvement of HUD technology, the large screen in the future car will gradually be simplified. The new car is equipped with 5G networking communication technology, and has technical services such as V2X and high-precision maps.

The large front windshield can indeed bring a wide field of vision, but too much sunlight penetrates into the car and can easily tan the co-driver's little sister, so many girls don't like this configuration. However, there are some special texture designs on the roof glass of Maven. I don't know if Weimar will have a corresponding improvement plan in the future.

to sum up:

Long ago, Weimar revealed its plan to build a car, but from the perspective of the Maven concept car, it is still far from the final mass production. Of course, it is also possible that Weimar does not want to show the details of its sedan prematurely. In short, Weimar’s current situation is very tense. Let’s not talk about Tesla Model S and Model 3. Xiaopeng, which is also a new car company, has already delivered P7, and BYD, a traditional new energy car company, has also launched a powerful performance. Chinese. Look forward to the 2021 Weimar sedan to bring us even greater surprises!