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[YesAuto Design] In this world, it is not easy to judge the success of a thing. Subjective judgment alone is far from enough. It requires standards and results that can be quantitatively judged. Just as athletes need gold medals and championship accumulation, directors and actors need awards, so the quality of a car also requires many considerations. In recent years, more and more car selections have appeared in front of us, which involve appearance, engine, gearbox and many other aspects. In addition to these, is there any corresponding selection for car interiors? The good interior is now in front of us.

Do you really understand Ward's ten best interior selection?

Many friends know about Ward, probably because of its top ten engine selection, but they don’t know that this American-based “Ward's Auto World” magazine can be described as “extensive”. In addition to engine selection, it has also developed many other Business, such as interior selection, dealer rating, etc.

Compared with the “hard core” evaluation of the engine based on various parameters and indicators, the evaluation of the interior will still have the element of “the benevolent sees the benevolence”, just as there are 1,000 Lin Zhiling in the eyes of 1,000 people, the same is true. There are 1,000 Luo Yufeng, and it is not easy to get everyone to agree. However, compared with more and more “cloud selections” now, the selection of Ward's top ten interiors is not only subjective evaluation from the judges. The car experience cycle of the past two months will also increase the selection results Persuasive.

2019 Ward Top Ten Interior Award-Winning Models
Bentley Continental GT BMW M850i
Lincoln Navigator Volvo V60
Mercedes A220 Jeep Gladiator
Genesis G70 Hyundai Shengda
Toyota RAV4 Nissan King

In this year's Ward Top Ten Interior Selection, a total of 32 candidate models were nominated. The judges looked at the design aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics, materials, adaptability, ease of display and control of each car, etc. Score from multiple dimensions and select 10 award-winning models. Since Ward’s top ten interior selection models do not have a price cap, it is not surprising that Bentley Continental GT and Nissan Jinke have won the same award. In order to give everyone a clearer understanding, we will follow the award-winning models The prices are introduced in order from high to low, but as mentioned earlier, the 10 winning models are all sold in the US market, so we will use U.S. dollars to identify them.

Bentley Continental GT (Price: US$276,730)

As the award-winning model of Ward's top ten interiors, the judges pay more attention to the cockpit of the Continental GT. They believe that a new design language is expressed on this body, which is shaped by exquisite wooden materials and metal decorative parts. The soft “bow” shape is embracing one-piece.

In addition, the redesigned cockpit of the Continental GT uses the current popular full LCD instrument panel and central control screen, adding a sense of technology, while retaining many Bentley elements, such as a large number of B logos, exquisite knurled buttons, and levers. The stylish air-conditioning knob also highlights the luxury of Bentley from the details.

BMW M850i (Price: US$119,295)

As early as 30 years ago, the BMW 8 Series E31 made its debut at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show. This model equipped with V12 and V8 engines and a drag coefficient of only 0.29 has a glorious moment for a while, but later due to limited market space, high prices, and too much focus on performance and technology, the first-generation BMW 8 Series finally withdrew from the stage of history.

For M850i, Ward judges like its iDrive system. As the first model equipped with iDrive 7.0 system, M850i has optimized the UI interface. For the first time, iDrive supports custom menus, and drivers can arrange them according to their own habits. Various functions, smooth recognition of the central control screen, high accuracy of voice recognition, easy recognition of the driver's needs for climate, entertainment and navigation, plus the iconic knob design, have won praise from the judges.

In addition, in terms of ergonomic design, the support of the seat is in place. By setting adjustable leg rests and the “U”-shaped stitched perforated leather in the center of the seat, it can fit more closely with the human body. In terms of supportability and wrapping, it won a high score given by the judges.

Lincoln Navigator (Price: 67,630 US dollars)

    As a representative of American luxury brands, Lincoln has shaped many classic models in a century of history. Not long ago, Lincoln adopted a brand-new naming method for its models. Voyager began to enter the public’s field of vision, and was good at creating a sense of luxury. For Lincoln, how did the interior of this navigator win the favor of Ward judges?

The combination of leather + wood grain + chrome plating has become an essential element of high-end American cars, and it seems to be more than that on the navigator. The roof is wrapped with Alcantara material, and the door, steering wheel, center console and other places are covered. The large area of leather material, the seat has Arab-style diamond holes, and the brand logo is somewhat similar. Lincoln has improved the overall quality of the navigator by focusing on the materials.

Volvo V60 (Price: US$54,690)

Compared with other models, the interior design of Volvo V60 did not bring me too many surprises. To put it nicely, the unchanging design comes from the family-style design. The general expression is that there is no innovation and the same.

Although it seems that the interior of the V60 is relatively plain, it contains Volvo's insights on design, and its design looks more like “a clear stream in the design world.” Perhaps because of the hustle and bustle of the world, the simplicity of the interior of the V60 is the reason why the judges chose it.

Mercedes-Benz A220 (Price: US$51,935)

In addition, the physical buttons below the air outlet of the Mercedes-Benz A220 air conditioner adopt a piano button layout, which enhances the overall sense of refinement through the combination of silver chrome and black piano paint.

The MBUX operating system on the A220 can be operated through the touch area on the steering wheel, the touch pad in front of the armrest box, the touch screen, and voice wake-up. This provides more choices for car owners, while using The middle system is very smooth and can provide corresponding feedback. The accuracy of voice recognition is high, which improves the convenience of daily travel.

Jeep Gladiator (Price: US$51,245)

In fact, speaking of this pickup, the redesigned second-row seats have become a highlight. The detachable structure can free up more space. The seats can be locked and placed on the back. The roof can also be fully opened. The wide space and the more prominent extensibility performance bring a better outdoor experience to the drivers and passengers.

When the Wrangler with excellent off-road ability adds the element of pickup, when the wild and practical combination, coupled with a more refined interior and variable interior space layout, such a car may be more suitable for the preferences of old and beautiful, so Gladiator can With the favor of the judges, it makes sense to win this year's Ward Top Ten Interior Awards.

Unlike the United States, pickup trucks have always been subject to policy constraints before the development of China. The tedious procedures and many restrictions have made pickup trucks always face the embarrassment of “single-legged” walking. Now, with the gradual loosening of pickup policies and the cancellation of dual certificates, The driving range is relaxed, and the spring of pickup trucks is gradually approaching. The General Administration of Customs has previously announced that the Ford F-150 will be included in the scope of passenger cars. The Jeep Gladiator, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this time, also attracted more attention than before. As for its future prospects in China, we may be able to treat it with optimism.

Genesis G70 (Price: $44895)

Genesis, as a modern high-end brand, evolved from the modern high-end model Genesis, and was officially launched in November 2015. At present, the Genesis brand has a variety of models such as G90, G80, G70, etc., and the G70 has just won the 2019 Ward Top Ten Interior Award. For a Korean high-end brand that has only been established for more than three years, how did it win the recognition of American judges across the ocean in a short period of time? We may be able to find the answer from the design of this car.

In addition, the G70 uses high-grade suede material on the fabrics of the seat and headrest, excellent ergonomic design, supplemented by driver assistance and infotainment systems to bring convenient and comfortable riding experience to the occupants in the car , This is also in line with Hyundai's brand concept injected into this car.

Regarding why the Genesis G70 was selected, the judge James Armend left his views on the scorecard: “The internal design is very simple” and “Everything looks great and very intuitive.”

Hyundai Shengda (Price: US$39,905)

As for the interior, the same as the previous model, the new Shengda also wins over the design. It uses different color schemes and high-end materials to enhance the actual feeling of the ride. Like the appearance, the fluid sculpture The same concept is applied to the interior.

This is Shengda's second award since 2013. Judging from the evaluation given by the judges, this car is highly praised for its integration of colors and decorative materials.

Toyota RAV4 (Price: $39,565)

    In the field of urban SUVs, Americans will use the term CUV more, taking the meaning of cross. Then in the United States where full-size SUVs, pickups, and high-horsepower muscle cars are everywhere, will there be no market for the relatively compact CUV? The answer is of course no. . There are many reasons why Toyota RAV4 has become the best-selling utility vehicle in the United States. Compared with the dullness of the past, the new design adopted this time may further enhance its popularity in the mid-sized CUV market.

From the judges’ point of view, they already praised some automakers last year because their interior design contains elements that seem to influence the future. This year they also found this feeling on RAV4. In their opinion, Toyota is making a different interior design attempt, and this attempt is successful in the eyes of the judges.

As a TNGA-based model, the fifth-generation RAV4 will follow the pace of Asian Dragon, Camry and other models, and will be introduced into domestic domestic production as soon as this year. According to the current information, RAV4 will be produced by FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota. In addition to C-HR and Yize, Toyota's Gemini strategy will continue.

Nissan Jinke (Priced at US$23,330)

    This Nissan Jinke model is not only the cheapest one of the award-winning models this year, but also the lowest price among all shortlisted candidate models. The price of this car is only 23,330 US dollars, which is far lower than the average selling price of 36,000 US dollars for new cars in the United States. In this way, this car did not lose its sense of design, nor did it greatly compromise on materials and materials.

For the judges, the ergonomic design of Jinke's car won their appreciation, which includes the distribution of functional areas, the abundance of storage compartments and other factors. They found that everything can be touched when you need it. Accessible, and this is the reason why Jinke won the award.

Some thoughts on Ward's top ten interiors:

1. The selection result is still American?

It can be seen from the awards over the years that muscle cars and pickups have always been frequent visitors of Ward's top ten interior selection awards. This year's Jeep Gladiator, 2018 Dodge RAM 1500, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, 2015 F-150, 2014 GMC SIERRA Denali, etc., muscle cars and pickup trucks appeared in most Ward Top Ten In the list of awards. In the history of the United States, muscle cars with tough lines and strong power have been popular for a while and existed as the spiritual representative of the United States; but because of the sparsely populated land and the rugged terrain, Americans pay more attention to the practicality of using cars. And durability, so the market for pickup trucks and SUVs is very broad. As the most commonly used models, muscle cars and pickup trucks fit the lives of Americans very closely. Therefore, it is not too surprising that the interiors of these cars are liked by them and eventually won awards. If they are placed in China, this The odds of this model on the list are probably not too high.

2. When will the Chinese brand be awarded?

Just as Kia and Peter Cyrill were able to grasp the preferences of the Red Dot Design Award judges, Hyundai, which is also Korean, has also learned about Ward’s top ten interiors. In the past 8 years, Hyundai has won 7 Ward's top ten best interior awards, including the previous-generation Shengda who won the award in 2013. This year, the new Shengda won its eighth top ten award. In addition to Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz has won the eighth top ten award in 6 years. The frequency of winning 4 times is also quite frequent. Compared with the fact that these brands have repeatedly won the awards, it is a pity that there are still no Chinese brands in the list of awards. As for when the award will be awarded, we must first enter the US market. The road is long and long. Chinese brands There is still a long way to go.

to sum up:

Of course, it is understandable that some Chinese car fans will put forward different opinions on the selection results of Ward's top ten interiors, because from a design point of view, different places will naturally have different preferences and aesthetics. We don't need to go to this point. Excessively demanding. The results of an evaluation can't explain any problems. With the growth of the strength and influence of Chinese auto brands, how the design elements from China will affect car design in the future is what we should focus on.