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[YesAuto Design Decoding] As an international brand under SAIC, MG has a history of more than 90 years. Since its birth, this brand has been well-known for creating cost-effective and dynamic cars. It is still in use today. Practicing the mission of “building cars for young people”. The Beijing Auto Show MG has brought three new cars and the third-generation design language they bring. At the MG booth, we met Shao Jingfeng, the head of MG design, so let him explain how MG designed a car for young people.

In this article we are going to talk about:

1. In MG's opinion, what kind of design do young people like today?

2. What message does MG's third-generation design language express?

3. How to create a sense of luxury in a car belonging to young people?

Although the road of development has been slightly bumpy since its inception and changed hands several times, for consumers, the products under the MG brand have a significant label, that is, youth and sports. After belonging to the SAIC Group, these two labels have been further enlarged, especially in today's context, these two keywords are obviously more in line with the theme of the times.

Goal: “Generation Z”

“Rejuvenation” is a key word that has been constantly mentioned by major car companies recently. Imagine that even for a luxury brand like Mercedes-Benz, the average age of consumers in China is only 35 years old. Although the customer groups are slightly different, it can be inferred that the average age of the consumer group of the MG brand can only be younger. The post-80s-90s from “Generation Y” are no longer its mainstream target group, “Generation Z” The post-95s is the crowd it wants to please.

So how to design a car for “Gen Z”? Shao Jingfeng emphasized that in the era of information explosion, on the one hand, the definition of “young people” is constantly changing, on the other hand, young people's pursuit of fashion and beauty is also changing rapidly.

In this context, especially for car companies like MG that serve young people, it is no small challenge. In addition, the range of its products is already a “Red Sea” market, and it is also a battlefield where competitors cannot afford to lose. If the freshness of the products cannot be maintained, it is likely to be quickly eliminated. Therefore, we can see that the renewal cycle of their products is significantly shortened by car companies including MG.

Shao Jingfeng talked about this. For the product development team, on the one hand, it must accurately grasp the trend of the next three years or more. On the other hand, it requires the entire team to have accurate judgment and efficient landing execution capabilities.

The third-generation core: shark-hunting front face

Speaking of the core of the third-generation design language, it is the most recognizable front face part for a car: it is said to be inspired by chance, Shao Jingfeng named it “shark hunting front face”. Obviously, the design inspiration of the trapezoidal grille is similar to that of many models on the market that are known for their performance.

As for the interior design, Shao Jingfeng said that a sense of mystery still needs to be retained. But what can be revealed is that as a “young people's first car”, MG 5 will definitely have a price that makes people feel “value for money” when it goes on the market.

Full text summary:

When talking about the spiritual inheritance of the MG brand, Shao Jingfeng emphasized that there have been many classic models in the history of the MG brand, such as MGA, MGB, etc. The strong sports genes inherited in their bodies are definitely not discarded by new cars. Part, but how to express it, still needs to be considered in the context of the times. It is not possible to set too many restrictions for new cars, especially in the future, when facing consumers like “Generation Z”.