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[YesAuto Test Drive] Rumble…what is that sound? Thunder? Oh no! It's the roar of a 6.5-liter V12 engine! Today I came to the Shanghai International Circuit again, and it was raining at this time. By the way, there has never been a rainy day in my mind like today, and it almost ruined the entire test drive event. If nothing else, this will be my only chance to test drive the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce. As we all know, in the near future, there may be a brand new Lamborghini model to replace the Murcielago, which has been in production for 8 years, on this car. The car printed with the letter “SV” is probably the ultimate version of the official Murcielago.

What is exciting is that the manufacturer is very generous this time. They brought more than one LP670-4 SV, and not two, but three. You must know that this car is only 350 in the world (but I have seen it twice on the streets of Beijing).

Starting from Countach, the sharp wedge-shaped body shape has become Lamborghini's icon, Murcielago gives this classic shape more modern, and to the SV version, the carbon fiber body surround and the huge rear spoiler make the whole car Looks even more fierce. In fact, this car is very short, the height of 1135mm is just as high as my waist, but the kind of visual pressure it exhibits is impossible for anyone to ignore, as long as one glance can make people's heart beat faster.

Of course, the impressive carbon fiber body kit is more to reduce weight and improve performance. Although the appearance of the car body has added a lot of new gadgets compared with the regular version of Murcielago, it actually reduces the car body weight by 13 kg. According to statistics, the SV version has reduced the weight of the chassis and exterior parts by 33 kg, the interior has reduced the weight by 34 kg, and the power system has reduced the weight by 33 kg. The total weight is exactly 100 kg, which reduces the weight of the vehicle to 1565 kg, but the body rigidity It has increased by 12%.

Super sports cars have never lacked highlights, and even driving the door is a very interesting experience. In order to reduce the resistance of the body and maintain the uniformity of the appearance, Murcielago's door handles are hidden in the body. To open the door, you must first press the front circular recessed position, the entire door handle will tilt up, and then pull the handle upwards. The door will open-slowly open upwards, Lamborghini's enduring way of opening the door, what we commonly call the scissor door.

The LP670-4 SV body has a variety of colors to choose from. The three cars this time are yellow, black and orange, but their interiors are all the same pitch black. Most of the places you can touch are suede or carbon fiber. The reason why suede is used instead of real leather, the manufacturer said: because the suede is lighter.

Interestingly, the handbrake is on the driver's left hand side, and the reverse gear button is also set in a completely unexpected position. Another surprise is that the seat belt is not protruding from the B-pillar like an ordinary car, but is located in the middle of the two seats, that is to say, it is completely opposite to an ordinary car. In the middle of the two seat belts is the body nameplate. Every time you turn back to pull the seat belt, you can see the serial number engraved on it. I am proud of being one of the 350 people.

In the test drive seminar, the coach repeatedly emphasized one thing to us: Never think that the LP670-4 is just a simple power boost, and don't forget its “SV” suffix. This is a completely retrained car.

The increase in motivation is the most obvious. The 6.5-liter V12 engine uses aluminum cylinder heads and a dry oil pan (lubricating oil capacity of 12 liters). The maximum engine speed can reach 8000 rpm, and the maximum output power of 493 kilowatts (670 horsepower) is matched with Known as the E.Gear electronically controlled sequential gearbox, it is officially announced that it only takes 3.2 seconds for the car to accelerate from a standstill to 100km/h.

LP670-4 SV adopts full-time four-wheel drive, equipped with three limited-slip differentials at the front, middle and rear. According to the official statement, the central differential is the so-called “sticky coupling”, which sounds similar to some cities. The SUV's center differential is somewhat similar. The mid-engined Lamborghini is still more rear-wheel drive. At the start or instant acceleration, up to 35% of the driving force is distributed to the front axle.

The braking and running mechanism are equally eye-catching. Its front wheels use amazing 8-piston brake calipers, which can apply strong pressure to carbon magnetic brake discs. The tires are Pirelli P Zero Corsa strong grip sports tires, and the front wheels are 245. /35 ZR18, the rear wheel is 335/30 ZR18.

Seeing this, I’m afraid everyone is starting to get in the car. I dare say that when you hold the LP670-4 steering wheel with both hands, it must be very difficult to control your emotions rationally. In a sense, driving This car is quite easy, you can even drive with your hips, because the hard seat will tell you all the dynamic information of the vehicle, and it’s not uncomfortable to sit on such a seat, because to be honest. Did not pay attention to comfort at all, no one would pay attention at all!

This is a racing car. It's a pity that the slippery track completely buried its excellent performance. The water on the ground even made this car look like a speedboat in the water. At this time, it becomes very difficult to drive the vehicle. All the driver's movements must be gentle and linear, but the bull still shows a manic side. It can still throw blood to the back of the head when accelerating in a straight line. It is also enough to experience sensory stimulation.

If you happen to be an extremely wealthy person with too much money to spend, and hesitating between Ferrari and Lamborghini, then I want to tell you the excitement of driving this brand of sports car if it is not for racing. It's almost the same, but the sound of the Lamborghini engine seems to be thicker, an octave lower than the high pitch of Ferrari.

Another difference is that Ferrari always seems to want the driver to forget that he is driving, as flexible as he is running, while the Lamborghini LP670-4 SV conveys a strong sense of presence to the driver, which may be related to the body size. It does matter. The length of this car is more than 4.7 meters and the width is 2058 mm. You have to always consider leaving some margin for the body. In short, one thing is certain, whether it is Lamborghini or Ferrari, driving this kind of sports car in the city all day cruising at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour is completely a crime, not only for people, but also for cars.

Well, today I finally got to know the skills of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV. I was very impressed with its unique design and powerful performance. If there is any doubt, it is that facing such a powerful ultimate product, the future Lamborghini will How to surpass yourself? In fact, I don’t care too much about it, as long as I can own the strongest version of Murcielago, I’m content!