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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Since its launch in March last year, Buick New Hideo has attracted many consumers with its redesigned exterior and interior design. Of course, in addition to the replacement of Buick's new family design, the new Hideo has also changed a lot from the old Hideo in other places. Today we invited 3 owners of Xinyinglang to talk about Yinglang in the eyes of real owners.

Mr. Hao: I like Yinglang's headlights

Mr. Hao is today's first car owner, and this Yinglang is also his first car. Mr. Hao’s car was purchased in May 2015 and is mainly used for commuting to and from get off work.

When buying a car, Mr. Hao focused his selection on mainstream joint venture compact cars, mainly considering the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Sagitar and Buick Yinglang. Among them, Fox was eliminated because the space was too small, and Mr. Hao's wife thought that the front face design of Sagitar was too dull and old, so it was also eliminated. So Hideo finally won.

When asked why he did not choose Yinglang’s 1.4T model, Mr. Hao’s answer was that the price of 1.4T was too high, and a higher-level car could already be bought, while the price of the 1.5 naturally aspirated model was more appropriate. After field research in many places, Mr. Hao won the 15N automatic luxury model with a discount of 10,000 yuan shortly after Yinglang went public, and he was also satisfied with the price.

In the chat, both Mr. and Mrs. Hao made a high evaluation of Yinglang's headlights. Do you remember the reason why Sagitar was eliminated just now? Yes, it was because the front face was too old. Yinglang's headlight not only integrates a very ecstatic LED daytime running light, but also has many decorative parts inside the headlight, which looks very fashionable indeed. In this “face-seeing age”, a pair of winking eyes is quite lethal.

Yinglang's interior design and appearance are both on the bus designed by Buick's latest family. Mr. Hao is quite satisfied with the layout of this set of interiors. However, the entire center console cover is made of hard plastic, which makes Mr. Hao somewhat dissatisfied. After all, in the compact car market, Buick has a higher-positioned Weilang, and only Weilang uses a soft center console.

In terms of user-friendly configuration, Mr. Hao is not satisfied with the above three aspects of Yinglang. As far as the guide price of this Yinglang 15N automatic luxury model is close to 140,000, the steering wheel has only two-way adjustment, which is really unreasonable, and the two points of window control and seat adjustment do need to be strengthened.

Most of the time, Mr. Hao’s car only has people in the front row, and it is satisfactory in terms of riding space. However, the fact that there is no middle headrest in the back makes him quite criticized. In fact, this is an old problem of the Buick brand. Even in the Angkewei car, there is still no middle headrest in the rear.

Although the feel of the door is not directly related to the body structure and the safety of the vehicle, after all, the owner of the door opens and closes many times a day, so if this aspect is not done well, it will affect the owner's experience.

The fuel consumption of 7.3L/100km can be considered quite good. Yinglang does not have the high fuel consumption of traditional American cars, nor does it have high fuel consumption due to the “small horse-drawn big car” like many cars of the same power level. People are very satisfied.

Mr. Gao: Can you give a reading light in the back row?

    Mr. Gao used to have a Chery QQ. He bought Yinglang mainly to replace the old car. In September 2015, Mr. Gao was recommended by a friend and bought this Yinglang 15N automatic luxury model.

Mr. Gao also considered Hyundai name maps when he bought the car. However, because the low profile of the name maps did not have a body stabilization system, and Yinglang was the standard equipment of the whole series, he finally chose Yinglang with a discount of 16,000 yuan.

Like the first owner, Mr. Hao, Mr. Gao also liked the shape of Yinglang headlights very much. It seems that there is a consensus that the headlights look good.

Other car owners also reacted to the problem of thin paint, which is a common phenomenon. The fronts of the three cars that participated in the interview had some pits or scratches that were smashed by small stones.

Yinglang's central control screen is rich in functions, and the temperature adjustment of the air conditioner is also completed through this screen. However, the mobile phone interconnection function among them is a bit tasteless. Mr. Gao said that this function only supports HTC and some Samsung mobile phones, like his own mobile phones cannot be connected.

In addition, Mr. Gao also reported that this central control screen sometimes crashes, and it must be turned off and then restarted to solve it. However, because this problem did not affect the use too much, he did not go to the 4S shop to solve it.

For Mr. Gao, who only drives by himself most of the time, Yinglang’s space is not a problem, but the problem is that there is no reading light in the rear of the car, and there is no backlight for the window control buttons. Mr. Gao thinks that this is not a cost saving. should.

The young Mr. Gao thinks that the motivation of the 1.5-liter self-priming hero is just so-so, and the acceleration of more than 11 seconds is not passionate, and it meets the basic needs of transportation.

Due to the better road conditions, Mr. Gao’s apparent average fuel consumption is only 6.4L/100km, and his own calculation is 6.5L/100km, which is very close to the apparent value.

Ms. Huang's family has a manual Honda City that has been in operation for 7 years. The main reason for buying this Yinglang is to change to an automatic transmission family car. The candidate models at that time were mainly Chevrolet Cruze and this Buick Hideo.

In the end, due to brand and design factors, Yinglang defeated Cruze and became the choice of Mrs. Huang and his wife. The discount rate when buying this car in August 2015 was 7,000 yuan.

Ms. Huang and his wife also like Yinglang's headlights very much, but as a female owner, Ms. Huang also pointed out a point that the previous two male owners did not mention: the Buick logo is a bit small. When she said this, I realized that compared to some of the new Buick models (such as Encore, New LaCrosse), the logo of Yinglang is indeed small. It seems that the perspective of women is indeed different.

Ms. Huang and his wife are also very satisfied with Yinglang's interior, such as the easy-to-use central control touch screen, the self-luminous instrument and the abundant storage space.

Ms. Huang said that for a family of three like them, Yinglang has enough space to ride. However, the lack of a central armrest in the back makes Ms. Huang a little dissatisfied. As mentioned earlier, Yinglang does not have a central headrest in the rear row, which makes it inconvenient for three people to sit in the back row, and the absence of a central armrest makes it difficult for two people in the back row to sit comfortably. This is a bit embarrassing.

The trunk is not big enough is a common problem reported by these car owners. After all, many consumers who buy this class of cars are old and young, especially for families with children, Yinglang’s trunk is sometimes slightly Obviously cramped.

For Yinglang's 1.5-liter self-priming power system, Ms. Huang felt that there was no problem, while her husband felt that the power was not correct. In fact, the self-priming engine level for this displacement level can only meet the daily driving needs, which may be just right for female drivers, but for men, it will still feel a little strenuous to overtake a car, but it is good at 6.8 The fuel consumption of L/100km is still satisfactory.

to sum up:

In the communication with several car owners, we found that everyone was very satisfied with the shape of Yinglang, especially the shape of the headlights. This has also become an important factor for car owners to choose Yinglang. At the same time, several car owners expressed satisfaction with the interior design and internal seating space. However, the lack of some details in Yinglang is still a bit unpleasant. For example, the steering wheel can only be adjusted in two directions, there is no reading light in the rear, there is no rear central headrest and central armrest, the door feels bad, and the paint is thin. For maintenance, generally the first guarantee is free, the second guarantee is free or working hours are free, and if the maintenance is paid by yourself, the single cost is about 400 yuan.

Generally speaking, several car owners are satisfied with Yinglang's comprehensive performance. Especially in terms of styling design, SAIC GM's design is still very popular among Chinese people, and the interior space of the car is also sufficient to meet the needs of family use. However, it may be due to the need to widen the gap with the higher positioning of Weilang, or it may be due to cost factors. Some details of Yinglang are still not satisfactory. For this reason, car owners still hope that the price of Yinglang can be lowered. A little bit better.