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[YesAuto New Energy] What is a good car design? What is the luxury of a car? I believe everyone has their own opinions. Design is guiding. When the public has followed a certain mainstream trend for a long time, we will think that the mainstream is “correct”, just as many people think that “leather is true and luxurious”. In the hearts of many people, the Volvo brand already has a very clear design concept, simple, fresh and full of warmth. People have been using “rich Nordic style” to describe this brand born in Sweden. But for its high-performance pure electric vehicle brand Polestar, Volvo has made a clear evolution. In addition to helping Polestar have a clearer design independence, it also puts forward a concept that is different from the “mainstream aesthetic”. (Referred to as Polestar in this article: Polestar)

A month ago, Polestar Precept made its debut. Although it still has the “shadow” of Volvo in its design, Polestar Precept has also completely taken out the brand’s own design features from the inside to the outside. A concept car, but the design already has very high mass production. As the global epidemic is spreading, we had an exclusive video interview with Polestar CEO Thomas Inglat. From this conversation, we also felt the beauty of a world’s top designer for the next generation of automobiles. An understanding with a sense of luxury.

Polestar and Volvo have different designs and different personalities

After the debut of the Polestar Precept, the user reviews of the car home can see everyone's affirmation of the design of this car. Many comments mentioned that it looks more in line with the brand positioning of a pure electric performance car, and it also breaks away from the design style that Volvo has always maintained, giving the Polestar brand a more unique concept. If you can still see the familiar Volvo style on Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, then on Precept, you can find obvious differences from Volvo's traditional design.

Mr. Inglat used two different words to describe the styles of Volvo and Polestar. He said that if Volvo is described as “Warm”, I believe that Polestar Precept can be summarized as “Cool” “. Although both embody minimalist aesthetics, there are obvious differences between the two in terms of material selection, body shape, and even driving experience.

In details, Mr. Inglat said that the Volvo brand will use a lot of warm colors, which give people a warm feeling from the outside to the inside. On the other hand, Polestar has taken the Nordic design style of “minimalism” to the extreme in terms of materials and elements, and this will also be the international trend of the future development of pure electric vehicles.

Mr. Inglat mentioned that we believe that although some similarities can be seen between Volvo and Polestar Precept, the design highlights will be interpreted differently. Polestar has a clear independent design, which separates Volvo's design feeling. Whether it is shape, interior or final driving experience, Polestar will be refreshing.

Out of Volvo, but Polestar is still based on the Nordic minimalist aesthetics, so when talking about minimalism, Mr. Inglat used a few more vivid descriptions: even in the cool appearance of sports Next, the performance of minimalist attention is still kind, positive, and beautiful and optimistic.

Mr. Inglat said that a good sense of design must conform to a global positioning and aesthetic consensus, so as to form a communication with other brands. He also gave an example. The Tesla Pickup Cybertruck, which was released not long ago, also created minimalism and a sense of the future, but its style was completely different from Precept. Precept is still good for others, not radical.

Aesthetic consensus is actually our inertial cognition of design aesthetics. Evolutionary design should also be based on the extension of existing designs. Communication between car brands also allows design trends to work in the same direction. At the moment of design-driven products, Mr. Inglat also talked about the second major design feature of Polestar Precept: how to use environmentally friendly materials to create a luxurious beauty.

Design, the first stepping stone to build user's goodwill

In the current society, the first stepping stone for almost all products to impress consumers comes from design. For automobiles, the importance of design is almost the key to determining the “life and death” of products. Mr. Inglat said that when the technical indicators themselves are difficult to open the gap, and the technology itself is not enough to define a brand, the sense of design that goes deep into the user experience level is really important.

In addition to the minimalist design, the extensive use of environmentally friendly materials is the second major design feature of Polestar Precept. Mr. Inglat emphasized: “Environmental protection is not the goal of many car companies, but Polestar is different. We need to let people see that, based on the concept of environmental protection, we have new possibilities in both production and design. “He mentioned that Polestar will affect consumers' consciousness in a subtle way without letting consumers compromise.

“Environmentally friendly materials are refreshing, just like you buy a pair of Adidas or Nike sports shoes with different materials.” Mr. Inglat said on the application of environmentally friendly materials. In the Precept car, environmentally friendly materials are not rudely used. Polestar uses technology to shape these materials into a more suitable shape and touch.

In fact, Polestar hopes to use environmentally friendly materials to create a new luxury experience, turning the concept of environmental protection into a happy experience that can inspire people's imagination. Mr. Inglat said: “It fundamentally subverts people's concept of luxury for leather, logs and other materials. We hope that people will gradually accept that the use of high-tech materials is a new trend.”

As a new subject of automotive materials, environmental protection materials are still in the enlightenment stage in terms of both cost and quality. However, because new materials can bring consumers a different atmosphere experience, Polestar believes that new materials will become the future Important trends in the field of design. At the same time, how different materials are used in different positions of the vehicle will also become part of the design concept. Better detailed design will also further strengthen the sense of luxury and future created by environmentally friendly materials.

Mr. Inglat gave an example. He said: “When we see a building, even if the building is no longer brand new, when people evaluate whether it is luxurious or not, people will not consider it. A golden toilet feels luxurious. But if the whole building uses solar panels to fully realize the internal energy supply, it will give people a luxurious feeling. This is what we call environmentally friendly technology. Bring everyone a sense of technology and luxurious experience.”

The concept of environmentally friendly materials also coincides with pure electric vehicles. The combination of clean energy, environmentally friendly materials and minimalist design has become Polestar’s core design concept, “environmental protection drives the transformation of the automotive industry”, this sentence It is also the direction in which Mr. Inglat believes the future car design innovation.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Inglat also talked about Polestar Precept's thinking on the design of the riding space, especially on how to fight for the cabin space of pure electric vehicles. He said: “For electric vehicles, more attention should be paid to the effective use of space in the car. This is why many people think that the proportion of Precept is very good, and the beauty of the design is realized.

In the design details, he mentioned that at the beginning of Polestar's design, the first consideration was the driver's space and sitting posture, and sufficient space was reserved. At this time, the position and space of the front wheels determine the position and size of the cockpit. After reserving these spaces, we consider that when an accident occurs, a buffer space is needed. On this basis, we began to design the body and roof. Finally, Mr. Inglat emphasized: “Many brands now like to use the longest and largest possible instrument panel in design, but this is not what Polestar wants. It is light and regular to highlight the sports performance attributes of the vehicle. “

to sum up

After the interview with Mr. Ingrat, I also rethinked the definition of luxury. When we are entering the era of smart cars, large screens, multiple screens and more complex leather materials are really the luxury we recognize. When automotive technology changes, should the design of the car also change along with it? Regardless of whether the design concept of Polestar Precept really represents the next automobile era, at least it has inspired us: the existence of beauty should not be the only standard.