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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Skoda Supa has always existed in an old-fashioned image in the past, but this impression has changed drastically with the launch of the new generation of Supa. In addition to the obvious improvement in appearance, Supai also continued to maintain its excellent space and practicality. Today we invited 3 owners of Supai, and it also covers the three displacements of 2.0T, 1.8T and 1.4T. Let us take a look at what Supai is in the eyes of the owners.

2.0T owner Mr. Wang

Today’s first owner, Mr. Wang’s car, is a 380TSI Zun Xing Edition, which is the second top model of the Supa car series. This car is Mr. Wang's first car and was purchased in January 2016.

Due to his tall height, Mr. Wang initially considered SUV models such as Highlander and Ruijie, but later discovered that the space of medium-sized cars such as Supa can also meet the demand, and the space of Supa is very practical, and the price is low. It's much more affordable than SUVs, so Super was chosen in the end.

When Mr. Wang bought a car, he used the Autohome Forum. Finally, considering the difficulty of getting a number, he bought a 2.0T model directly. When buying a car, we offered a discount of 22,000 yuan on the basis of the official guide price. At that time, Supai was not on the market for a long time, and Mr. Wang was very satisfied with this discount.

It can be seen that the improvement in appearance value after the replacement of Supai is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the appearance has also become a major selling point of Supai. In fact, in the chat with the three car owners today, we also found that the much younger appearance is well received by everyone.

Supa’s large space and excellent trunk utility have been well-known since the previous generation of models. Although this generation of models has cancelled the previous segmented tailgate, it has added an electric tailgate to high-end models. The biggest significance of Skoda's iconic three-box hatchback design is to increase the size of the trunk opening, which is convenient for loading large-sized items in the trunk.

The Super 2.0T model uses the third-generation EA888 engine. The power value of 220 horsepower and 350 Nm is already very abundant for a medium-sized car. Our measured acceleration of 6.93 seconds to 100 kilometers is also very good. The average speed of Mr. Wang's car is 32km/h, and the average fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer is 8.8L/100km.

In the course of one year of use, Mr. Wang’s car had several false alarms of tire pressure and the EPC warning light turned on for no reason, but these can be solved by turning off the engine and restarting it. On the whole, Mr. Wang is very satisfied with his car, especially the super performance in space, which is definitely among the best in its class.

1.8T owner Mr. Fu

This 1.8T Supercar is Mr. Fu’s second car. Since the previous POLO car can no longer meet the needs of the family, Mr. Fu needs a bigger car.

Mr. Fu’s Supai was purchased in January 2016. He also considered Sonata Nine and Magotan when buying the car. Since the first car was the POLO, Mr. Fu was still more inclined to the Volkswagen Group. However, since the Magotan and Passat were older at that time, he finally chose the new supercar, which had a discount of 20,000 yuan at that time.

In the past, Haorui had only 16-inch wheels, even the 2.0T model. Later, after changing its name to Supai, the high-end models were equipped with 17-inch wheels, but they still looked relatively small. The new generation of Supa has completely improved this problem. Starting from the high-end version of the 1.4T model, there are 18-inch wheels, which suddenly improved the appearance of the whole car.

The longitudinal space in the rear of the Supai is considered to be very good in the same class of cars, and there is no problem in meeting the needs of ordinary families in such a car's interior space. Mr. Fu has always given his children a child safety seat, and when the child is not in the seat, he can easily put the seat in the trunk.

The average speed of Mr. Fu's car is 28km/h, which is in some congested road conditions, and the average fuel consumption is 9.4L/100km. Mr. Fu said that the fuel consumption of this set of powered city roads is acceptable, but running at high speed is particularly fuel-efficient.

Mr. Fu is generally very satisfied with Supai, but he is not satisfied with the service of the 4S shop and the maintenance price of the vehicle. At the same time, Mr. Fu also hopes that the manufacturer will add more optional equipment.

1.4T owner Mr. Liang

Before purchasing Superpower, Mr. Liang had an old Jetta King in his family, and Mr. Liang had higher requirements for the space of the new car, because the car would often take elders and need to load a wheelchair. At the same time, there are two dogs at home.

Mr. Liang initially considered Passat and Magotan, but the spatial expandability of this traditional sedan could not meet his needs. Later, he fell in love with Skoda Yeti, but when he went to the store to look at the car, he accidentally found the Supai, which was just launched at the time, and found that the Supai hatchback trunk was very practical, and after a discount of 17,000 yuan The price was good, so I bought Super.

Like the other two car owners, Mr. Liang also appreciates the space of Super. When the hatchback tailgate is opened, it feels like a station wagon.

Compared with traditional sedan, the Supercar does lack the crossbeam in the trunk in the body structure. In theory, it may have a certain negative impact on the rigidity of the body, but for consumers, there is no need to worry about this problem too much. Impact on daily use.

Mr. Liang is very satisfied with the space and cost-effectiveness of Supai, but he also reflected the problem of obvious abnormal noise after the summer sun exposure. At the same time, the other two owners also said that this is a common problem of Supai.

to sum up:

    Supai is a very characteristic medium-sized car. The unique hatchback tailgate brings strong expandability to the trunk. Coupled with the already abundant rear space, Supai is practical in terms of space size and space. The sexual aspect is very satisfying. Today's three car owners also bought them because they mainly focused on the excellent space of the mid-speed pie, and they also appreciated the space after actual use. At the same time, the improvement of the appearance and value of the new Supai has also been recognized by car owners, and the power (especially 1.8T and 2.0T) has also made car owners more satisfied. (Photo/Text/Photo: Shanyong, the home of the car, assists Zheng Yu)