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[YesAuto Owner Interview] As the benchmark model of medium-sized SUV, Ford Sharp was introduced earlier in the country, and it was introduced as an imported car at the beginning. The tall and mighty styling design is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In this owner interview, we found three owners of Ruijie. They all wanted an SUV model that was better in terms of space and quality than a compact SUV when buying a car. The final choice fell on a medium-sized SUV. In the first half of last year, there were not many choices for medium-sized SUVs. The most popular ones were Highlander and Sharp, so the three of them had been entangled in these two cars by appointment. Let's take a look at why the three sharp world owners finally chose this car, and what are their satisfaction and dissatisfaction after purchase.

● The owner Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu is a loyal netizen of Auto House. This Ford Sharp was bought by the group purchase of Auto House. He said with a smile that although the price is still not cheap, it doesn’t matter, at least he doesn’t have to bother to bargain. Up. This car is a four-wheel drive Zunrui bought in August last year. The official guide price is 339,800 yuan. He gave a discount of 12,000 yuan when he bought it. He waited for two months to pick up the car.

● Car selection experience

Ruijie is Mr. Liu’s third car. The first two are Zhonghua Junjie and Scirocco. Scirocco is mainly driven by daughters-in-law. Because the child is getting older, I plan to take my family out to play more on weekends, so I plan to replace it with Junjie. Taiwan cart. Originally, Mr. Liu's first choice was Buick GL8, the seat was spacious and comfortable, he was very satisfied, but his family strongly opposed it, so he had to give up.

His wife liked SUVs, so he began to focus on SUV models. At that time, there were not many SUVs available at the same level. He finally focused on Highlander and Sharp, the choice between the two. When I was looking at the car, I found out that the Highlander had to increase the price (Mr. Liu said that the price increase was about 15,000 yuan in the Beijing market at that time), and the most important thing was that it still had to wait about 6 months. The price increase had not yet appeared in the car, which made it difficult for Mr. Liu to accept. After seeing the sharp world, I found that he was also very satisfied, and then switched to the embrace of the sharp world.

From the interview, we can see that Mr. Liu chooses a larger 7-seater car. I think he often travels with his family or has a just need for the 7-seater. But after he introduced it, he found out that Mr. Liu uses the car every day. I will take my family out on weekends by myself. There is no demand for 7 seats. I bought this car purely for the comfort of myself and my family.

● Car experience

The four-wheel drive Zun Rui bought by Mr. Liu was the top version of the 2.0T. He said that when he bought the car, he was not sure which configuration to buy. He thought that he was too lazy to install something later, so he didn't worry about it, so he decided to buy the top version. In fact, some configurations are really not available, such as automatic parking and electric steering wheel adjustment, which in his opinion are dispensable configurations.

Mr. Liu said that he was actually envious of the storage space of the Highlander. After all, the biggest advantage of the Highlander is here. There are so many storage compartments in the front row. But after buying a car, it doesn't matter. I don't have many personal belongings, and Sharp World is enough.

The seats are thick, but the cushions are a bit short. In addition, there is another point about the seat. During the recent period of walking on a bumpy road, the main driver’s seat made an abnormal noise, and the squeaking sound seemed to be the sound of an insecure assembly. No one else seemed to mention this issue in the forum. It may be an example. I haven't had time to go to a 4S shop for inspection recently.

Seat ventilation is definitely the most practical configuration. In summer, I basically turn on the seat ventilation and air conditioning as soon as I get on the car. Now I can’t do without this configuration.

Mr. Liu said that when he bought a car, he didn't care much about the third row. He only used the third row temporarily for more than a year. Although rarely used, he himself tried to sit in the third row when he first bought the car. Although it was not comfortable, it didn't take much effort to sit in.

Mr. Liu said that he drove more than 14,000 kilometers in this car, and once went out in the parking lot. Both cars were not fast at that time. His sharp edge was at the right rear door. He got out of the car and watched. For a moment, even the paint on my car did not fall off, and the other car was at the front of the car and the scratches were very obvious.

The driving experience in the urban area is usually good. The power in the early stages is a bit mediocre, but it is good at high speeds, and the ability to accelerate again is very strong; the steering control of the steering wheel is also very delicate, but the high speed driving feels a bit thief in the direction, not as good as the Highlander steering Relatively there is no such a sensitive steering wheel to drive easily, and Ruijie has to hold the steering wheel tightly all the time.

At present, the fuel consumption is 11.1L per hundred kilometers, mainly because he usually uses the car in bad road conditions, and it is very congested in the morning and evening, so the fuel consumption of 11.1L is still very satisfactory. The fuel consumption when running at high speed is less than 8L/100km. In addition, the 2.0T of Sharp World can be added with 92# (Beijing) gasoline, so the cost of refueling is not high.

In terms of maintenance, his car has just passed the second warranty. The first warranty is free. During the second warranty, the 4S shop said that you can purchase a package. 4 minor maintenance (including working hours) for 2,300 yuan, which is equivalent to less than 600 yuan each time. It is a fully synthetic motor oil. The price of small maintenance in the store is about 700, which is still very cost-effective.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

Mr. Liu said that although the first choice was not Sharp when buying a car, he did not regret it after the purchase. The space performance and fuel consumption performance of this car satisfied him. Although there are some shortcomings, such as abnormal seat noise, some cheap interior materials, and slightly louder engine noise, these problems are not a big problem in Mr. Liu's eyes. He gave this car 90 points and 10 points are deducted from the seat. On the chair, he is not too satisfied with the comfort of the seat, and this is what he values.

● The owner Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is also an old netizen of Auto House, and he is usually active in forums and Che Youhui. This Sharp Jie was purchased in January 2016 and it has traveled about 41,000km so far. He told us that when buying a car, you have to wait 1 month for the top-fitting, and 3 months for the optional package. In order to catch the car before the Spring Festival, I chose the four-wheel drive Hao Rui. At that time, the discount was 1,000 yuan, which was considered comfort. The discount is better than nothing. He regretted not having the top configuration, which was 20,000 yuan more expensive, and the extra configuration was very practical.

This Ruijie is Mr. Wang’s second car. It used to be the Excelle. It is a more conventional model upgrade. When changing the car, I want a more spacious and more practical SUV. So I also looked at the Roewe W5, Nissan Qijun and Highlander and so on, finally increased the price of 10,000 and paid a deposit to book Highlander.

However, buying a car at a higher price still feels a little awkward. In addition, waiting for the car is far away, Mr. Wang turned his attention to the sharp world of Highlander's most direct competitor. At that time, I learned in the store that Ruijie could mention that there is no need to increase the price of the current car. Without any hesitation, Mr. Wang decided to buy Ruijie on the spot.

● Car experience

The appearance of Mr. Wang is still satisfactory. It looks magnificent and imposing. The detailed design also conforms to its overall style, and the visual effect is very coordinated. The design of the interior is a little flat in Mr. Wang's eyes, not too dazzling. (Part of the configuration shown in the interior pictures below may be installed by Mr. Wang himself, please be aware.)

As mentioned above, Mr. Wang regretted not having the top equipment and adding optional packages. After using the car, he felt that those configurations were very practical, so he added some, such as LCD instrument panel, adaptive cruise, and SYNC. 2 Changing the SYNC 3 system, the money was not spent less, and the process was quite tossing.

Mr. Wang said that the overall performance of the sharp world is quite good, but some small details are not very user-friendly, and there will be some inconveniences in daily use. There is still room for improvement.

Mr. Wang feels that the power is relatively abundant, and it is enough for daily use. Of course, this also requires a little price. The fuel consumption of 12L/100km is not considered to be economical, and there are gains and losses. This is also normal. In terms of maintenance, Mr. Wang said that after the first warranty, he will not maintain it in the 4S shop. The maintenance items in the outside shop are not exactly the same each time. The price is roughly in the range of about 800-1500. It is not difficult to see through comparison that this price is not the same. It’s not much cheaper than the 4S shop. Mr. Wang explained that the working hours of the repair shop outside are much cheaper, so he can choose a better oil.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

In the case of a percentile system, Mr. Wang scored 80 points for his sharp world. The point of deduction is mainly because some details are not very intimate. The convenience of daily use is affected to a certain extent, and the seat is not satisfied. This is the same as the previous one. Mr. Liu of the same opinion. On the whole, the shortcomings of the sharp world are small problems, and there are no major flaws. The power and practicality are also fine. The most direct competitor is the Highlander, and the models for comparison are also There are indeed not many, so Mr. Wang is quite satisfied with the sharp world.

● Mr. Che

Mr. Ren’s Sharp Jie was purchased in May 2016 and it has traveled about 35,000km so far. This is already his fourth car. Previously, they were Beverly, Sylphy and Audi A6L. He revealed that the Audi A6L was an old model his father drove for him. He didn't like it too much, so he sold it and bought it now. Taiwan sharp world.

When he bought the car, he also saw Mercedes-Benz GLK, Prado, Highlander, etc. Prado is still not suitable for commuting in the city, and Mr. Ren is more concerned about the practicality of space, Highlander has to increase the price and wait for the car, and finally by chance. , I entrusted a friend to help, present the car and offer a discount of 16,000, mentioning Highlander's competitor-Sharp World.

● Car experience

It can be seen that both Mr. Ren and Mr. Liu put a protective film on the piano lacquer panel. It can be seen that although the piano lacquer panel has a good visual effect, it is really troublesome to maintain for long-term use. This is the netizens. One thing to consider when choosing a car.

Contrary to the first two owners, Mr. Ren is very satisfied with the seats of Ruijie. He feels that the wrapping and support are very good. At the interview site, the three car owners also discussed this issue. Mr. Ren felt that this might be due to his relatively thin figure and more suitable for this kind of seat with a stronger sense of wrapping.

Mr. Ren said that the brakes are sensitive and adaptable in the early stages, especially when he often changes cars with friends, and then drives back to his car, he will easily step on the heavy and nod his head, but he is satisfied with the braking effect, and he brakes vigorously in an emergency. , I am very confident, and there will be no feeling that the big car can't stop.

In terms of later cost, the fuel consumption was 11.9L/100km. Mr. Ren said that it basically met his expectations. Usually, it is mainly driving on the congested road of the Second Ring Road. This performance is already good. The maintenance is all in the 4S shop, and the cost of small maintenance is about 1,000 yuan. On the whole, the later cost is not low, but it is within an acceptable range.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

In Mr. Ren's view, the main advantage of Sharp is comprehensive, enough power to drive, sound insulation, driving quality is good, the space is relatively abundant, the configuration level also has certain advantages in the same level, and the performance in all aspects is very balanced, that is Some small aspects can be improved. For example, the space utilization rate is slightly lower than that of the Highlander, and the post-maintenance is not as affordable as the Highlander. Overall, it can give the sharp world a high score of 90 points.

● Full text summary

Before the interview, I imagined what the car owners of Ruijie should look like. If I put a few labels, I think they should be mature family owners. However, the three car owners surprised me a little. The oldest of them is only 35 years old, and the other two are both. Less than 30 years old, and no children. In fact, these three car owners are clear enough about their needs. This car must have a certain sense of quality, at least slightly better than those compact SUVs. I don't need a large space, but I have to have it because it will be used if it is not uniform. In general, the three car owners are still very satisfied with this car. Even if there are some minor problems, they can be solved smoothly in the 4S shop. The three car owners feel that they do not regret buying the sharp world. This is the end of the interview. If you are interested in this car, I suggest you to read our long-term test article on Sharp, which provides a more comprehensive introduction to the daily use of this car. Click on the picture below to enter the article. .