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[YesAuto owner interview] In November 2015, Jeep Free Light officially introduced domestic production, becoming the first product after the marriage of Jeep and GAC. The change from imported to domestically produced identity has made the price of Freedom Light more acceptable than its appearance. As a result, it has gained more Freedom car owners and fulfilled the Jeep dreams of many people. This time we invited three domestic Liberal Light car owners. They all purchased the car within half a year of the launch of this car, and they all chose 2.4L power. Let’s talk with them about the original intention and daily use of choosing Liberal Light. Car experience.

● The first owner Mr. Xu and his Free Light 2.4L Professional Edition

Free Light 2016 2.4L Professional Edition

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Mr. Xu clearly remembered that he bought the Liberal Light in front of him on January 20, 2016. He was also the first to buy a car among the three owners. At that time, because the new car had just been on the market for more than two months and no discount was offered, Mr. Xu directly picked up the car at the original price of 249,800. The current mileage of the car has reached 40,000 kilometers.

● Car selection experience

Freedom Light is Mr. Xu's third car. The previous two cars are from Volkswagen brands-Sagitar and Passat. When Mr. Xu planned to change the car, his goal was basically determined to be an SUV model. By chance, he saw the imported version of Liberty at an auto trade fair. It was snowy, and his driving experience left a good impression on him. , And therefore became an opportunity for him to choose domestic free light.

When talking about the car selection experience, he took the initiative to focus the topic on Freedom Light, saying that from the first time he saw this car, he was deeply attracted by its appearance and there were no other alternative models. After inquiring about Free Light on the Auto Home website and going to a 4S store for a test drive, Mr. Xu was satisfied with all aspects of it, so he paid to pick up the car. In addition, Mr. Xu also mentioned that he recognizes the Jeep brand. In his opinion, Jeep is a family of SUVs. Even if Freedom is a veritable urban SUV, its strength will be better than its competitors.

● Car experience

We don't need to judge too much about Mr. Xu's car buying mentality, which is similar to “metaphysics.” Especially a model with full-featured appearance like Free Light, those who like it will be very pleased, and those who don't like it will not accept it at all. The three car owners generally agreed that the free light’s front face design was the most satisfying part. The seven-hole air intake grille matched the headlights and the protruding lines on the engine cover, giving it a sense of compactness without anger. It seems that car owners who like Liberal Light are not very interested in the thick and wide front design of general SUVs.

When Mr. Xu adjusts the seat to his proper position, the position of the steering wheel will block the instrument panel. Mr. Xu is also helpless. I hope the manufacturer can set the steering wheel adjustment height higher.

Compared with the appearance, Freedom's interior has a lot of convergence, and most people can accept the Jeep family-style central control layout. Mr. Xu specifically mentioned that the free light black/brown two-tone interior color scheme brings him a very comfortable driving atmosphere. Previously, the interiors of the two Volkswagen sedans were all black, and the central control layout was too rigid. It is said that there is no harm if there is no comparison.

The space in the car is not rich. Mr. Xu usually has more opportunities to use the car alone, and occasionally family and friends ride in the back row, so his requirements for space are not harsh. Free light's storage space design is not a strong point, such as the irregular shape of the storage compartment under the center console, and the awkwardness of how to put the mobile phone.

Mr. Xu is engaged in engineering management-related occupations and often travels in Beijing. At present, his total mileage of Free Light has reached 40,000 kilometers. According to his experience, the average fuel consumption of Free Light in summer and winter is about 9.5L/100km and 10.5L/100km, which is quite acceptable.

● How many points do you give your car?

In the end, Mr. Xu gave Liberty Light a score of 90 or more, and his sensibility defeated his rationality. During our conversation, Mr. Xu mentioned many advantages and disadvantages of Free Light, such as unique design, comfortable riding experience, excellent driving experience, unique brand charm of Jeep brand, etc.; of course, insufficient It also exists, such as the automatic start-stop function is not practical, the door, glove box has a slight abnormal noise, the engine stamina is insufficient, etc., but these do not affect his love for free light. At the same time, Mr. Xu mentioned that in the future, the part that Freedom wants to improve most is to increase the AUTOHOLD function.

● The second owner, Mr. Jiang, and his free light 2.4L leading version

Free Light 2016 2.4L Leading Version

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Mr. Jiang bought this free light 2.4L leading version in March last year. The original price is 229,800. It provides a cash discount of 3,000 yuan and decorations such as foot pads, engine guards, and driving recorders. Of course, it is also unreasonable. Depot fee and vehicle inspection fee. This car is Mr. Jiang's second car, which was previously a Honda Accord.

● Car selection experience

Mr. Jiang has a rich experience in car selection. When we asked him which models he had considered, Mr. Jiang reported nearly ten car names like a few: Chevrolet Capaci, Honda Jade, Skoda Super, Saab X65, Hyundai ix35 , Ford Escape, Toyota Highlander, Skoda Yeti, Nissan X-Trail and Jeep Free Light. Mr. Jiang said that Qijun was the biggest interference item at the time. The low cost of using the car and the panoramic reversing image were Qijun’s advantages. However, when he went to the 4S shop to see the car, a Qijun accident car happened to be parked in the parking lot waiting for maintenance. The sight made him completely give up the idea of buying Qijun. Mr. Jiang takes a rather believable attitude towards the rumors of “Japanese cars with thin skins”. In the end, Mr. Jiang chose the free light with low safety equipment.

● Car experience

The appearance of the car is indeed a rigid condition when choosing a car. Mr. Jiang was also hit in the mind by the front face of Free Light, so he began to investigate the overall strength of this car. If there is any dissatisfaction with the appearance, Mr. Jiang thinks that the choice of Free Light's body color is a bit monotonous, and there are fewer existing cars in niche colors such as red and orange.

Mr. Jiang is quite satisfied with the richness of the free light configuration, but the leading version lacks a touch-controlled central control screen, and the automatic air conditioning and seat heating are generally easy to use. In addition, the 2.4L leading version that was initially launched does not have a smart package (the guide price is increased by 6,000 yuan). Mr. Jiang consulted the manufacturer and got a reply. Later, it will cost 30,000 to 40,000 to install the original smart package. This also allows Mr. Jiang to compare Disappointed.

Mr. Jiang is a family of three. Of course, the larger the rear space, the better. The current free light’s rear seating space can only be said to be barely enough, and the head space is a bit tight.

In terms of storage space, Mr. Jiang also mentioned the problem of the storage compartment of the center console, especially when navigating with a mobile phone, it is really difficult to find a suitable place to put the mobile phone. There is still enough space in the trunk, and usually children's toys and sundries can be easily accommodated, and it is no problem to download a bicycle when the rear seats are down.

Although it is a power combination of 2.4L engine + 9-speed automatic manual gearbox, car owners' evaluation of the power of Free Light basically meets daily use. Among them, Mr. Jiang also mentioned that the gearbox is prone to frustration at 30-40km/h. He has tried to engage the 9th gear when the speed exceeds 120km/h, but this kind of opportunity rarely occurs.

● How many points do you give your car?

At the end of the conversation, Mr. Jiang talked about some of the problems in the after-sales maintenance of 4S stores, but he did not hesitate to give Freedom a high score of 95 points. This may be the owner's pampering heart for Freedom. Although 4S stores have chaotic management, self-installed vehicle configurations, incomplete accessories, slow and expensive repairs, etc., the overall configuration level of Free Light is still worthy of recognition. Automatic air conditioning, seat heating, etc. are all equipped.

● The third owner, Mr. Kang, and his Free Light 2.4L Superior Edition

Free Light 2016 2.4L Superior Edition

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Mr. Kang also bought this second-top free light in March last year. The original price was 275,800. The 4S shop only gave away the film, and he has traveled 22,372 kilometers. Freedom Light is Mr. Kang's second car. Before that, there was a Fengfan that had been driving for 6 years.

● Car selection experience

Several car owners are almost all cars that have been driving for a long time. They want to change to SUVs, and Mr. Kang is no exception. The several models he considered when choosing a car were all SUVs. The Maverick was generally passed because of the workmanship in the car, the guide was because of the small space, the new Tucson was because of its unqualified appearance, and the Highlander was because of its Japanese origin. In short, Liberty passed the test, and won the trust of Mr.

● Car experience

Mr. Kang chose Freedom, partly because of its personalityless appearance, and partly because of Jeep's four-wheel drive technology. After all, there are not many new cars with good looks, feelings, and low prices these days.

On the internal configuration, Mr. Kang has a lot of his own opinions: firstly, the LCD instrument is in place, and the control buttons on the rear of the steering wheel are easy to use; secondly, the seat heating should be equipped with a ventilation function; in addition, the engine start-stop function should indeed be cancelled.

Unlike Mr. Xu, Mr. Kang's car needs are also more family-oriented. There is a 6-year-old child in his family. The overall ride space can only be said to be barely enough, and the head space is slightly tight. Mr. Kang is full of praise for the trunk space. He believes that the flat trunk floor after the rear seats are down can be used as a bed.

Mr. Kang’s free light had abnormal noises in the front passenger seat belt and the center armrest switch. The solution he gave was to replace a new seat belt and put a rubber strip on the center armrest switch, which looked relatively low. The method really solves the abnormal noise problem.

Regarding fuel consumption, Mr. Kang believes that the number of traffic lights has a great impact on fuel consumption. On average, it is 11-12L/100km daily, less than 9L/100km at high speed, and may be as high as 15L/100km in traffic jams.

● How many points do you give your car?

Mr. Kang is also very satisfied with his free light, giving him 95 points. The deduction items are the abnormal noise and excessive oil consumption. Speaking of this, the three car owners seemed to resonate. They all stated that the oil consumption of Liberal Light is a bit abnormal and needs to be brought to the attention of the manufacturers. The point that Liberal Light satisfies Mr. Kang lies in the value of the Jeep brand and the historical precipitation behind the brand. This may be a belief, but it is also a trust in the Jeep brand. So even if it has imperfections, that It cannot be the only criterion for measuring its quality.

● Summary:

Today's three car owners are between 29-35 years old, all of whom are already married and in the stage of rising careers. When considering changing cars, users of this age tend to take into account the needs of home and commuting, and choose a car that can not only reflect their identity, but also take care of their family. Freedom just happens to be a car that can meet their needs. Of course, Freedom Light also has minor problems, such as abnormal noise, abnormal engine oil consumption, and poor 4S shop service problems, etc., which occurred in the three car owners; but Freedom Light’s eye-catching styling and excellent driving texture make it It has a shining point. If you are also concerned about this car, we have conducted a long-term test on the 2016 Freelight for several months, and have carried out a detailed experience of all aspects of this car, you can refer to it. Click here to enter the long test article.