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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] Lincoln, as a well-known American luxury brand in the Chinese auto market, returned to the Chinese market last year with two new cars, MKC and MKZ. Among them, the MKC, an SUV model that is popular among consumers with its appearance, can have an average of more than 600 stable licenses per month, which is quite good for an emerging brand to have such a performance. And this time, we invited three Lincoln MKC owners to talk about why they chose this car. Coincidentally, these three owners bought the Lincoln MKC 2.0T four-wheel drive Zunyao Edition (hereinafter referred to as MKC).

● The first car owner

Mr. Ling’s Lincoln MKC was purchased in April 2015, and it has driven more than 11,500 kilometers so far. The mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers in half a year shows that Mr. Ling’s daily car is still quite frequent. This MKC is Mr. Ling's second car, and he drove a 2006 hatchback Polo.

According to Mr. Ling, he bought this generation of Polo as soon as it was launched. It should have been in June 2006. It has been 9 years. Mr. Ling is quite satisfied with the performance of this car. Of course, he has used 9 Years are enough to see that Polo's durability is worthy of recognition. As for the reason for changing the car, it is nothing more than that Polo has been in service for a long time, and Mr. Ling hopes to buy a model of brand grade and more space.

When choosing a car, Mr. Ling first considered Buick Encore and Ford Escape. Since changing cars is not a rigid demand, Mr. Ling is not very anxious to buy a new car. However, when he happened to pass by the Lincoln 4S shop and entered the door and wanted to see the results casually, he was instantly attracted by the appearance of MKC. The grade of the additional brands is also higher than that of Buick and Ford, so in the end, they made up their minds without getting too entangled.

In terms of appearance, as the title says, in fact, the three car owners we invited this time are very fond of the MKC's rear styling. Mr. Ling thinks the MKC's rear styling is quite full and has a strong sense of design. In addition, the full-featured flying-wing net is also very distinctive and highly recognizable. As for the car body color, Mr. Ling’s MKC is a very rare deep purple. The reason is that besides that it was a current car at the time, Mr. Ling thinks that the rarer colors are very special, and the dark purple has a low-key and transparent visual effect. The slight difference made him quite satisfied.

In terms of functionality, the inductive automatic opening of the tail compartment door function commonly known as “kick to open the door” makes Mr. Ling feel very convenient. In addition, the Easy Fuel fuel filler port also eliminates the need to unscrew the fuel tank cap every time you refuel. Good convenience design. As for Lincoln’s iconic code lock function, Mr. Ling said that he has never used it, and there are not many car owners who are accustomed to using this function in the car club.

Coming to the car, first of all, Mr. Ling praised MKC's push-button shift. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the push-button is more convenient to operate, and the “hanging” gear is also clearer, which is not easy to produce. Misoperation. The inclined design of the center console screen also makes Mr. Ling feel very ergonomic. Compared with those center consoles that are perpendicular to the ground, MKC is more comfortable to use, and a piece of storage is “stolen” at the bottom of the center console. space. However, Mr. Ling believes that MKC is not particularly rich in storage space, so he added a storage box on the inside of the front seats to facilitate the storage of some documents on weekdays.

According to Mr. Ling, when he uses the car on weekdays, he rarely has a full load of 5 people in the car, usually only 2-3 people. However, Mr. Ling is not too satisfied with the performance of MKC's rear space, but he is right. He still recognizes the comfort of the seat. In addition, the rear seat backrest support angle adjustment is also a very good function.

Mr. Ling's daily driving sections are almost all urban roads, so congested sections occupy the majority. The current fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 13.2L, which he believes is acceptable. Regarding the dynamic performance of MKC, Mr. Ling believes that this 2.0T high-power engine has quite good power, the gearbox is also very smooth, and the noise control during driving is also excellent.

● How many points do you rate your car?

Mr. Ling: 98 points! The exterior is beautiful, the interior is luxurious, and the ride comfort is also good. Except for the less storage space, the fuel tank and the rear passenger space are a bit smaller, there is no dissatisfaction with the rest. In fact, we can see from Mr. Ling's smile on his face that he is full of love for his MKC. Even if this car has some room for improvement, it will not affect his love for MKC in the least.

● The second car owner

Mr. Wang’s MKC was purchased in January 2015, and he has traveled more than 15,000 kilometers, an average of more than 1,600 kilometers per month. The car is also used frequently on weekdays. This MKC is Mr. Wang's second car. Before that, he drove a 2010 Regal 2.0L Expo version.

As for the reason for changing cars, Mr. Wang simply wanted to change cars. Therefore, the MKC with higher grade, richer configuration and stronger power is also very reasonable as the second car. As for the car selection process, Mr. Wang was not at all entangled. He hadn't considered other models at all, and only paid attention to MKC.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Wang's favorite is also the rear design of MKC, especially the taillights. In addition, the shape of the 19-inch wheel is full of three-dimensionality, the metal particles on the surface of the black metallic paint are also very large, and the reflection in the sun is also very beautiful. In addition, the induction trunk tailgate is very convenient.

When he arrived in the car, Mr. Wang was anxious to buy a current car, so only this MKC with “San Bano wood trim” was also ridiculed by two other car owners who bought a model with wood grain interior at a young age. However, Mr. Wang didn't care about this, anyway, “Once you accept this setting, it's still very interesting.”

Mr. Wang is very concerned about the configuration of the vehicle, and the performance of this MKC is enough to satisfy him: adaptive cruise, lane departure warning with steering wheel correction, front seat ventilation, automatic parking, THX theater-level surround sound system, etc. And so are equipped. However, Mr. Wang expressed some dissatisfaction with the fabric material used in the seat part, thinking it was cutting corners. In fact, the use of fabric material on the side of the seat can effectively reduce the leather material and the central control area when the vehicle is driving. The abnormal noise caused by friction cannot be regarded as cutting corners.

As for the daily car, Mr. Wang mostly drives on the highway, so the fuel consumption is not high, and the dynamic performance is also very satisfactory. It is just that the 4S inspected the vehicle during the first warranty, and finally found that the front axle ball cover was a little strange. It's free to change. Mr. Wang didn’t care about this either, he thought it was a serious and responsible performance of the manufacturer, and Mr. Wang, the chairman of the Shanghai Lincoln MKC Che You Association, also said that many car owners in the meeting were also covered by replacement balls during maintenance. .

● How many points do you rate your car?

Mr. Wang: 98 points. Except for the small fuel tank, I don’t think this MKC can pick out other faults. It has high configuration, strong comfort, good power, and often runs at high speeds, so the fuel consumption is also very low. MKC can fully meet my daily car needs.

● The third car owner

Miki’s MKC was purchased in January 2015 and has traveled more than 20,000 kilometers so far. It is the largest number of kilometers traveled by the three car owners. It also shows that almost everyone chooses to drive in daily travel. In addition, MKC is also her first car. .

Girls usually buy things more carefully. The same is true for Miki. Before buying MKC, she considered BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK and CLA, and was finally passed one by one. The reason for not choosing X3 is that the price is too expensive, the guide price of entry-level models is close to 480,000, and the market discount is close to 430,000, and the folding function of the electric rearview mirror that Miki is particularly concerned about needs to be selected, and the interior is luxurious. Not as strong as MKC. In addition, the rear space of GLK and CLA is relatively small, especially CLA, the head space is too constrained. In the end, Miki decided to buy an MKC with attractive appearance and good price/performance ratio.

In terms of appearance, Miki not only thinks that the rear styling is quite beautiful, but also that the highly recognizable front of MKC is very stylish. At the same time, the white metallic paint body is rare, even if an additional 2,000 yuan is required. As for the external configuration, Miki is different from the other two car owners. She often uses the password lock function. For example, when she returns home and finds something left in the car, she doesn't need to find the key, just use the password lock function to open it. Car door. In addition, the front parking radar is also very helpful to female car owners, and the position of the electric closing button of the tailgate is not too high, which can be easily reached by Miki.

Arriving in the car, Miki felt that the storage space in the MKC car was not rich enough, so he “created” some of it by himself. The first is to place a non-slip mat that can be used as a mobile phone stand on the center console. Since the navigation system Miki on MKC is not very suitable, she usually prefers mobile phone navigation more. A cartoon storage box is clamped outside the central air outlet, and some cosmetics are placed on weekdays. When you need to attend social occasions, you can add makeup in the car, which is very convenient.

Under the headrest of the front seats, Miki also added a hook so that the strap of the bag is hooked on it without worrying about the bag flying from the passenger seat to the ground during heavy braking. And behind the front seats, Miki also added storage nets and storage boxes up and down to store sundries similar to the present, beverages, etc. The green storage box is used as a trash can.

In terms of riding space, Miki usually has two people in the car on weekdays, and there are not many full-load conditions, so almost no one is sitting in the back row. So she thinks the space is enough, and for Miki, the back row space is also large enough. However, one thing Miki is not very satisfied. Although it is equipped with a panoramic sunroof and has good lighting, she feels that the openable area of the sunroof is a bit small, and it would be better if it could be larger.

● How many points do you rate your car?

Miki: 90 points. This MKC is generally satisfactory after using it. The power is good, the gearbox is very smooth, the driving is very comfortable, the sound insulation is also very good, the ride is comfortable and the ride space is enough, but its navigation is not good. The sunroof is also a bit small, the fuel tank is also small, and the storage space is not very abundant. These are its deduction items.

● Summary:

The three car owners generally recognized the performance of MKC. It has a beautiful appearance (and all three were attracted by the rear shape), luxurious interiors, good ride comfort, good power, smooth gearbox, and easy driving… …Speaking of the advantages of your own car, it can be described as endless, but the storage space is not abundant, and the problem of the small fuel tank is also a common complaint by the three car owners. Of course, there is no end to the car, so much recognition from car owners is enough to show that MKC is a very good product. As for the minor shortcomings, we can only look forward to whether future modified models will be optimized accordingly.