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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] In 1997, the world's first mass-produced hybrid model, the Toyota Prius (first generation), was launched, and Toyota took the lead in the hybrid industry early. Before the launch of the Corolla Dual Engine, for ordinary consumers, Toyota hybrid vehicles are not cheap. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the new technology, the cost to pay is really not low. Changing this situation, it can let everyone live a mixed “addiction” at a very affordable price. Now that it has been on the market for more than a year, we specially invited three car owners to talk about their feelings about the use of this car.

● The first owner: Mr. Zhang

This Corolla double engine was purchased by Mr. Zhang in February 2016. At that time, he finally won the contract after waiting for four and a half years, so he was ready to choose a car for his commute to and from get off work. As I usually prefer to travel by car, I have already travelled 21,000 kilometers in about ten months.

In the primary election, Mr. Zhang also considered other models, such as the twin brothers of Binzhi and Corolla Shuangqing, Leilink Shuangqing, but because he was not satisfied with Binzhi’s riding space and was unacceptable to the appearance of Leilink Shuangqing, these two models The car was eventually dropped by Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang is very satisfied with the appearance of the Corolla dual engine, especially the LED headlights and the slightly blackened taillights, which look very sporty. As a post-80s, Mr. Zhang also DIY the fuel tank cap of his car, so that he has his own exclusive characteristics.

Speaking of the interior, Mr. Zhang first felt that the materials used in this car were not ideal, and the use of plastic parts could be seen everywhere. But then he said that he could understand this situation. After all, this car is a hybrid version, and the R&D and manufacturing costs will be higher than ordinary models. We agree with Mr. Zhang’s view that the Japanese-brand compact cars have a shortcoming in terms of materials.

Usually this car is driven by Mr. Zhang himself. On weekends, he occasionally carries family members or friends. Mr. Zhang is very satisfied with the performance of the riding space, especially the horizontal space in the second row is enough, even if it is full of three people, there is nothing. The pressure, coupled with the fact that there is almost no bulge on the rear floor, the ride comfort is well guaranteed.

However, Mr. Zhang has some small complaints about the storage space in the car. There is no convenient storage compartment near the front cup holder, and there is no air outlet in the rear row, and there is no USB port for charging electronic products. It is long-distance for many people. Traveling will be inconvenient.

Mr. Zhang said that because of the presence of the battery pack, the trunk volume of this Corolla Double Engine is indeed a little smaller. If there are children in the future, all kinds of large bags and small bags plus a stroller may not be enough. Up. But for the moment, it has been used for nearly a year, and he doesn’t usually carry any large items, but also puts some scattered things. There is no inconvenience caused by the trunk, which is enough for him. .

Double engine or hybrid models will have the problem of battery pack affecting the trunk space. Some models will sacrifice the rear seat tilt function, and some will cancel the spare tire. Take the Corolla double engine as an example, except for the volume In addition to being smaller, compared with some regular models, the rear seat ratio function is also cancelled. Therefore, when choosing a hybrid model, you need to fully consider your own car needs, and understand the situation of the target model, so as to be aware of it.

Due to frequent self-driving tours, it is inevitable to run at high speeds from time to time. Mr. Zhang said that in this working condition, the engine is basically powered to provide power, so the engine noise is still relatively obvious, plus the sound insulation of the vehicle is not very good, and tire noise is transmitted. A lot of people come in. “In general, I rely on the music to improve this situation to ease this situation,” Mr. Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang’s commuting to get off work is very congested, and his driving habits are also aggressive, so the current fuel consumption of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers is quite acceptable to Mr. Zhang. This is what he is most satisfied with except for the appearance of this Corolla dual engine. .

Regarding maintenance, Zhang Xian revealed that he had done a free inspection at 5,000 kilometers and a free first warranty at 10,000 kilometers. The most recent maintenance was done at 20,000 kilometers. The oil filter and air-conditioning filter were changed. Spent more than 500, the price is not expensive.

Mr. Zhang gave himself a score of 90 for this car. His satisfaction is the appearance and fuel consumption performance. The score is deducted on the interior materials, storage compartments and sound insulation, and hopes to improve in these aspects.

● The second owner: Mr. Shi

After hitting the target, Mr. Shi decided to buy a car for his spouse to use for commuting to and from get off work. Since there is already an ordinary gasoline car at home, this time he focused his attention on the hybrid car at the beginning of the car selection. .

Unlike Mr. Zhang, Mr. Shi decided to buy a hybrid model at the beginning of the car selection. During this period, he had seen Leilink Shuangqing, Camry Shuangqing, and even Lexus CT200h, but because he was not satisfied with the appearance of Leilink Shuangqing, he felt Camry Shuangqing and CT200h are not very cost-effective. After all, there is a price difference of 70, 80,000 compared with Corolla Shuangqing, so Corolla Shuangqing was finally chosen. Indeed, the Corolla Shuangqing is currently one of the most affordable joint venture hybrid models.

Mr. Shi talked to us that he is quite willing to try new things, especially this kind of hybrid car with environmental protection concept. Mr. Shi also said that if he has not won the lottery, he would also be willing to buy a pure electric model to contribute to the reduction of emissions within his ability, especially if he lives in Beijing with such serious air pollution.

Unlike cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, there is no policy inclination to buy gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles in Beijing, so the advantages of this type of vehicle are not fully utilized. For most people, buying gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles is better than pure. Electric vehicles are much more practical. At least there is no worry about the cruising range and charging problems. I also look forward to Beijing's early “olive branch” for hybrid vehicles.

Regarding the details of the storage compartment, Mr. Shi put forward some suggestions based on his own personal experience. He said that whether it is a spectacle case or a door storage compartment, there is no problem in the case of not storing things. Once you put something in it, you will encounter When going to sections such as speed bumps, items will collide with the storage compartments and produce abnormal noises. He believes that if the original factory is equipped with anti-skid rubber pads in the storage compartments, this problem can be solved well, and the car experience will also much better.

Now mobile phone navigation can completely replace car navigation. The greater value of the central control screen is the introduction of reversing images and mobile phone interconnection functions. For models without the above two configurations, the central control screen is more to enhance the sense of technology in the cabin. effect.

Because what he bought was only an elite version, Mr. Shi said frankly that he had no complaints about the configuration of this car, but after using it for the past year, he has some small tips to share with us. Mr. Shi said that his Corolla dual engine does not have the functions of electric rearview mirror folding, electric seat adjustment and seat heating. The above three configurations Mr. Shi thinks it is necessary, so he hopes that it can be lowered in the future. The configured models benefit more users, instead of the current seat electric adjustment and seat heating functions only available in the top configuration.

Of course, Mr. Shi does not blindly want manufacturers to add additional equipment. Some of the less useful configurations can be cancelled in Mr. Shi’s view, such as paddle shift and one-key start function. “Especially the one-key start function, it is easy to use with keyless entry, and my elite version only has one-key start button, which is a bit tasteless, it is better to cancel the cost saving and give a more practical configuration”, Mr. Zhang said.

There is no fixed gear in the E-CVT transmission structure. When driving on mountain roads, the engine speed needs to be controlled by the shift paddles to ensure driving safety. However, I think the shift paddles are not in line with the tonality of the vehicle. Personally, I think it would be better if the shift function is integrated into the gear lever.

Because this car is a means of transportation for Mr. Shi’s lover, the road conditions for commuting to and from get off work are quite congested. Firstly, there is no high demand for power. Secondly, when speeding up and merging or running at high speed, you can manually switch the driving mode at any time, press “PWR MODE” “Press the button, the power will obviously be abundant.

Mr. Shi's fuel consumption performance is basically stable at around 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers, and there is almost no difference between winter and summer. Mr. Shi is quite satisfied with this performance. At present, the car has traveled 11,000 kilometers, and the free first insurance has just been completed, and maintenance costs are still out of the question. Based on the overall performance, Mr. Shi gave his car a score of 85. He has nothing to fault with power, fuel consumption and space. He just thinks that if the price of the Corolla dual engine can be lowered, it would be better.

● The third owner: Mr. Feng

Unlike the previous two car owners, although Mr. Feng's Corolla Double Engine is a car under his own name, it plays more of the role of the company's official car. It is indispensable for everyone to go out to do business without its help. The most worthy one is that Mr. Feng's car is the first Corolla dual-engine in Beijing.

Although it was the first Corolla dual engine to be licensed in Beijing, the carbon canister was removed during the car inspection. However, due to some objective reasons, the first car pickup job posting on the forum that was originally prepared was also delayed. Speaking of which, it can be seen. Mr. Feng was a little sorry.

Mr. Feng has his own company, and he wants to taste the new technology when he buys this Corolla dual engine. Since this car also plays the role of an official car in the company, Mr. Feng’s colleagues are also looking forward to the Corolla Shuangqing. Several colleagues even bought their own Corolla Shuangqing after a period of “close” contact. Engine.

Mr. Feng is the eldest of the three car owners, but he also recognizes the appearance of the Corolla dual engine very much, and he also put forward some of his own opinions, such as the matte silver chrome strip on the car logo if it is the same color as the car body. All right.

Speaking of rearview mirrors, Mr. Feng said that in large cities like Beijing in China, whether it is a residential area ground parking area or a company underground parking garage, the parking spaces are generally very narrow, and sometimes the side parking spaces are very close to the driving channel. In order to avoid inconvenience to yourself and others, you almost have to fold the rear-view mirror every time you stop. Therefore, it is really inconvenient to not have the electric folding function of the rear-view mirror.

Mr. Feng is also dissatisfied with the sound insulation effect of the Corolla Double Engine, especially the door panel is not in place to isolate the noise of various roads. He believes that this is caused by the insufficient use of sound insulation materials inside the door panel. This one has improved.

In the design of the center console platform, Mr. Feng has compared it with the normal version of Corolla. He feels that the shape of the Corolla dual engine lacks some exquisiteness. It is not the style that a hybrid model should have, but it is the same as the Prius. The handlebar shape still adds a lot to the atmosphere of the cabin.

Maybe other young colleagues in the unit like it very much, but Mr. Feng himself also has reservations about the standard shift paddles of the Corolla Double Engine. He thinks this is a fuel-efficient family car. This configuration does not fit the model. Positioning, “After I bought this car, I tried this function, and I never used it again,” Mr. Feng said.

Mr. Feng said that many colleagues in the unit have taken the rear seats of this car. They are satisfied with the space and comfort of the rear seats, especially the colleagues who drive other models of the same level at home. After comparison, they feel that this space is indeed very good. Attractive.

Mr. Feng's company has more than one official car. When there is a need for large cargo, a car with a strong trunk loading capacity will be used. It will not be “difficult” for the Corolla dual engine, so the shrinking trunk space is not Sensitive, usually a carry-on item like a double shoulder is enough.

In terms of power, Mr. Feng said that this kind of performance is completely sufficient in urban roads. It is worth mentioning that every time after getting in the car, Mr. Feng will switch the car to “PWR MODE”. It is not that he is looking for a smooth acceleration experience, because he found that in this mode, the warm air of the car will come. The fuel consumption of this car is slightly higher than that of the two previous owners, with an average of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. This performance is also better than the SUV models in the unit. too much. In fact, when the weather is cold, the engine starts more frequently even in economic mode than in summer, because the air conditioner compressor is driven by an electric motor, and the warm air mainly comes from the heat generated by the engine, so its fuel consumption in winter It will be slightly higher. The maintenance cost is basically the same as that of the first Mr. Zhang. The first insurance for 10,000 kilometers is free, and the maintenance cost of 20,000 kilometers is more than 500 yuan.

Mr. Feng gave this car a score of 85-90 points. The deduction item is also in terms of noise isolation, especially if the sound insulation of the four doors is done well, then the driving quality of this car will be very great. The degree of improvement.

● Summary:

After having a detailed conversation with the three car owners, it is not difficult to find that they are generally very satisfied with the Corolla Dual Engine, especially in terms of fuel consumption. Mr. Feng, who drives in the sport mode when he is in the car, has a maximum fuel consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. In addition, three car owners said that although the trunk is smaller, it will not affect the use in most cases. The unsatisfactory places are concentrated on the noise during driving and the unreasonable distribution of the configuration. Of course, Mr. Feng has a saying I agree with, “A car cannot satisfy you everywhere”, just Corolla Shuangqing said that its shortcomings are not concealed, and the three car owners will continue to “experience” driving their cars. (Text/Picture Car Home Hong Bing Qing Yuan Lu)

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