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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] Among the 500,000-600,000 levels, the Explorer is considered a product with a higher price-performance ratio, and the American-style big man is very characteristic. Two years ago, we had an interview with the explorer’s car owners. It was all 3.5V V6 naturally aspirated engines, and the taxes and fees were high. Later, two power systems of 2.3T and 3.5T were introduced. This time We invited owners of new engines to talk about their cars, and also answered some questions, such as whether the 2.3T is a small horse-drawn cart?

Mr. Lu: 3.5T Platinum Edition

Mr. Lu is the moderator of our car home explorer forum. The forum id is “Red Spirit”. At the same time, he also organized the explorer's Che Youhui as the chairman. Mr. Lu’s model is the top model of the whole series, namely the 3.5T platinum version. It was purchased in November 2015, but there are no discounts and no gift items. According to Mr. Lu, this is the first black 3.5 in Beijing. The platinum version of T has traveled 13,000 kilometers so far.

Car buying experience

Mr. Lu had a Ford Mondeo before, and he had a better understanding of the Ford brand. Once he drove to Changbai Mountain by himself, the road conditions were relatively bad. Compared with other SUVs in the same industry, Mondeo had obvious disadvantages, so he decided to buy an SUV. I went to a Ford store to maintain Mondeo by accident. I saw the explorer in the exhibition hall, so I became very interested, and decided to buy it without considering other cars.

The first thing that attracted Mr. Lu was naturally the explorer's particularly mighty appearance, especially the black platinum version, with the full chrome-plated netting that looked particularly eye-catching. I didn't consider other cars when I bought the car, and I had a strong preference for the Ford brand, and I didn't consider Japanese cars. Moreover, the 3.5T engine was also very attractive to Mr. Lu, so I decided it.

When I bought the car, I installed pedals and window film in the 4S shop, which cost a total of 4,500 yuan. Not long ago, during the maintenance, a resin engine lower guard plate and chassis armor were installed in the 4S shop, and the cost was 1,500 yuan. For the detailed process, please click to view Mr. Lu's post: “Explore Second Protection + Chassis Armor + Install Engine Lower Guard”.

What are the satisfaction and dissatisfaction

In terms of configuration, the design of the electric trunk with the feet stretched out is very intimate, and the recognition rate is relatively high. At present, there are not many models of other brands with this function. Mr. Lu works as an executive of the company, and he often socializes. He always carries a few cases of wine in the trunk, and he is quite satisfied with the space. Mr. Lu buys a car without any requirements for seating space. Usually it is used by two people, so the third row of seats has never been opened.

The overall design of the car is quite satisfactory, but the storage space is not very abundant, the storage box is not large, and the cup holder is usually used as a very suitable storage tank. Mr. Shanglu thinks that this price is not equipped with an electronic handbrake. He hopes that it can be improved when the model is changed. In addition, I feel that the rest pedal on the left is a bit narrow during use, and only a small part of the foot can be placed on it.

The previous Mondeo had some rough workmanship. This explorer also had some minor problems. For example, the rubber strips on the front passenger door frame had cracked glue, and the trim workmanship of the roof covering material inside could be seen. Someone in the forum reported the problem of rusty frame. Mr. Lu has not checked whether his car has the same experience.

Mr. Lu travels between the West Fifth Ring Road and the West Second Ring Road in Beijing every day. The road conditions are not very congested. The current driving computer shows that the fuel consumption is 13.4 liters/100 kilometers. I am very sure about the power performance. When I bought a car, I was looking at the 3.5T engine. In daily use, the power is really strong and fully meets expectations.

At the beginning of buying a car, the passability is considered. The so-called passability is not a strong off-road ability, and explorer owners will not be able to perform extreme off-road, so the ability of four-wheel drive is not too valued, and it can go a little bad. Just the way. Mr. Lu has organized two trips to the Che Youhui, including the grasslands and valleys in the suburbs of Beijing. The height of the chassis above the ground is sufficient, but it is a bit difficult to face some cross axles.

[Red Spirits] Explorer-Fengning Bashang Grassland Tour

Mr. Xu: 2.3T Elite Edition

Mr. Xu’s car was purchased in January 2016 and has ran 15,000 kilometers in half a year, mainly because he often travels between Beijing and Jiangsu, so the intensity of use is relatively high. The model is 2.3T Elite, which is the second-lowest model of the whole series. There is a cash discount of 8,000 yuan when you pick up the car.

Car buying experience

Mr. Xu’s previous car was a Pentium B50. Considering that he and his family are taller, he considers changing to a larger car. I and my family like pickup trucks, such as F150, but considering the severe policy restrictions, they focused on SUVs. At first I considered the Prado and Grand Cherokee, but the configuration of the Prado was relatively low. After comparing the Grand Cherokee, on the one hand, there is not much space, on the other hand, Mr. Xu wanted to try a turbocharged model, so he finally decided to buy the Explorer.

What's good and what's bad

The appearance is also the first thing that attracted Mr. Xu. The major reason for abandoning the Prado and the Grand Cherokee is that the explorer's appearance is too distinctive. He himself likes pickup trucks. The explorer happens to be very similar to pickup trucks, and the appearance is very satisfactory. However, most American cars use daytime running lights with halogen light sources. It seems that there is no display grade of LEDs, and it is always thought that the headlights are not turned off.

Mr. Xu often travels between Beijing and Jiangsu. The adaptive cruise is very easy to use at high speeds. It basically liberates both feet at unobstructed high speeds. After setting the speed and distance, you only need to control the direction. Reduced physical exertion, I think Mr. Xu has the most say in this function. However, we also remind you that even if the vehicle is equipped with ACC automatic cruise, you still need to be vigilant during driving and avoid emergencies.

High-speed navigation is a must, but the car navigation is not easy to use. Both the logic and the convenience of entering the address are very general, far inferior to the mobile phone navigation. Therefore, the car navigation is basically not used until now. After the purchase of Mr. Xu's car, the main driver's exterior mirror and the co-pilot window had abnormal noises, and it has now been repaired in the 4S shop.

In terms of configuration, seat ventilation is most used in summer, and the area of seat ventilation is very large. When running at high speed, it feels that there is a clear cool breeze across the back, buttocks and thighs, which is very comfortable.

Mr. Xu did not consider the need for 7 seats when he bought the car, because there are usually two people in the car at most, and the third row of seats has not been opened either. The trunk often carries fishing gear. Mr. Xu likes to accompany his father to go fishing when he has time. The isolation net in the trunk is more practical and can prevent items from slipping out when the door is opened.

The 2.3T power level is very satisfactory to Mr. Xu. It is not too difficult on high speeds. There is no phenomenon of small horse-drawn carts. The average daily fuel consumption is 11.5 liters/100 kilometers, which is not too high. However, Mr. Xu is not very satisfied with one detail. The 500,000-dollar car engine compartment cover has no pneumatic struts, and the manual struts do not have thermal insulation wool, which is very hot every time you open it.

Mr. Wang: 2.3T Fashion Edition

Mr. Wang’s car was purchased in November 2015 and currently has traveled 17,000 kilometers. The purchased model is a 2.3T fashion version, which is the entry-level model of the explorer. When Mr. Wang bought the car, he was in time for the “Double Eleven” discount, and the 4S shop gave away pedals and chassis armor.

Car buying experience

Mr. Wang also had an Accord. Considering the needs of his family, he planned to purchase a seven-seater model. At first, the candidate target was Mercedes-Benz R320. The whole family was quite satisfied and there was enough space. However, I accidentally saw the explorer and felt that it was also a seven-seater model, and I still wanted an SUV with more functionality.

What's good and what's bad

American style is basically valued by all explorer owners, and Mr. Wang is the same. In addition to the overall shape, the inclined C-pillar is also more distinctive, the appearance is very satisfactory, and it looks very safe.

Password door locks are more common in American cars. Sometimes you don't need to bring the key to get things in the car. The door can be opened through the password lock. The new wheel rim of the low-end car is 18 inches, and the visual experience is too small. The rest of the models are all 20 inches. Mr. Wang thinks that the 20-inch rim is too beautiful.

Not long ago, Mr. Wang’s car encountered a rear-end collision, and the rear enclosure and exhaust pipe were damaged. The entire damage repair process lasted for nearly two months. It is a common phenomenon that imported car parts wait for a long time.

Sitting in the car has a good line of sight in front of him. Mr. Wang likes this feeling, and the sense of security he gets is quite strong. The layout of the center console audio and air-conditioning of low-end cars is different from other models, but the buttons are larger, which is actually more convenient to operate.

I usually use my car alone. I returned to my hometown in Anhui from Beijing with a full load of 7 people during the holidays. There was no problem with the high-speed cruising power. The friends in the third row of space did not complain. The space is enough.

Mr. Wang's car environment is not too congested. From the perspective of the trip computer, the average fuel consumption of 7,212 kilometers is 11.5 liters/100 kilometers, which is generally satisfactory. At present, the second maintenance has been done, and the fully synthetic engine oil is changed, the price is 1,700 yuan.

In terms of workmanship, there are areas that need to be improved, such as the joints of parts and the paint treatment of some invisible places. These are minor problems and have little impact on daily use.

to sum up:

The three car owners were actually very clear about their needs at the beginning of the purchase. No one cared whether the four-wheel drive was powerful or not, and no one cared too much about the space. Most of them were fancy explorers' very burly appearance and distinctive American style. style. In use, fuel consumption and power are recognized by car owners. At the same time, the volume of the trunk is also large, which is generally satisfactory.

From our point of view, the explorer is indeed very distinctive. It is very conspicuous among the 400,000-500,000 models. The American-style rougher design is more attractive than the German and Japanese models. The configuration is also richer, and the 2.3T engine will not have a small horse-drawn cart. However, according to the models we have contacted and the feedback of the owners, some small workmanship problems do need to be improved.