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[YesAuto Technology] It is inevitable that people will be a little stubborn when they are old. Because of the world outlook, values and habits of dealing with others, they can’t adapt well to the current society. Many times they will find that the things they like are often eliminated by the younger generation and have already It's hard to keep up with the rhythm of the world. For a company, in the course of decades of accumulation and development, if it cannot maintain a “young heart”, it cannot remain invincible for a long time. Therefore, the continuous introduction of innovative thinking is particularly important for a “century-old store” like Daimler-Benz.

This year, Daimler Group established the world’s first IT innovation laboratory in Beijing. The purpose is to use IT technology and innovative thinking to improve and optimize in the fields of production, sales, after-sales, financial services, and R&D, so as to provide companies with better The solution can also serve consumers better.

-Rapid development of prototype solutions

In the innovation laboratory, the most important aspect of prototype development is fast and flexible. In the most central part of the laboratory, we can see two cases that the R&D staff have developed. One of them is a mobile phone application created for the trunk space of a car. You only need to scan the barcode of the cargo you want to load, and the application can measure whether the cargo can be loaded into the car. The application has been prototyped at this year's Frankfurt International Motor Show. Debut.

In addition to this practical App, Innovation Lab has also developed another system that makes life more convenient: express delivery to the car. This system allows the courier to obtain the authorization to unlock the trunk of the vehicle and put the parcel into the trunk when the owner is not on-site.

On the one hand, the source of the solution development of the Innovation Lab comes from the brainstorming and inspiration of R&D personnel, on the other hand, it also comes from the specific needs of customers and consumers. How are these needs known? The answer is another focus of the laboratory: big data and predictive analysis.

-What can the application of big data bring to car companies?

The ability to use big data will be the key to success in future business networks. There are many sources of big data, such as social networks, files and emails, vehicle sensor data, geographic data, business transaction systems, and so on. On the one hand, big data can help companies understand consumer needs more accurately, thereby launching better products and services, and can also improve the operating efficiency of various departments within the company, including the improvement of production processes.

to sum up:

Too heavy history will make a brand become stubborn, entangled, and constrain oneself, but these have not appeared in Mercedes-Benz, which has a history of more than 125 years. In the face of ever-changing production technology, business environment, and consumer demand, companies can only survive for a long time if they continue to innovate, keep up with or even lead the world trend. The opening of Daimler’s IT Innovation Lab brings fast, efficient, and flexible innovative ideas to the group. It is called the new think tank of the group’s China department. It is believed that as companies pay more attention to the Chinese market, the innovation lab will Make more contributions to better serve the local market and consumers.