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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] A few days ago, many cities ushered in the first spring rain of this year. As the saying goes, the spring rains are lingering, and they are scattered in every corner of the city. When you are still lamenting the arrival of spring, the sudden cell phone ringing disturbs you who are immersed in poetry and picturesqueness. “XX4s store warm reminder, the rainy season is coming, for the sake of travel safety, it is recommended that you replace the wiper blades”, this text drags you back to reality like thunder. That's right! The rainy season is approaching. It is indeed necessary to check the wiper blades for everyone's travel safety. Why don't I take this opportunity to pass on the tips for replacing wipers that I practiced hard for 1 minute.

Column introduction: Whether it is a new car or a second-hand car, we may often give up models of our favorite brands because of higher maintenance costs. How to help users and friends effectively reduce the costs incurred in the use of vehicles has become the mission of the column “Iron Rooster Using Cars” from the day it was born. As the saying goes, “do it yourself, get enough food and clothing”, I will tell you in the future column how to complete the maintenance of your car by doing it yourself. I sincerely invite you to roll up your sleeves, pick up the wrench and walk into the road of maintenance with me, so that the maintenance practitioners have “nowhere to go”.

●How to judge whether the wiper blade needs to be replaced:

When it comes to replacing the wiper blade, we must first know its service life and to what extent it needs to be replaced. The service life of wiper blades is generally about 1 year, but according to my actual use, I think there is no problem at all with 2 years. Of course, the replacement cycle of wiper blades is not entirely dependent on time, and needs to be combined with our actual use.

●Wiper interface type:

With the continuous development of technology, there are more and more styles of the wiper interface, but we can simply understand it as a general-purpose type and a special-purpose type. Although the interface is different, the replacement method is similar, and you can easily get started with a little research. Of course, if you are not sure about the interface type, you can also directly inquire about the purchase at a certain treasure or a certain Dongshang, and the price is generally around tens of yuan.

Universal type: Because the shape of the wiper arm interface is U-shaped, it is also called U-shaped interface. This U-shaped interface wiper arm is the most traditional style, with strong uniformity, you can install it as long as the wiper you buy has a U-shaped interface.

Dedicated type: The wiper blades of the dedicated type interface belong to the dedicated type for special vehicles. The main reason is that there are differences in design details between brands, so there are more interface types, but the replacement method is much more convenient than the general type. The basic installation method can be simply understood as “Plug, unplug, turn”.

●Wiper blade type:

The boned wiper uses multiple support points to press the wiper blade to fit the glass. Its advantage is that the shell is relatively hard, but the disadvantage is that it requires a lot of pressure from the wiper arm, which will cause the wiper motor to fatigue, which is compared to the swinging property of the boneless wiper blade. It will be worse.

The boneless wiper blade is supported by a fulcrum. Compared with the bone wiper, the structure is more flexible, and the wiper blade is more closely connected with the glass. It can be pressed against the glass with a small force, which not only improves the swing, but also At the same time, the load on the wiper motor is reduced.

The composite wiper blade combines the advantages of boneless and boneless wiper blades in structure. Both performance and aesthetics are outstanding, but the price is relatively high.

●Precautions for replacing wiper blades:

Although the installation of wiper blades is very simple, improper operation will not only affect our travel safety in rainy weather, but also may cause economic losses. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above three points when installing.

●Preparation before replacement:

The tools needed to replace the wiper are extremely simple, just a towel and a new pair of wipers. But if you often park your car outdoors and are always “attacked” by gum or bird droppings, it is recommended that you clean the glass before replacing the wiper blade, because the harder attachments on the glass will affect the life of the wiper blade.

●Start maintenance mode

    At present, the wipers of many models have adopted a hidden design. When the wiper is closed, the wiper is hidden in the engine cover. At this time, the wiper arm cannot be directly lifted and replaced. At this time, we need to adjust the wiper arm to “maintenance mode”. Replace normally.

●Special interface replacement

Most models with dedicated interfaces are matched with boneless wipers. Because the wiper arm interface is dedicated to special vehicles, the interface types are also relatively diverse. Although there are differences in design details between brands, and the replacement method is also slightly different, but its installation is very convenient, and it can be easily replaced with a little research. Below we take the special type snap interface as an example:

The wiper arm of the snap-on interface is very easy to identify, just observe whether there is a “small button” on the wiper arm. When disassembling this kind of wiper arm, pay attention to the control of the force. Do not use brute force. If the disassembly is difficult, it may be because the pulled-out track is jammed. Just adjust the position and pull it out straight.

Universal interface replacement:

General-purpose wipers are commonly found on compact models with a price of around 100,000 yuan, and they are mainly matched with bone wipers. This type of windshield wiper has a strong uniformity. Even if many manufacturers install a decorative cover at the interface for the overall aesthetics, the internal structure will not be changed. The installation and removal methods after the decorative cover is buckled are the same as before.

     The universal interface needs to pay attention to the direction when installing it. When installing it for the first time, many people encounter the situation that they can't be removed but cannot be installed. It is recommended that you compare it with another wiper during installation to facilitate the correct installation. In addition, the universal wiper arm can also be replaced with a boneless wiper. The installation method is basically the same as that of a bone wiper. However, due to structural limitations, there will be a relatively large protrusion at the interface of this type of boneless wiper, and it is usually on top. There will be a decorative cover, so it does not look as beautiful as the original boneless wiper.

● What should I do if the wiper does not work?
When most people encounter a situation where the wiper does not work, the first thing they think of is to go to a 4s shop or repair shop. If you send it to repair directly, and you encounter a pitted shop, you may be told that the wiper motor is broken and needs to be replaced without inspection. The replacement of the motor will cost you hundreds or thousands of yuan. In fact, this situation does not necessarily mean that the motor is broken, it is very likely that the fuse is burned. Then let's talk about the fuse is blown, how to repair it yourself.

The role of the fuse

The real official name of a fuse is “fuse.” The fuses for general vehicle applications can be roughly divided into two types: 1. Fast-blow fuse 2. Slow-blow fuse. Its main function is to protect the safety of the circuit of the vehicle by self-fusing when the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current, which is what we commonly call the fuse “burned.”

    The color of the fuse is different, and the rated amperage is also different. The simple understanding is that the heat limit of the fuse of each color is different. When the fuse limit of the color is reached, it will fuse, so as to achieve the effect of breaking the circuit. Therefore, we must pay attention when replacing it, and don't just find a color and install it.

Fuse box location and replacement:

Generally, vehicles will have two fuse boxes. One is responsible for the safety of the external electrical appliances of the vehicle, such as ECU, lights, horns, ABS, etc., which are generally located in the engine compartment or trunk of the vehicle, and the other is responsible for the normal operation of the electrical appliances in the vehicle, for example Cigarette lighters, window lifts, electric seats and airbags are generally located on the left side of the steering wheel. Let's take the Audi model as an example:

Generally, there will be clear Chinese instructions on the back of the vehicle fuse cover, and there will also be a clear specification mark for the fuse, but if your car does not have it, or if it is an imported car, we need to follow the vehicle manual to operate.

There are usually spare fuses in the fuse box. If there is no spare replacement in your fuse box, you can also use other idle fuses for emergency. For example, it was raining outside, and the wipers did not work due to a blown fuse. We can park the vehicle in a safer place, and then first replace the idle fuses such as the audio and air conditioners with emergency fuses. But if it is found that the amperage of the unused fuse does not match the amperage of the fuse to be replaced, it can be used as long as it is not higher than the original amperage and there is not much difference between the two values. Example: The blown is a 30 ampere fuse. We cannot replace 40 amperes, but can replace 25 amperes.

Full text summary:

    In fact, the simple replacement and maintenance of vehicles is not particularly difficult. It can be easily solved by our little hands that make a fortune. It can not only effectively reduce the cost of our vehicles, but also learn one more skill. Eagle, why not do it? Now that the rainy season is coming, don’t you take advantage of the heat to replace your car with a new wiper? (Part of the picture source and network text / Car Home Zhao Xiang)