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[YesAuto Preliminary Audition] In the big world, it is normal to have repeated names and surnames. The same is true in vehicles. Of course, these are purely coincidental. However, the six models we listed today do not have the same name, but because they have the same wheelbase. If they are human, they can be regarded as having a considerable skeleton, and the skeleton determines the height. Many girls still care about their height when choosing a boyfriend, and everyone pays the same attention to the wheelbase when buying a car. Today these six cars have a wheelbase of 2650mm, which is a relatively subtle number, because those who meet this condition are all compact cars, and being able to reach this number generally means that the appearance will be more atmospheric and the riding space will be more spacious. , And these two factors are important factors that many people pay attention to when buying a car. Let's take a look at the models with the wheelbase locked at 2650mm.