[YesAuto Design Decode] Today, we must not dare to imagine how we need to survive a day if the mobile phone is not around, just as we could not imagine that the mobile phone will be so important many years ago.

Today, although the car has a personality component to most people, its responsibility is still a means of transportation in a broad sense. In this digital age, every minute and every second that passes will give birth to technologies that can change the future. They Nature is also changing the car. Today, it is difficult for us to accurately imagine what the car of the future will become, just as we used to be unable to understand how important mobile phones are.

For Nokia and Apple, 2007 is a time node worth remembering. For each of us ordinary people, this is also an unusual beginning, this is the beginning of today's mobile Internet life.

Fourteen years ago, in 2007, the surging Finnish mobile terminal giant Nokia announced the company's transformation to the Internet. At that time, we did not have much perception of this change. It was also in this year that Apple released the first generation of iPhone.

In the era of feature phones, the shapes of mobile phones are varied, and various manufacturers are scrambling to launch different models, and innovate in the shape of the old. Although from today's perspective, most of their functions can only be described roughly, but it is undoubtedly a beautiful era.

At that time, we were accustomed to using standby time to judge whether it was good or bad with dual card dual standby. For young people at that time, mobile phones that could listen to songs, play small games, and swipe the system were definitely worthy of using the most trendy phones of that era. The word “cool” describes it.

14 years later, we are used to the smartphone in our hands. When the screen is off, they are like a screen, the keyboard that was once densely packed with keys, and the body that can be rotated or opened disappear. Only the opened world can be described as gorgeous, the extent of which no one expected many years ago.

Although you can still listen to songs and play games, the effects on mobile phones today dwarf the computers of those days. Not to mention that it is tied to consumption and even life.

14 years later, it is difficult to move without a mobile phone. At the moment when the epidemic hits, the health code scanned on a smartphone is even the only guarantee that you can enter and exit public places. This cannot even be done with an ID card.

Once, the mobile phone was a tool. At that time, it was enough to change that era by allowing people thousands of miles away to hear each other's voice;

Now, the mobile phone is still a tool, but its contribution to changing the times is in addition to other functions of making and receiving calls;

In fact, the core of all these changes is not only the rise of smart phones, but the birth of the mobile Internet and the resulting digital age.

In December 2010, Zhang Xiaolong, who was immersed in the research and development of WeChat, wrote on Fanfou, which has disappeared today: The distance is, you post a Weibo, and this Weibo will pass through Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and enter and exit the ninety-one routers. It also needs to be unpacked, unpacked and combined, processed by two hundred CPUs, and then displayed on my computer. And you obviously sit a few meters away from me.

Mobile phones have changed our lives, and the needs in life are constantly changing mobile phones.

Of course, such a story is not only staged in the circle of mobile phones…

Although all aspects of acceleration, braking, styling, and space are different from cars a hundred years ago, or even decades or more than ten years ago, their main responsibility is still the means of transportation.

But changes have already taken place, and one of the factors that promote it is the arrival of the electrification era, which is hated by many car fans. Electric motors have replaced engines, and energy storage mechanisms have changed from fuel tanks to battery packs. It seems that it is only a change in the driving type, and behind it involves many industrial chains including suppliers, energy suppliers, maintenance and so on.

After years of cruel market competition, car companies have a deep technical accumulation and supplier network, which is an advantage that emerging car companies do not have. Therefore, “new people” mostly try to use pure electric to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses. In addition, the gradual advancement of stringent environmental regulations has further promoted the speed of electrification.

The working characteristics of the motor's instantaneous peak torque output make the 0-100km/h acceleration time, the standard for judging performance cars pale, and the sound of the internal combustion engine that NVH engineers tried their best to cover up has become an atmosphere that needs to be created on a pure electric vehicle. .

Just as smart phones replace feature phones, the in-depth changes in cars also come from attribute changes. It has been an industrial product for more than a century. Although it has been moving forward, it is still frosty. After the arrival of the digital age, it “awakened” the nature of communication.

Just as the environment will change mobile phones, the advent of the digital age will also change the development process of cars. In the previous century, the modeling establishment went through a process from drawings to wooden models. Later, the wooden models were replaced by sludge models. After that, the addition of digital simulation software made efficiency soar.

The overall development time and process are greatly shortened, and the feedback to the product is that the development time is shorter, so as to adapt to the speed of modern consumers' aesthetic fatigue.

The advent of pure electric and intelligent vehicles has given the fundamental driving force for change. For Volkswagen, a group of 12 sub-brands, how to create a sense of differentiation among brands is also a top priority. No one wants to see the scene of fighting in the same room, this burden always falls on one person.

As mentioned earlier, pure electric technology makes it easy for the car to obtain excellent acceleration capabilities, and this does not mean that every product has to move closer to the limit. Using the characteristics of pure electric vehicles to carry forward the brand image is the main theme of the Volkswagen Group in the next era.

Lamborghini and Porsche represent an attempt to explore the limit, while Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat are still pragmatic representatives. Audi will continue to fight in the luxury brand camp. Of course, the crown jewels of Bentley and Bugatti will still shine in the pure electric era.

New things certainly have advantages that many old guys cannot replace, but when time continues to pass and the era of high-end autonomous driving technology comes, will cars be the same? We can't give an answer now, but personally, I don't want to see such a slightly boring future.

The words written at the back:

Whether it is when we were young or now when we grow up, most of us have endless reveries about our future life and even some objects. But when the time really comes to the present, it is not difficult to turn around and look around to find that some of these once fantasies have not yet been realized, and more things are beyond our imagination.

Once we could not imagine the role of mobile phones, but today it seems that it is difficult for us to get what role cars will play in the next era. So what do you expect from them in front of the screen?