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[YesAuto Model Shopping Guide] I believe that many readers have read our last issue of “Is it necessary to buy top-fitting models-small cars”. We analyzed the top-fitting models of the six small cars in the article based on the actual situation and gave them A purchase recommendation is made.

The top-of-the-line models of compact cars that are more in line with household requirements have begun to involve higher levels of safety and comfort. Whether they are worth buying seems to be more debatable. Therefore, as a sequel to this article, we will continue to analyze the cost-effectiveness of top-of-the-line compact cars.

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GM Chevrolet Cruze 1.8SX-safer and more classy

Model name: Cruze 1.6 SE AT Cruze 1.8 SE AT Cruze 1.8 SX AT
Manufacturer's guide price: 13.29 million 13.49 million 149,900
Price difference: + 0.2 million + 16,000

GM Chevrolet's Cruze has won a good market response with its excellent appearance design and relatively solid pricing strategy, so it has always had more sales results in the same level of models. The most expensive top-fit model in the whole series is 1.8 SX. Although it is the top-fit flagship, its price is less than 150,000, which is a more acceptable number than its rivals. But this does not mean that 1.8SX is definitely worth buying. Whether it is worth it depends on the results of our analysis.

As a signature feature of the flagship model, Cruze 1.8SX uses more chrome-plated elements on the exterior of the car. It is reflected on the window frame, door handle and trunk license plate frame. The area of chrome plating is not large, so it does not make people feel uncomfortable but adds a sense of refinement.

Safety equipment Cruze SL Cruze SE Cruze SX
Front side airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):

It is a pity that the entire Cruze series is not equipped with an ESP body stabilization system, but in terms of passive safety configuration, except for the SL version and the newly listed SL world version, it can meet the requirements. The 1.8SX version on the top is equipped with side air curtains that are beneficial to passengers in the front and rear rows, and it is safer for users who often need to sit in the rear seats.

The top-fitting model 1.8SX's steering wheel is greatly improved from SL and SE in terms of material, style and function. First of all, the leather-wrapped feel is obviously more delicate. Cruze's steering wheel has a strong sense of movement, and the design of the left and right grip fits the shape of the hand. On this basis, the SX model adds matte metal elements to make the visual effect more prominent. In addition, for car owners who like to listen to songs, the audio control buttons on the steering wheel are very convenient.

Both SL and SE models are equipped with two-color seats, which look more sporty. But for many domestic consumers, leather seats are the configuration that can reflect the sense of grade, and this only appears on the top-of-the-line SX. Although some people would think of modifying the leather seats after buying SL or SE models, not to mention the quality of the later modification, electric adjustment and seat heating cannot be added, especially the latter for users in the north. It is very useful.

We noticed that one of Cruze’s pricing features is that the 1.8 models of the same configuration grade are only two thousand yuan more expensive than the 1.6 models, while the maximum power has increased by 26 horsepower. So unless you are particularly concerned about the cost of using the car due to fuel consumption, we can't think of any reason to reject the 1.8-liter model.

As for whether it is 1.8SE or 1.8SX with top matching, this is indeed a question. Through our analysis above, it can be seen that 1.8SX has a significant improvement in passive safety and comfort, but it is clear that leather steering wheels and seats are actually not a must-have configuration for home users, and the SE’s front row four Airbags can also provide better protection for the front passengers. So we think that 1.8SE models can already do most of the tasks. But if it is a user who needs to sit in the back often and is in the north, or who needs to take into account the face problem when buying a car, then the comfort and class sense of the 1.8SX model is still worth investing in.

Dongfeng Honda Civic 1.8VTI-S Premium Edition-the top configuration is fully reflected in safety

The highest price of the whole Civic is the 1.3L hybrid model with a price of 269,800 yuan, but it is obviously not what we are discussing today. It’s the 1.8VTI-S premium version with a more practical top-of-the-line model. The official price of this top-of-the-line model is not low. Although there are significant advantages in various places, it is compared with other models of the same level. The price is also high.

Civic 09 1.8 EXI Automatic Comfort Edition Civic 09 1.8 VTI Automatic Deluxe Edition Civic 09 1.8 VTI-S automatic distinguished version
Official price: 149,800 16.78 million 17.68 million
Price difference: + 18,000 + 27,000
Front side airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Brake assist:
Traction control:
Body stability control:

All Civic models except for hybrid models are equipped with a power combination of 1.8L engine + 5-speed automatic transmission, so the difference in price is entirely caused by the difference in configuration. Compared with the luxury version of the previous gear configuration model, the premium version is 9,000 yuan more expensive, and this difference is fully reflected in the amount of safety configuration. The VTI-S Premium Edition is the only model in the whole series equipped with side air curtains and VSA body stabilization system. Therefore, for Civic consumers, they must pay the highest car purchase if they want the highest safety guarantee.

In fact, apart from the safety aspect, the configuration of the deluxe version is exactly the same as that of the premium version. Compared with the comfortable version, the luxury version of the same configuration is more expensive by 18,000 yuan. This difference is mainly reflected in the four aspects of sunroof, leather multi-function steering wheel, leather seat and automatic air conditioning. Among them, the only thing that really has an impact on actual use is the skylight, and the rest are the icing on the cake. Therefore, if consumers are determined to abandon the sunroof, the comfort version of the automatic model will be very competitive at a discount of less than 135,000. And if you are really willing to add money to buy the deluxe version, why not add another nine thousand yuan to have top-level security?

Dongfeng Peugeot 408 2.0 automatic distinguished version-often long-distance driving is necessary

Model name: Peugeot 408 1.6L Automatic Deluxe Edition Peugeot 408 2.0L Automatic Deluxe Edition Peugeot 408 2.0L Automatic Premium Edition
Manufacturer's guide price: 14.79 million 15.59 million 16.99 million
Price difference: + 8 million + 22,000

If it weren't for the old four-speed automatic gearbox, we believe that the Peugeot 408, which has an excellent design and large space, will perform better than it is now. Moreover, the entry price of all Peugeot 408 series is not high, but the price of 169,900 yuan for the top-equipped 2.0 premium version is not acceptable to everyone. At the moment when there are not many discounts, we really need to look at the top-equipped Peugeot 408 is not worth it in the end.

First of all, let's take a look at the configuration difference between the luxury version and the noble version with the same 2.0L displacement. The price difference between the two is 14,000 yuan. The main configuration difference is that the premium version adds cruise control, ESP, leather seats and xenon headlights. Although the value of these configurations is basically the same as the price difference of 14,000, but in terms of practicality, I am afraid that only the ESP body stability system is a necessary configuration.

Now let's take a look at whether 2.0L displacement is necessary, because the premium version only provides a 2.0L engine. In our actual test, the top model 2.0 Premium Edition only achieved 12.1 seconds of acceleration, mainly because of the four-speed automatic transmission. Therefore, we believe that the acceleration performance of 1.6L and 2.0L will not be very good when used on urban roads, why not choose 1.6L models with smaller displacement and more fuel-efficient?

Now we can come to a unanimous conclusion that the premium version of Peugeot 408's top model 2.0 is the leading level of the whole system in terms of active safety configuration, and for those users who need to take care of both home and commercial use, leather seats are also necessary. Cruise control and 2.0L engine can play a role in long-term high-speed driving. But if 90% of your car environment is in the city and it is only for ordinary household use, we think that the 1.6L luxury version is enough. This decision will save you 22,000 yuan in car purchases.

FAW-Volkswagen Golf 6—whether it is necessary for the luxury configuration of high-end 1.4TSI is the key

Model name: Golf 1.6 automatic comfort type Golf 1.6 Automatic Deluxe Edition Golf 1.4TSI automatic luxury type
Manufacturer's guide price: 13.98 million 156,800 16.68 million
Price difference: + 17,000 + 27,000

It has been on the market for nearly a year, but the Golf 6 is still a hard-to-find sales situation for existing cars. The reason for this phenomenon is that the Golf 6 itself is more popular with consumers, and there is a shortage of 1.4TSI engines. And the issue of smoothing out the production schedule for FAW-Volkswagen CC. Then consumers who like Golf 6 may wish to use this waiting time to carefully consider whether it is necessary to buy a top model. In this article, apart from the low-priced and high-priced GTI, we regard the 1.4TSI luxury model priced at 166,800 yuan as the top-of-the-line model.

Like the Sagitar, the Golf 6 also includes the front side airbags and ESP body stabilization system as standard equipment for the entire series, which is quite affirmative, but it also makes the top models have no advantages in terms of safety.

In terms of interiors, the luxury steering wheel is firstly different from the fashionable and comfortable steering wheels. Not only is the material used more high-end leather wrapping, the shape design is also more suitable for the driver's hand shape, and the lower end is also decorated with metal, which looks more sporty. In terms of functionality, the driver can control the audio system and the trip computer through the shortcut keys. There is also a cruise control system on the back. These are unique configurations of the luxury type.

Only the top model of the Golf 6 series uses leather seats, but compared with the stylish and comfortable models, the difference is not only this. From the seat shape, we can see that in terms of wrapping, it is more substantial than low-profile models, and the ride feel is more in line with the style and positioning of the Golf 6 sports model. The electric adjustment is undoubtedly more convenient to use, especially for the back of the chair that needs multiple adjustments to adjust it in place.

In addition, the biggest highlight of the luxury model in terms of configuration is that it is equipped with a color screen in the center console, which makes the sense of quality of the interior quality improved. And you can have the RNS510 system with navigation function through the option. But even if it is not upgraded, it is much better than the comfortable RCD300. This has to be said to be an attractive aspect of the top models.

In addition, including the luxurious and exclusive dual-zone automatic constant temperature air conditioner, the value of these additional configurations for the luxurious type has exceeded the 17,000 yuan more than the more comfortable type. And for the target customer group of the Golf 6, the sports steering wheel and seats are particularly attractive in terms of visual effects and actual functions. The color screen of the center console provides a good foundation for daily function expansion, navigation, Functions such as reversing images can be implemented based on this platform. So our conclusion is that this 17,000 is still worth adding. But the top-fit 1.4TSI luxury model is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the 1.6 luxury model. Is this 10,000 yuan necessary?

We will not introduce this 1.4TSI engine too much. In short, this is a comprehensive manifestation of the current Volkswagen's high-end technology, but is it necessary to add 10,000 yuan to it? The purpose of Volkswagen's launch of this engine is to do its best to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. After our test, Volkswagen equipped with 1.4TSI engine is indeed very fuel-efficient, but does it save money? We might as well settle an account.

Based on the fuel consumption results given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers for the 1.6L model is 6.6L, while the 1.4TSI model is 6L. This means that for every 100km, the 1.6L model will consume 0.6L more fuel, and based on the current 93# fuel price, the car will spend about 4 yuan more. If the oil price stays the same, the extra 10,000 yuan spent on the purchase of 1.4TSI is enough to cover the difference in fuel consumption caused by 250,000 kilometers. Even if oil prices continue to rise in the future, at least within a hundred thousand kilometers, it is impossible to save 10,000 yuan by saving fuel. Because it can be said that 1.4TSI models are fuel-efficient but not money-saving.

Now we can come to the final conclusion. The luxury model that has greatly improved to a higher level in configuration is our recommended model, but the top-fit 1.4TSI luxury model is not very necessary. Its 0-100km/h acceleration of 9.2 seconds can bring some driving passion to young consumers, but if you don't care about this, you can save the 10,000 yuan to buy a 1.6L luxury model.

Great Wall Tengyi C30 Elite-the price is not high and the configuration is just right

Model name: Tengyi C30 1.5 manual standard type Tengyi C30 1.5 manual comfort type Tengyi C30 1.5 manual luxury type Tengyi C30 1.5 manual elite type
Manufacturer's guide price: 58,900 62,900 65,900 71,900
Price difference: + 0.4 million + 0.7 million + 13,000

Although Great Wall Motors has been involved in the field of compact cars for a short time, the Tengyi C30 has initially won market recognition due to its better and more original design and a more realistic price. It currently ranks second in the autonomous compact car on our list of concerns, closely following the Chery A3. The whole series of Tengyi C30 has four configuration grades. The top-equipped elite model is only 13,000 yuan more expensive than the entry-level standard model, and the span is smaller.

The sunroof is already a configuration that should exist for the current family compact car, if it is not, I always feel a little regretful. In the configuration table of the Tengyi C30, only the top-equipped elite model has a skylight. Generally speaking, the value of the skylight should be between 4,000 and 5,000 yuan, while the elite model is only 6,000 yuan more expensive than the luxury model.

Tengyi C30 is not only the only model in the whole series equipped with leather seats, but also equipped with electric heating function, which is indeed a bit surprising. Especially for car owners in the north, if there is a heated seat in the car in the winter morning, it is a very warm thing. The two configurations of the seat and sunroof are already worth the extra 6,000 yuan.

Although the height-adjustable headlights and electric folding rearview mirrors are not important configurations, the improvement of this kind of detail also improves the convenience for the owner, especially the electric folding rearview mirrors, when parking or meeting cars on narrow roads It is really convenient to put away the rear-view mirror without getting off the car.

The power equipment of the whole system of Tengyi C30 is exactly the same, so all the price difference is reflected in the on-board configuration. The elite model can be exchanged for sunroof, heated leather seats, headlight height adjustment and electric folding rear view with an extra 6,000 yuan After adding these configurations, the overall configuration level of the Tengyi C30 Elite is above the average line of compact cars, and its price is still acceptable to most consumers, so we think The top model of Tengyi C30 is worth considering.

Full text summary:

This article introduces the top-of-the-line models of five compact cars. For these models, consumers generally need to add about 10,000 yuan to the purchase of the car. Through our analysis, we can see that the top models of Civic and Peugeot 408 are relatively unnecessary. While the 1.4TSI luxury version of the Golf 6 is fuel-efficient, it cannot improve its price/performance ratio. However, Cruze's 1.8SX and Tengyi C30's top models are indeed worthy of consideration. (Zheng Yu, Home of Wen Auto)