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[YesAuto Model Shopping Guide] “Is it necessary to buy a top-of-the-line model” series of articles has reached the third article. This article will introduce you to the medium-sized car article. Compared with the small and compact cars in the previous two articles, the mid-size cars have higher grade positioning and higher prices. Their top models are usually more than 250,000 yuan and equipped with higher-end configurations, and these have exceeded the daily Whether the configuration of the use range is necessary becomes a matter of consideration.

Dongfeng Honda Sibo Rui 2.4TYPE-S NAVI-higher price and a bit exaggerated appearance

Model name: Sibo Rui 09 2.4L Premium Edition Sibo Rui 09 2.4L Premium Navigation Edition Sibo Rui 09 2.4 TYPE-S NAVI
Manufacturer's guide price: 249,800 265,800 271,800
Price difference: +1.6 million +22,000

The top model of the whole series of Sibo Rui is the TYPE-S NAVI model, and the price is as high as 271,800 yuan. The name gives the impression that this is a model that performs better in terms of performance, because it reminds us of Honda’s proud Type-R. Moreover, the top-equipped TYPE-S NAVI model is 22,000 yuan more expensive than the 2.4 premium version, and the configuration must be improved a lot. Now let’s see if this top-equipped model is worth the money.

First, let's take a look at the difference in appearance between the TYPE-S version and the regular version. In order to highlight its own sports characteristics, TYPE-S models are equipped with front and rear surround sports kits. However, if you look closely, you will find that the difference between the front and rear surrounds and the normal version is actually not that big, and some details like the front surround air intake have no practical effect, just decoration.

The real eye-catching effect is the unique two-color wheels of the TYPE-S model, but the eye-catching mentioned here does not have too many compliments. I believe it will not be too good to get a comment after attracting the eyes, because the target customer group of Sperui should be 30 There are a large number of consumers over the age of 20. They probably won't like the exaggerated wheel shape like young people in their early 20s. Moreover, the size of the tires has not changed, which means that the performance has not changed. It can even be said that such a flamboyant wheel shape has been somewhat inconsistent with the identity of the elite sports gentleman promoted by Spirior.

In the interior, we can find that the instrument panel of the TYPE-S model is more aggressive red, and the metal pedals can also make people feel more sporty. But unfortunately, the TYPE-S model with a more sporty name is actually the same as the normal model in terms of engine tuning, so now we can conclude that the TYPE-S model is actually only made in the exterior and interior parts. The visual movement changes, and the effect of this change may not be recognized yet.

The steering wheel shift paddles, keyless start, seat memory, and automatic zone air-conditioning shown in the above four photos are all equipped on the top-equipped TYPE-S NAVI model, which looks rather high-end. But… these are also available on the entry-level 2.4L deluxe version, that is to say, these configurations are actually the standard equipment of the whole series of SPIRUI. It seems that the starting point of the SPIRUI configuration is already very high. It seems that buying the top configuration is even more obvious. Redundant.

If compared with the 2.4L premium version, which is 22,000 yuan lower than its own, the most influential configuration difference of the TYPE-S NAVI model is that it is equipped with this multimedia system that integrates navigation, DVD playback and reversing images. It is undeniable that this system has a complete set of functions, but is it worthwhile to exchange it for 22,000 yuan? Think about how long you might watch a DVD in the car? Sprite comes standard with 8 front and rear reversing sensors. How useful is the reversing image for car owners who are slightly more proficient in driving skills? Finally, the navigation system can buy a very small external navigation for one thousand yuan, and the upgrade is more convenient and cheaper.

So it can be said that the SPIRUI TYPE-S NAVI model does not show too much unique charm as a top model. The personalization of appearance has not been recognized by most people, and the sense of movement has not shown substantiality. The improvement of the final configuration is less attractive than the car purchase that needs to be paid more. However, we believe that the 2.4L premium version is worthy of attention, and currently there are more than 20,000 yuan discounts in many places in China, and it is not small to buy the 2.4L premium version at a price of less than 230,000 yuan. .

Skoda Haorui 2.0TSI flagship version-a flagship model with a fairly high configuration

Model name: Haorui 2.0TSI AT Elegant Edition Haorui 2.0TSI AT Premium Edition Haorui 2.0TSI AT Zunya Edition Haorui 2.0TSI AT Flagship Edition
Manufacturer's guide price: 220,900 230,900 250,900 27.13 million
Price difference: +1 million +30,000 +50,400

Although it may be affected by brand recognition, the actual market sales performance of Skoda Haorui is not high, but this car has always been recommended by us with a high cost-effective medium-sized car, but this advantage only reflects On the 1.4TSI and 1.8TSI models, as for the price-performance ratio of 2.0TSI, especially the top-equipped flagship model, we will now focus on the discussion.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the difference in the whole series of Haorui is not very big. In addition to the tail TSI logo, we can only distinguish models with different displacements and different configuration grades from the exhaust ports and wheel styles, and this also shows that the top-equipped flagship models do not have too many status symbols in terms of appearance. In addition, no matter what configuration grade the model is equipped with, the wheel and tire size is 205/55 R16, there is no difference in performance.

The top version of Haorui 2.0TSI flagship version is equipped with a very interesting configuration-PLA intelligent parking assist system. With the help of 10 ranging probes in the whole car, this system can automatically park the car into the parking space on the side of the road without the intervention of the driver. Through my actual test, the practicability of this system is relatively high. However, it should be noted that this system is not exclusive to the top-equipped models, and a slightly lower grade of the Zunya model can also be optional, and the optional cost is only one thousand yuan, which is only 1/of the price difference between the two. 20.

In addition to the PLA smart parking assist system, the 2.0TSI flagship version is also equipped with a very technologically-rich solar sunroof. Of course, this is also one of the optional configurations of the Zunya version, but its price of eight thousand yuan is not cheap. But its practicality is not very high in our opinion. Its main function is to stop in a place with strong sunlight to convert light energy into electric energy. If the temperature in the car rises to a certain level, the electric energy can drive the air-conditioning system's blower. The air is ventilated in the car, but this function is really a bit flashy. At the same time, due to the internal structure, the solar sunroof cannot be opened with the sun visor like an ordinary sunroof, which restricts its practicability.

The exclusive configuration of the remaining flagship version also includes car TV function and rear seat heating. We are not interested in the former. The reason is the same as the DVD playback system, and there are not many opportunities to use it. However, we still prefer the latter, especially for users who need to sit in the back row frequently and are in the north.

After talking about the configuration, let's take a look at the power combination of the top models. We are quite familiar with the matching of this 2.0TSI+6-speed Tiptronic gearbox, and its excellent performance is indeed fascinating. Although we have not tested the 1.8TSI model, it can be calculated from the results of the Magotan with the same power equipment that the 0-100km/h acceleration of the 1.8TSI Haorui should be around 8.9 seconds. Now the question arises, is this less than 0.8 second important to the average consumer? I'm afraid the answer is no, and this poor performance needs to be filled with a car purchase of 15,000 yuan.

From our analysis above, it can be seen that Haorui’s top model 2.0TSI flagship does have some very new high-tech configurations, and the power performance is also very powerful. But the practicality of some of those configurations is not directly proportional to their worth, and the abundant power brought by 2.0TSI is not very useful for car owners who drive in the city most of the time. In contrast, the 1.8TSI Zunya version, which is priced at 35,400 yuan cheaper than the top model, has a more balanced performance in all aspects. If consumers really feel that their driving skills are unfamiliar, they can spend 1,000 yuan to choose PLA smart parking. The system, the total cost calculated in this way is also much cheaper than buying the flagship version with many impractical configurations.

GM Buick Regal 2.0T flagship sports version-the performance is very attractive but the price is higher

Model name: Regal 2.4L Elite Edition Regal 2.4L Ultimate Edition Regal 2.0T Luxury Sports Edition Regal 2.0T flagship sports version
Manufacturer's guide price: 228,900 248,900 258,900 269,900
Price difference: +20,000 +30,000 +41,000

Regal is a mid-size car built for sports. Although such a statement is a bit exaggerated, it is undeniable that Regal is taking a distinctive sports style route in the current mid-size car market. But it’s not enough to look very energetic on the outside. The real sporty temperament must be radiated from the inside to the outside. As the top model of the whole series, the flagship sports version is equipped with a 2.0T engine. I believe it can certainly convince the public in terms of performance, but what is the overall price/performance ratio?

Since it is a sports model, the first thing we pay attention to is the power system. The flagship sports version is equipped with a 2.0T engine worth showing off. In addition to a powerful turbocharger to help squeeze horsepower, it also has direct injection and variable in-cylinder injection. Valve timing technology. In addition, the turbine of this engine adopts dual scroll technology, that is, one scroll is used for 1, 4 cylinders, and the other is used for 2, 3 cylinders, so that the mutual influence between the exhaust airflow of each cylinder can be reduced, and the response of the turbine is improved. Speed and smoothness. However, technology is just a matter of fact, and the real performance depends on the test results.

The actual test results are the most convincing. We have tested Regal models with various displacements. The 2.0T results are best expected in advance, but it is 2.7 seconds longer than the 2.4L model. The significant advantage is still a bit surprising. It seems that the strength of 350N·m should not be underestimated. Of course, the 2.4L model is not the second-ranked model in the test score. The 1.6T score is a very good 8.7 seconds, but this model has a lower configuration and only has a manual transmission, which is not an optional mainstream. The 2.0T model is a well-deserved performance flagship. After talking about performance, let's take a look at the configuration.

In fact, if compared with the 2.0T luxury sports version, the configuration of the flagship sports version is not much different, because the price difference between the two is actually only 11,000 yuan. And let's now see if it is necessary to spend this 11,000 yuan. In terms of seats, the 2.0T models are equipped with sports seats, but the flagship sports version has additional seat memory and ventilation functions. The former is somewhat useful for home users who often need to change drivers, but such users may not many. The latter is very practical, and you know that it has the advantage of seat ventilation when you just get on the car in the hot summer.

Both the 2.4L flagship version and 2.0T flagship sports version are equipped with this E-TOUCH multimedia control system. The first contact gives people the feeling a bit like BMW's iDrive or Audi's MMI. But in fact, even if the 2.4L elite version and 2.0T luxury sports version without this system, there is nothing missing in terms of functions, and E-TOUCH has not improved the obvious operating convenience, so we think its role is more Just for a show.

Other configuration differences are some details such as electric folding mirrors, keyless start system and electronic handbrake, and the 11,000 yuan that actually makes people feel really useful is the seat ventilation function. If you are willing to abandon it, it will be basic A decision can be made to save that 11,000. But even the 2.0T luxury sports version is worth 258,900 yuan. Although we think it is worth the price from performance to configuration, is there any more acceptable option?

If it is really difficult to accept the high price of the 2.0T model and you really like Regal, you might as well consider the 2.4L elite version. 10.2 seconds of acceleration performance is not tepid, but it is also considered the average level in the same displacement model. In terms of configuration, except for the ones just introduced, it only has less xenon headlights with auxiliary lighting function than the 2.4L flagship version, but the price is already as low as 228,900, and its price-performance ratio is also very good.

FAW Audi Audi A4L 2.0TFSI sporty

Model name: Audi A4L 2.0 TFSI Comfort Audi A4L 2.0 TFSI Technical Type Audi A4L 2.0 TFSI luxury Audi A4L 2.0 TFSI sporty
Manufacturer's guide price: 329,900 369,800 399,000 423,800
Price difference: +39,900 +69,100 +93,900

For the domestically produced Audi A4L, the real top model should be the 3.2FSI flagship with a 3.2-liter V6 engine and a four-wheel drive system. However, the price of this top-of-the-line model has reached 578,100 yuan, which is obviously beyond the price range of medium-sized cars, even high-end medium-sized cars, so this article does not want to cover this model too much, but analyzes one lower than it. The high-grade 2.0TFSI sporty price-performance ratio should be more helpful to consumers.

As the top version of the 2.0TFSI model, the sports model has made a veritable adjustment in terms of power. Although the engine model and structure have not changed, through the upgrade of software and peripheral accessories, the maximum power of the 2.0TFSI sports model has increased by 31 horsepower compared with other 2.0TFSI models, and the maximum torque has also increased by 30N·m. First of all, from the data It reflects the identity of the sports flagship.

With the advantage of CVT gearbox shifting without frustration and no gaps, the acceleration performance of the Audi A4L 2.0TFSI sports model is slightly faster than the Regal 2.0T model, and the results are indeed gratifying. However, compared with the normal version of the 2.0TFSI model, this performance span is not too large, because the measured acceleration performance of the normal model can also reach a pretty good 8.19 seconds, so the difference between “good” and “better” appears It's not as remarkable as the difference between “average” and “good”.

In addition to the essential performance improvement, the 2.0TFSI sports model also has a personalized display in appearance. The front and rear surrounds are more sporty, especially the 18-inch large wheels look very eye-catching, and with the increase in the size of the wheels, the width of the tires has also increased to 245mm, which is 20mm wider than the normal version, which has a good control and braking performance. All help.

The official price of 2.0TFSI sports type and 2.0TFSI luxury type is more than 24,800. This price difference is not only the difference in performance, but also the difference in configuration, but the configuration of 2.0TFSI sports type is not necessarily higher. In order to further highlight the sports performance, the 2.0TFSI sports type is equipped with steering wheel shift paddles, and the reversing image is actually more attractive to general consumers.

As far as the seat shape is concerned, the 2.0TFSI sports seat is very in line with the identity of the performance flagship. The exquisite material and the excellent shape can easily stimulate the driving desire. But the driver will soon find that the peripheral functions of this set of seats are really not enough to match, the seat memory and heating are all absent, and these technical and luxury types are available. In terms of other details, the 2.0TFSI luxury model also adds side windows and rear window sunshades compared to the 2.0TFSI sports model, so the overall comfort is still higher than the 2.0TFSI luxury model.

However, for a consumer who values driving pleasure, there is another configuration of 2.0TFSI sports that has a strong appeal, which is its unique driving mode option function in 2.0TFSI models. Drivers can choose one of the three existing modes, or set a mode they like. From this point of view, the 2.0TFSI sports model has superior performance from power to control to appearance. Although the configuration lacks seat heating, it has reversing images to make up for it, so it is 24,800 yuan more expensive than the 2.0TFSI luxury model. Value for money, of course, this is for users who have certain requirements for vehicle performance and handling.

However, we also believe that most consumers who are going to buy A4L will not be so high on performance. Therefore, we suggest that these consumers should consider the 2.0TFSI technology type. Its price is 54,000 cheaper than the sports type. Not a small number. In addition to the 0-100km/h acceleration in terms of power, it is 0.8 seconds slower than the sports model. The configuration is only less than the sports model. The steering wheel shift, parallel assist and reversing image. And its seat function is the same as the luxury model, so the cost-effective technology The type is higher than the sporty type.

Full text summary:

After reading the above analysis, we found that none of the top models of these four mid-size cars are particularly satisfied and recommended by us. Sprite’s TYPE-S NAVI lacks substantive convincing power. Hao Rui’s flagship model has high configuration but low practicability, while Regal and Audi A4L top models have good strengths, but they are only right. Certain groups of people have obvious appeal, and more consumers should choose mid-range models with higher cost performance. (Zheng Yu, Home of Wen Auto)