[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Cars, like people, have different characteristics. BMW’s sports and Mercedes-Benz’s elegance have been passed down from generation to generation along with the brand’s models. When it comes to Toyota, I think most people's first reaction should be moderate. Looking at the models sold by Toyota in the country, you will rarely find anything special in terms of appearance or performance (except Toyota 86, of course). Brands have characteristics, and models have characteristics. As a small family car, practicality is naturally the most concerned part of consumers. That being the case, let's take a look at whether Vios has continued the modest design style, and more importantly, look at its practicality.

The new generation of Vios was launched in November 2013. There are currently 8 models in the entire series, which are divided into 1.3L and 1.5L manual and automatic transmissions. We tested the top-of-the-line model-the 2014 1.5L automatic Zhizun version, priced at 112,800, and the lowest price in the country was 99,800.


Vios 2014 1.5L Automatic Zhizun Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.28 million

For a new car, it is very important to have a good appearance. Although the first two generations of Vios could not pick out any fatal injuries in terms of styling, the overly round and feminine styling was difficult to catch people's attention, and it also made it difficult for many potential male consumers to accept it. This time the new Vios has changed its previous style, using more tough lines in its appearance, and its appearance has been greatly improved.

The body size of the Vios has increased in length and width compared to the old model, and the height and wheelbase remain unchanged, which is the mainstream level in small cars. As for the interior space, we will introduce in detail later.

Vios and mainstream small car size comparison
Model Cash Vios Old Vios Kia K2 sedan Honda Fengfan
Length (mm) 4410 4300 4370 4422
Width (mm) 1700 1690 1700 1695
Height (mm) 1490 1490 1460 1470
Wheelbase (mm) 2550 2550 2570 2550

I said before that the Vios has undergone major changes in appearance, and the overall feeling is tougher. The main credit is the front part. With the new Keen Look family-style front face, Vios looks younger and more aggressive. Although Vios and Zhixuan are sedan and hatchbacks with the same chassis, it can be seen from the appearance that the target group of Zhixuan is young consumers, and Vios users are more inclined to home users, so the front of Zhixuan is cancelled. The two-handed “moustache” is also understandable. More stable on the basis of fashion, in line with Vios' positioning.

All Vios models use halogen headlights without lenses. Such a configuration is very common in small cars, but for a new generation model, it should be improved, so as to increase its competitiveness. In terms of fog lights, Vios is a bit unkind. Only 1.5L models and 1.3L top models are equipped with fog lights. After all, this is a safe configuration and should not be cost-saving from this. Most opponents have equipped the front fog lights on more models.

There are no bright spots on the side of the body, and it is still a sedan with a smooth and stable shape, but the gap between the tires and the wheel arches is a bit large. Although the Vios designer said that this design is to adapt to the domestic road conditions, it does have a little effect on the appearance. Vios’ A-pillar and taillights have spoilers, coupled with the wavy surface design of the roof, can improve aerodynamics and reduce the drag coefficient to 0.28.

In addition to the two manual versions of 1.3L, Vios is equipped with 15-inch wheels, and the tires use Bridgestone's Green Songpan EP150 series, which is a fuel-efficient and durable tire that emphasizes practicality. The use of drum brakes on the rear wheels is not so practical. Although a lot of drum brakes are used in small cars, why not use disc brakes like Kia K2 and Honda Fengfan.

The rear of the car has little changes from the previous model, and the overall feeling is much milder than the front. I have to criticize the fact that there is no reversing radar in the whole system. After all, the cost is not much, and consumers in need can only install it later.

Appearance summary

    Young and fashionable but unassuming, Vios continues the concept of the mean in appearance, which is very successful. However, the absence of reversing radar in the whole series will cause inconvenience to consumers in daily use and is not practical enough.


The Vios center console has returned to the traditional layout, and the T-shaped center console has a strong sense of hierarchy. Although the whole material is made of hard plastic, the “leather texture and false stitching” on the surface are enough to be fake, and if you don't touch it with your hands, you will really be “confused” by it.

The upper part of the center console is the audio control area. In addition to the conventional radio and CD player, it also provides AUX and USB ports. Through our experience, we found that the Vios USB interface is highly compatible with Apple devices. It can not only display Chinese song names on a small screen, but also control playlists, albums, etc. through the vehicle. This is for young consumers who love music. It is very practical for the reader. However, there are some problems with the matching of the Android system, and the phone cannot be recognized.

The style of the three-circular manual air-conditioning knob can not be more ordinary. The knob is large, but the damping is a bit large when turned, and it feels a bit astringent, especially the wind position selection button. This kind of craftsmanship should not appear on a 100,000 yuan family car. I hope Toyota will improve it during a small change. The inner and outer circulation switch adopts a very retro lever style. Although it lacks novelty, everything is still based on practicality.

The three-spoke leather steering wheel on the Vios is the highlight of the vehicle interior. The slightly flattened bottom design is very sporty and the grip is also very full. There are control keys for audio and trip computer on the steering wheel. The cruise control button, which is rare in the same class, is placed behind the steering wheel, which is also a typical Toyota layout. Cruise control is an uncommon configuration at this level, but its utilization does not seem to be high.

The three-barrel instrument panel adopts the color matching of white characters on a blue background, and the reading is very clear. However, the absence of a water temperature gauge is not very convenient for users in the north. In addition, the trip computer is only available on top-of-the-line models, and has no advantage in rivals.

Keyless entry and keyless start are convenient and attractive in daily use, but since such configurations are available, it is better to equip us with a four-door one-key lift or automatic headlight.

Vios' top and second top models are equipped with electric sunroofs. The area of the sunroof is the largest in the same class, and it can be opened almost completely, which can provide good lighting. In addition, the anti-pinch system of the skylight reacts quickly, and a slight reaction force can make the skylight retract, which can play a very good protective effect.

Interior summary

    From the slightly alternative center instrument panel of the previous Vios back to the current traditional layout, the new Vios’s interior design is more in line with the public’s aesthetic and more practical. Although the materials used are general, the overall workmanship is good, in line with the positioning of the mean. In terms of configuration, high-level configurations such as keyless start and cruise control are good, but we prefer to see more grounded configurations such as automatic headlights, one-button windows, and standard trip computers appear.

● Ride space

The Vios we reviewed this time is a top-of-the-line model with leather seats, while other models are made of fabric. Although the shape of the seat looks relatively ordinary, it actually feels more comfortable, and it is stronger than most opponents of the same level in terms of wrapping.

Through experience, we can see that the performance of Vios's headroom is not ideal whether it is in the front row or the back row. If the passenger is over 180cm tall, it may feel more depressed. The legroom performance is good, and the margin of one punch and four fingers can be ranked at the top level of the same level of models. Since the backrest in the middle of the rear row is relatively soft, and the floor does not have any protrusions, it can ensure good comfort even for a long ride. Generally speaking, the front row is generally practical and suitable for drivers who are not too tall; the rear row is excellent in practicality, and it is no problem to fully load family members.

● Storage space

The front storage space of Vios is relatively rich. The door panel and the center console have storage compartments, and the left and right cup holders can be properly heated or cooled by the air outlet of the air conditioner, which is very practical. However, the storage space in the rear row is rather pitiful. Except for the small area of the door handle, it can only share the cup holder behind the handbrake with the front passengers, which is not practical enough. It stands to reason that Vios should have more for the rear passengers. Good care.

In the trunk, the space of the Vios 506L is at a normal level, the interior is relatively regular, the floor is flat, and the utilization rate is high. However, only the rear seats of the top and sub-top models can be put down, and they cannot form a flat floor after being put down. It is not convenient to place longer items. The overall practicality, top and second models Top models are medium to upper, and other models are medium.

Space part summary

    In terms of passenger space, except for the slightly depressed headroom, the rest of the Vios performed well, and there was no problem even in the middle of the rear row even for a long ride. In terms of storage space, except for the rear storage compartments, there is no major problem elsewhere. In general, the performance of Vios in terms of space is relatively practical.

As a modest and practical small car, whether it is easy to drive, whether the power is sufficient, and the fuel consumption is low, these are the parts that we should pay attention to.

Powertrain: 1.5L+4AT

The engine displacement of the new generation of Vios has been reduced from the original 1.6L to 1.5L, and the power parameters have also been reduced from 118 hp/150 N·m to 107 hp/140 N·m. It is still matched with a 4-speed automatic gearbox or a 5-speed manual gearbox. According to manufacturer's data, our top-equipped 4-speed automatic transmission is the latest product developed by Aisin, and it has made improvements in ride comfort and fuel consumption. The most worrying thing about this powertrain is: Whether its power performance has declined, we will verify it immediately.

Driving performance: It is easy to drive, and the power is sufficient

I just got into the cockpit and started to adjust my sitting posture. When I found that the steering wheel could not be adjusted back and forth, my head immediately became bigger. Whenever I encounter such a car, I (Shi Muhua), who is 182cm tall, generally finds it difficult to adjust to a proper sitting posture. The same is true for this Vios. I need to adjust the seat to the front and the seat back to be straight so that my arms can fit. At this time, my legroom is already very squeezed. Although few cars of the same level and price can support 4-way adjustment, there are always a few good students in the class, such as Honda Fit, Fengfan, Volkswagen POLO, and Chevrolet Aiweiou.

The new Vios is in line with the image of a Japanese car in the impression. The steering wheel and throttle are very light, and it is easy to use. Anyone can easily control it regardless of gender and age. There are more than 3 laps of the steering wheel from left to right, and the steering accuracy is always relatively low, so that there is no need for mental strain at any time, and the practicability is good.

The throttle is still a sensitive adjustment method. The front part is slightly empty. If you step on it a little bit, the power will come quickly and it will be more convenient to follow the car. The acceleration from standstill to 80km/h is relatively easy, and Vios is still very suitable for use in cities. It was just that when I was accelerating rapidly, the sound of the engine was a bit loud, and my head buzzed.

However, the sensitivity of the throttle is a bit too extreme. If you step on a big foot, the car will move forward, which is not so friendly for novices. Even for those of us who wish to drive hundreds of kilometers every day, its throttle is not so easy to master. If you want to avoid running into the car, the force under your feet has to be handled carefully.

There is really nothing to criticize about the 4-speed gearbox in driving. Whether it is in terms of ride comfort, shift logic and shift speed, it has done a good job and is very practical. Although I recognize its actual performance, I am also thinking, why does Toyota not replace Vios with a 6AT or a continuously variable transmission (CVT)? After all, there are many competitors in the same class equipped with 6-speed automatic transmissions or dual-clutch transmissions. The more gears of the gearbox, the easier it is to achieve a larger gear ratio range. If the gear ratio is set to neutral, the first few Gear acceleration can be faster, and overdrive gear can be more fuel-efficient, why not do it?

Perhaps the biggest reason is cost control. Now the Vios equipped with 4AT gearbox has good enough driving performance and good enough sales. Even if the additional cost is replaced by a better gearbox, its sales may not be very large. Growth, so simply continue to use 4AT. Of course, the product performance is already good enough is a prerequisite. For consumers, whether to choose a car with a larger number of gearbox gears, or not to care about the number of gears, but to care more about other factors or the actual performance of the vehicle, the decision is in their own hands.

The Vios suspension is very solid, not the kind of softness that only pursues comfort. The suspension will ensure a certain amount of support every time it encounters bumps, and appropriately control the shaking of the body. In the early stages, it will also convey some sense of the road inside the car, which has a slight impact on comfort, but overall, the Vios is still quite comfortable.

Fuel consumption: quite low

In this fuel consumption test, we experienced a long period of very congested road conditions. The average speed dropped all the way to less than 20km/h. At this time, the fuel consumption displayed on the trip computer was about 10L/100km; after that, we passed through a loop and high-speed. Raise the average speed to 30km/h. It stands to reason that because the 4-speed gearbox has only four gears and one overspeed gear, the engine speed of Vios is not low during high-speed cruising, but in the end it achieved a gratifying result.

Summary of driving part

The disadvantage of Vios is that the proper sitting position is not easy to find, and the throttle is a bit too sensitive. Apart from these, its performance is practical enough, with the qualities that a family car should have, especially its ultra-low fuel consumption. As for the 4AT gearbox, perhaps it is sufficient for Vios.

Performance test

0-100km/h acceleration

11.18 seconds, not fast, but to be honest, it's not bad for Vios, at least compared to opponents of the same level, it is a bit faster. At the start, the momentum is small and the front wheel will slip slightly, and then the road will be flat. In terms of shift speed, the gearbox has not dragged its feet, and its gear ratio setting is also reasonable. It has not designed a very large gear ratio for the first gear for acceleration, so the entire acceleration process is still very smooth.

100-0km/h brake

The brakes are the part that should be paid more attention to, and the performance of Vios is amazing. The first is the stability of the braking system. Relying on the good grip of Bridgestone Green Songbian tires and the good support of the suspension, the entire braking process is very smooth. The ability to stop within 39 meters is definitely an extraordinary result for a car of this level.

Circumferential pile

Of course, Vios is not good at this, but we can also look at its driving control performance. Vios' steering wheel assistance is very uniform throughout the entire process of winding the pile, which is already very difficult. Moreover, the steering accuracy of the steering wheel is consistent, the rhythm of the winding is very easy to master, and the difficulty of getting started is very low. The reaction speed of the suspension system is as slow as imagined, but it is by no means the kind of “can't get up when you press it down.” As long as the speed is well controlled, Vios' tracking can still be mastered, and its performance when circling the pile is slightly better than expected.

Noise test

The noise performance of the Vios is also good. Although the speed is higher during high-speed cruising, the good sound insulation effect has helped a lot, making the final results fall within the excellent range.

Full text summary

Let’s review the various performances of Vios: it has a modest and contemporary appearance, which is in line with most people’s aesthetics; it is not pragmatic in configuration and has some elevated configurations, but such as automatic headlights and reversing radar. These configurations are not equipped and not practical enough; its space performance is basically satisfactory; it is easy to get started, enough power, low fuel consumption, and the braking ability is great, which is quite practical.

Therefore, our final evaluation to it is: more practical. If there are 5 stars for practicality, Vios can get 4 stars.

Vios 2014 1.5L Automatic Zhizun Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.28 million

Vios has many domestic competitors, such as the Kia K2, which is very comfortable to drive, the cost-effective Hyundai Rena, and the younger Honda Fengfan. There are many and powerful opponents, which may be the main reason why Vios has a lot of discounts at the beginning of its listing. Looking at the sales of Vios, from a few hundred units in October 2013 to more than 10,000 units when it went on the market in November, this progress shows that consumers are still paying for it. For young, pragmatic family consumers, the 1.5L automatic Vios is still worth considering.

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