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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] This topic has been selected for several issues. A while ago, I said to Yuan Shu, can I borrow a luxury car, and it is time to improve the tonality of the topic, Yuan Shu hesitated and fooled the past. Yes, I thought it was basically hopeless. Unexpectedly, one day after going out for a test, I returned to the company basement, and I saw a bright yellow in the darkness. The yellow was so transparent, and the yellow hit my heart directly. I took a closer look, and the round and exquisite curves were also visible. It makes me like it so much. Uncle Yuan said that this car was borrowed from “Post-90s Talking Car”, and I can no longer look away from the four interlocking circles, Audi Q3, today is you.

◆Fun video

Before starting the dinner, I would like to offer everyone an appetizer. A funny video recorded by Shen Jiaxu and I:

◆Appearance: very yellow

I was eager to show off the bright yellow color of this Q3 to Shen Jiaxu as soon as I got up, but he didn't seem to have a cold too, which did not meet my expectations…

Obviously, the 2.0T and quattro did not change Shen Jiaxu’s attitude towards this car a bit, and I can’t find a good argument to refute him. After all, the Q3 has a quattro with a transverse engine and no Torson differential. The four-wheel drive system really sounds a little bit interesting. Shen Jiaxu didn't mean to stop at all, opened the trunk, and he started to complain again.

I really like the appearance of this Q3. Of course, the very bright yellow paint is a very important factor. After all, the time to market is not short. Audi has always followed a simple and atmospheric style, which is slightly moderate. The styling is given this touch of yellow, which is definitely the finishing touch, at least for young people. But Shen Jiaxu didn't think so. The appearance of this car didn't win it any favor.

◆Interior, space: not in line with the trend

Unsurprisingly, as soon as he entered the car, Shen Jiaxu began to complain about the space of Q3. Objectively speaking, he is really taking care of this issue. The Q3 has not been lengthened, the ride space is not abundant, and the storage space is relatively ordinary.

The space is really not ideal, I can't compete with him, so I immediately changed the subject and talked to him about the interior workmanship. I still remember the first time I got into an Audi car. It was an A6. The solid touch of the door ashtray made me feel the breath of the luxury brand instantly. Audi seldom loses the chain at this point.

The interior design of Q3 is indeed not trendy, but the details can still win me some good feelings, the shape is quite exquisite, and the handle of the operation also highlights the grade of the luxury brand. However, Shen Jiaxu quickly found another slot, and everyone looked down.

In this era when the interiors are becoming more and more trendy and the space is becoming less and less limited, Q3 seems a bit unable to keep up with the times in these two aspects. This is also a fact that I must admit. In order to avoid being complained by Shen Jiaxu, I decided to hurry. Go on the road and talk to him about driving experience.

◆Driving: Ride comfort needs to be strengthened

Among products at the same level, Q3 is certainly not won by manipulation. How does this Q3 perform in terms of Audi's several housekeeping skills, such as driving texture, high-speed stability, etc.?

Since the dual-clutch gearbox is adopted, ride comfort is a topic that cannot be avoided. Objectively speaking, this Q3 does have a frustration that the body can perceive when shifting gears, especially downshifts. Indeed, we can't ask it to have the level of Porsche PDK, but after all, it is a luxury brand, it should do better.

◆Purchase recommendation: Two-wheel drive fashion model with the highest cost performance

After reading the interrogation between Shen Jiaxu and I, we came to talk about buying recommendations. It is undeniable that Q3 is the oldest veteran in this category of luxury brand compact SUVs. With its leapfrog size and space, the new X1 has become a benchmark for practicality among similar products, but the price has risen accordingly; the driving experience of the CDX is really good, but the specifications of the rear suspension are the “shadows” it can't erase. Whether QX30 and GLA are serious SUVs is still a topic of debate. It can be seen that although each of the new players has its own characteristics, the shortcomings are also obvious. At this time, Q3, which has the least distinctive character, highlights the price-performance ratio by virtue of a larger discount.

In terms of power selection, I personally recommend 1.4T for no other reason. One word: cheap. For daily grocery shopping, the 2.0T model I experienced this time has some excess power. I can buy Audi's compact for about 200,000 yuan. SUV, 1.4T is enough. There are four configurations of the 2017 1.4T models on sale (the sports and fashion configurations are basically the same, but the details are different, and the guide price is the same, but the automatic parking function is missing, which is not included in the scope of discussion) , I recommend a fashion model with a guide price of 259,200 yuan.

It can be seen that the lowest standard model lacks sunroof, multi-function steering wheel, rear cup holder and other configurations, and does not provide options for LED headlights. The price difference between standard and fashion terminals after discount is about 10,000 yuan, or the fashion model is more practical and inferior. The high-end fashion model has more configurations such as keyless entry, keyless start, and 18-inch wheels. It is indeed quite attractive, but the guide price is more than 30,000 yuan, and the cost-effective advantage is gone.

◆Full text summary

I think that although Q3's products are not the most top-notch, the ones that have been on the market for a long time have good discounts and a certain price-performance ratio; Shen Jiaxu is not too optimistic about it. Well, anyway, I rarely reach a consensus with him, but I still think that the price of luxury brands sold out to the current price is still very close to the people. Let's make a small preview. The protagonist of the next issue of “Post-90s Chatting with Cars” is a new car with the concept of the Internet. What do we two young people think of the integration of the Internet and cars? See you next time!