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[YesAuto owner interview] Since its launch, the Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 has been recognized by many consumers, and it can be regarded as a dark horse in the compact SUV market in 2013. This car is remarkable in terms of appearance, interior design and space. The strong power of the 1.6T engine is also an important factor for many people to choose 3008. It can be said that from the configuration and surface analysis, the 3008 shows a very high cost performance. However, for consumers, the most important thing is whether the daily use is satisfactory or not. Next, we will listen to the evaluation of the 3008 by three car owners.

Note: Please respect the car owner, and strictly prohibit any form of personal attack or slander against the car owner. Once found, the ID will be blocked directly.

The first owner: Mr. Zhang
Forum ID: Jinyuan Currency Bank

Mr. Zhang is a young individual owner. This 3008 was purchased at the end of April 2013 and has already traveled 18,000 kilometers. Due to work reasons, Mr. Zhang often travels to various cities, and the road conditions in some areas are not so good, so SUV has become Mr. Zhang's first choice.

Choosing a car: recommended by a friend, other cars are basically not considered

This Peugeot 3008 is Mr. Zhang’s third car. The original car was a Geely Meridian, and then Mr. Zhang also drove the Santana 3000 for a period of time. As the exhaust of this car was not up to the standard at the time of the final inspection, Mr. Zhang Finally decided to change to a new car. The reason why Mr. Zhang chose 3008 was mainly due to the recommendation of a friend. Mr. Zhang did not check the information online before. The whole purchase process is very simple: 1. Recommended by a friend; 2. Go directly to the 4S store to see and pick up the car. Mr. Zhang, your friendship with this friend must be very deep! Of course, Mr. Zhang did not completely ignore other models. For example, Mitsubishi Outlander had also appeared in his mind, but he gave up decisively considering the lack of Mitsubishi stores and inconvenient maintenance.

What is the price when buying a car? Increase or discount?

It can be seen from the above that Mr. Zhang is a simple and happy person, so he did not consider which model to buy. There is only one principle: buy which model is available. The sales staff will naturally not let go of this good opportunity. In the end, Mr. Zhang successfully picked up the 1.6T Roland Garros version at the cost of adding about 12,000 decorations (full car film + foot pads).


In terms of appearance, Mr. Zhang prefers the 3008 rearview mirror, which is not only large, but also integrated with LED turn signals. In addition, Mr. Zhang personally also prefers chrome-plated decoration. Soon after he bought the car, he added a lot of chrome-plated decorative strips inside and outside the car. For people like me who don't like large-area chrome-plating decoration, the chrome-plated strips installed by Mr. Zhang are not too many and acceptable.

In terms of configuration, Mr. Zhang is satisfied with cruise control and head-up display. Cruising at a constant speed needless to say, it is a very practical configuration for people who often run at high speeds. The HUD head-up display system is a highlight of the 3008. This configuration is generally only seen in medium and large cars or luxury cars. As for the other configurations, Mr. Zhang said that he was not satisfied. We will talk about these contents below.

3008 Mr. Zhang's third satisfaction is the storage space. As an individual owner, Mr. Zhang often uses 3008 to pull some goods. Under normal conditions, the trunk volume of 503 liters is sufficient for use. There is also a large storage space under the floor. You can put glass water, vacuum cleaners and other car daily necessities. it's here. In addition, the upper and lower door design adopted by 3008 is also deeply loved by Mr. Zhang, especially when outing fishing, sitting on it is very comfortable.

For the power performance of this 1.6T engine, Mr. Zhang is basically satisfied. The power of 3008 per hour allowed by the national regulations can be described as on-call, and it is easier to accelerate and overtake. Moreover, the noise of the 3008 is also well controlled at high speeds, and the conversation of passengers in the car is almost unaffected. However, one thing that needs to be pointed out is that the 3008's electronic hydraulic power steering system will always make an unpleasant squeak when steering at low speeds, and this is a common phenomenon, and it is hoped that the manufacturer can solve this problem in subsequent model changes.

Unsatisfactory place

What Mr. Zhang is most dissatisfied with about this 3008 is its multimedia system and multi-road condition adaptation system. Dissatisfaction with the multimedia system is mainly because the navigation is not easy to use, and occasionally there will be crashes when switching, and most of the cases will automatically restart after the crash. Regarding the multi-road condition adaptation system, Mr. Zhang said that this system will occasionally crash, that is, after a certain mode is selected, the indicator light will always be stuck in that mode and no other modes can be selected, although the vehicle can Continue to drive, but there will always be some worry in my heart, so I had to stop and restart the vehicle to return to the default road mode.

Mr. Zhang’s height is 1.93 meters. He has higher requirements for the performance of the vehicle’s riding space, so it is understandable to conclude that the 3008’s riding space is average. However, in all fairness, the 3008’s riding space is already comparable to rivals at the same level. It's pretty good.

The third point of dissatisfaction is the service quality of Dongfeng Peugeot 4S stores. Mr. Zhang’s car has been serviced twice, and the price for a small service is about 900 yuan. In less than a year of using the car, Mr. Zhang has already replaced the main driving side wiper twice at the 4S shop, the price is 125 yuan/piece. In November, Mr. Zhang also received a recall from the manufacturer, and the 4S shop repaired its brake pump. In fact, Mr. Zhang still understands the replacement of wearing parts and the recall itself, but he really can't flatter the quality of service of the 4S shop. Mr. Zhang said that when there is a problem with the vehicle, when the relevant personnel of the 4S shop are asked, the answer is often “this is normal”, and there is no clear person in charge. He feels that he is shirking responsibility and his service attitude is not good.

Fuel consumption:

Mr. Zhang often drove at high speed by himself, so the current fuel consumption is displayed as 8.1L/100km. If driving in downtown Beijing, the highest fuel consumption in congestion has reached 13.5L/100km. Overall, Mr. Zhang is very satisfied with the fuel consumption of this 3008.

Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Zhang gave his car a score of 70 points, of which 30 points were deducted mainly because the service quality of the 4S shop was really mediocre. In addition, the occasional crashes of the multimedia system and the multi-road condition adaptation system also made Mr. Zhang uneasy. satisfaction. After the interview, Mr. Zhang will go to the 4S shop for inspection and maintenance on this issue. I hope the 4S shop can give Mr. Zhang a satisfactory answer and solution.

●The second owner: Mr. Bai
Forum ID: Yesterday was late

Mr. Bai is an employee of a foreign company. His previous car was an Excelle. Now his work is booming. With more and more idle funds on hand, coupled with the company's car benefits, he decided to switch to a higher-grade model. Mr. Bai’s 3008 was purchased in April 2013 and now has less than 11,000 mileage.

Choose a car

At the beginning of the car selection, Mr. Zhang planned to buy a medium-sized car, such as the LaCrosse, but considering that the LaCrosse model is too stable and not very young, he decisively gave up. Then my wife focused on the SUV models. In addition to the 3008, she also considered the Tiguan and the Escape. The reason for finally giving up on the Tiguan and Escape was that both cars increased their prices and the prices were too high.

What is the price when buying a car? Increase or discount?

This 1.6T automatic trend version of Mr. Bai was purchased at the manufacturer's guide price, and there was no price increase, nor was it mandatory to install any decorations, and the waiting time for picking up the car was only one week. The reason why it went so smoothly was mainly because Mr. Bai had no requirements for color, and there were fewer people who chose brown at the time, so it was faster to pick up the car.


Mr. Bai is satisfied with 3008 in many places, the most important of which is motivation. When Mr. Bai talked about this, he could see that he was quite satisfied with the performance of this 1.6T engine + 6AT gearbox. The turbocharged engine has a certain explosive power, accelerates rapidly, the gearbox shifts quickly, and shifts smoothly.

Secondly, Mr. Bai is also quite satisfied with the appearance of 3008. He believes that the line design of the French car is more feminine and slightly romantic. On the contrary, the design of German cars is too rational, and most American cars are too bloated. In a word: Beauty is in the eyes of lovers. However, Mr. Bai believes that the front face of the Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 still lacks some impact and does not look ruthless enough.

The third satisfaction is the workmanship and materials of the interior. The center console uses soft materials in a large area, the assembly process is also worthy of recognition, and the design of the entire center console is also very individual and stylish. The large-angled A-pillar will not affect the line of sight, and the multi-function buttons on the back of the steering wheel feel very easy to use after familiarity.

The 3008 has very rich storage space, in addition to the bottom of the center control panel, there is also a storage compartment at the bottom left of the steering wheel. In addition, its door panel storage space and central armrest box are also very large, which can hold many items. However, if the space is large, it is easy to cause things to be misplaced. It would be better if a few more partitions could be added to the armrest box. In addition, when talking about storage space, Mr. Bai also mentioned that the glove box of 3008 is too small to hold anything.

Mr. Bai is also satisfied with the 3008 trunk. The baby car at home can just be put down, and the upper and lower door design is also more convenient when loading and unloading goods.

Unsatisfactory place

Like Mr. Zhang, Mr. Bai is also not satisfied with the quality of service of Dongfeng Peugeot 4S shop, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the after-sales personnel hardly receive any reception during the maintenance process, and did not take the initiative to inform the owner after the maintenance of the vehicle. In the end, Mr. Bai asked himself I learned that my car had been maintained. In addition, the Peugeot 4S shop near Mr. Bai’s home to receive car owners in the lounge is relatively simple, the car mainly wants to dine in the shop, but also need to pay extra.

Mr. Bai thinks that the engine noise of this car is slightly louder when accelerating in low gear. In addition, the brightness of the headlights is relatively poor, and there is nothing unsatisfactory in other aspects.

Fuel consumption:

Mr. Bai's daily car is mainly used in urban areas. At present, the average speed displayed by the driving computer is 26km/h, and the average fuel consumption is 10.5L/100km. Although this 1.6T engine only needs No. 93 (Beijing No. 92) gasoline, Mr. Bai has been refilling his car with No. 95 gasoline because of concerns about domestic oil quality problems.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Bai finally scored 80 points for his car, and the main reason for the deduction was the service quality of the 4S shop. Another reason is the recall. But having said that, although the manufacturer's recall indicates that there are some problems with the product quality, it also reflects that the manufacturer's attitude is good, and it is always more responsible than those who do not recall.

●The third owner: Ms. Wen
Forum ID: hhqmaggie

Ms. Wen is engaged in the financial industry. From her appearance, she is completely 40 years old this year. She is like an older child when she talks about it. Standing with her daughter, she feels more like two sisters. This 3008 is Ms. Wen’s second car. Her first car was a Jetta bought in 2000. Since the year has passed for more than 10 years, the inspection has become more and more troublesome, so Ms. Wen eventually replaced the Jetta with the purchase This 3008 2.0L automatic trend version.

Choosing a car: recommended by a friend

The reason why Ms. Wen chose 3008 was through the recommendation of her friends. During this period, she did not compare other models. As a result, after Ms. Wen went to the store to see the car, she was also very satisfied with the appearance of the 3008, so she decisively placed the order. Because Ms. Wen did not have much demand for vehicle power, HUD head-up display, and multi-road driving system, coupled with factors such as lower maintenance costs for 2.0L engine than 1.6T, she finally chose this 2.0L automatic trend version.

What is the price when buying a car? Increase or discount?

When Ms. Wen bought this car, there was no discount, and the 4S store did not force any decorations. However, Ms. Wen chose to install navigation and other decorations in the store herself. Of course, the sales staff of such consumers are very happy to receive it. .


Ms. Wen is most satisfied with the appearance of the 3008, especially the shape of the taillights and the design of the trunk cover. When I asked if there was any improvement in the appearance, Ms. Wen replied affirmatively: “No.”

In other respects, Ms. Wen shared the views of the first two car owners. They are basically satisfied with the storage space in the car and the volume of the trunk. For example, the configuration of cruise control, etc., Ms. Wen said that she has basically never used it. Interviews with the car owner also let Ms. Wen understand many other functions of the vehicle.

When I asked Ms. Wen about the power performance of the 2.0L engine, she said that the power is sufficient and the noise is not too loud, which is very suitable for herself. And the most important point is that the brake pump used in the 2.0L model is not the same model as the 1.6T model, so there is no recall issue for the 2.0L model, which makes Ms. Wen very happy.

Unsatisfactory place

Like Mr. Bai, Ms. Wen also responded that the 3008's headlights were not bright enough, and the night lighting effect was not good. In addition, Ms. Wen is not particularly satisfied with the 3008's air-conditioning system, feeling that the cooling speed is obviously not as good as the previous Jetta. The air-conditioning outlet on the top of the center control panel was stuck and couldn't turn its direction. Fortunately, the 4S shop replaced it with a new one for free.

Fuel consumption

Ms. Wen’s trip computer shows that the fuel consumption is 9.6L/100km, but we can see from the picture above that Ms. Wen’s subtotal mileage has not been cleared for a long time (the subtotal mileage of 3008 can only display up to 9999km. ), because the base number is too large, so the fuel consumption score has not changed for a long time, and basically lost its reference significance.

Owner's summary:

Like most female car owners, Ms. Wen's understanding of the car is still only in terms of appearance, interior and space, as long as these three aspects (mainly appearance) meet personal needs. Therefore, Ms. Wen is mostly satisfied with the 3008. When it comes to the service quality of the 4S shop, Ms. Wen did not continue to complain like the above two car owners, and was quite satisfied with the overall service of the 4S shop during repairs and maintenance.

Full text summary:

From the interviews with the above three car owners, it can be seen that the reason why the 3008 attracts consumers is mainly because of its appearance, interior design and good power performance. For its ride and storage space, most people are also satisfied, and the design of the upper and lower opening tailgate has also been unanimously approved by the three car owners. However, two car owners expressed dissatisfaction with the after-sales service attitude of Dongfeng Peugeot 4S stores, hoping that manufacturers can strengthen the management of 4S stores in the future, so that consumers can truly enjoy money-saving and considerate services.