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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Not long ago, I (Xu Ran) and Guo Song went to the Guangzhou Chentian Auto Parts Market. The reason is that I heard that this year there is really going to be demolished, so we hurry up, and most of the merchants have not Before moving away, go to the site for a visit. (This time Chen Tian's trip was presented in the form of video. Due to the sensitive industry chain here, only low-key shooting with mobile phones can be used.)

Before this, our stationmaster comrade wrote a “Chen Tian Basic Complete Tour Manual”, and it seemed that I had really taken a trip. As the saying goes, seeing is believing, although the general state can be imagined, but when you really arrive in this place, you will still be silent in this place. When we arrived, Chen Tian village was already full of banners of demolition, which was almost certain of fate. However, most of the merchants still in operation still have a dazzling array of auto parts in their shops, which is not anxious.

After shopping for a while, I have some idea of the characteristics of this place. First of all, each merchant has a huge number of accessories, and the basic types are single, which will give people a feeling that there is no need to look for a certain brand of a certain part except my home. Secondly, I dare to sell everything. This means that very unusual accessories are sold, and the quantity of goods is really large. What impressed me was a small shop with BMW electronic handles hung on the roof. In addition, those merchants who sell car heads seem to have Hong Kong license plates on the front bumpers. I guess this is a psychological suggestion strategy.

In this lively auto parts market, we both discovered a bookstore, I didn't expect it! However, the books inside are even more exciting to me as a “newcomer”. Bookshelves are full of maintenance manuals, hidden functions of a certain brand and other auto-related books. There are even computer diagnostic testers of different brands. Seeing these moments makes us feel that Chen Tian is very unusual.

As for the content of the demolition, friends and netizens, please watch the short video taken this time.