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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] With the development of the automobile market, the functional configurations of today's vehicles are becoming more and more abundant. Some of them are designed to reflect the sense of science and technology, and some are born for comfort. But among the many configurations, there is such a configuration that people love and hate, and that is the automatic start-stop function of the vehicle.

When the car is stopped or waiting for a red light, the engine will continue to emit exhaust gas and cause unnecessary fuel consumption. The working principle of the automatic start-stop function is simply that the vehicle automatically turns off the engine when it is stationary, and restarts it when necessary to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. However, for some consumers, the “one start and one stop” of the engine is very tasteless, and it will generate an extra vibration every time it starts, so many people are used to turning off the start-stop function after getting in the car.

From a technical point of view, the automatic start-stop function consumes a lot of battery and starter, so all car manufacturers equipped with automatic start-stop will strengthen the starter and battery, and the cost is also higher. When replacing the battery of a car with automatic start and stop, it is also necessary to replace a high-strength lead storage battery with AGM logo. From the perspective of fuel economy, automatic start-stop can save fuel under theoretical standard operating conditions, but because the engine needs a thick mixer injection when starting, the instantaneous fuel consumption is high, so it is not fuel-efficient if the parking time is too short. .

So, what do you think about the automatic start-stop function of the engine? Will you choose this configuration when you buy a car? Will the automatic start-stop function be habitually turned off in daily driving? The Autohome News Group set up a related vote at the end of the article, everyone is welcome to participate! If you have another opinion, you are also welcome to actively interact with you in the comment area!