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[YesAuto Lighting Test] In the decades of development, car lights have reached a high level in both design evolution and light source upgrades. Many manufacturers have also extended the value of car lights to express information and express emotions. There are also many players in Chinese brands who have expressed their emotions. It is common to get on and off the car to give car owners a set of lighting interactions. Some radical players in Chinese brands have already enjoyed this aspect. Representatives of Chinese brand rookies The Xiaopeng P7 product is one of them.

What makes memorable is not to illuminate the road

The hardware material in this era does not need to be described too much. It is inevitable that all cars can emit LEDs. The external light source of Xiaopeng P7 is composed of 190 LEDs. This is the hardware basis for P7 light strips to create rich patterns. Hundreds of them are all satisfying the task of emotional communication.

P7 will have a corresponding light language to match each scene change, unlock and lock the door, fast and slow charging, and even wait for the traffic light whether to enable AOTUHOLD headlights will follow to switch to breathing light, the low beam will be turned off, a bit Japanese taxis will turn off their lights to courteous pedestrians at the zebra crossing; in the Xmart OS 2.0.4 system released by the OTA in September this year, a new loop play mode has been added for the “light dance” mode and other light language.

Xiaopeng’s expectations for lighting obviously did not stay at the “preset” position, but instead rushed to the resource library to do it. The “please look forward to more light words” in the expansion box also reminds car owners that tomorrow will be better. . Generally speaking, the visual effects of lighting at night are definitely satisfying.

Lighting performance measured

Although the value of car lights has far surpassed the lighting itself, the most primitive and basic things cannot be ignored. We brought P7 this time. In addition to the cool light show, we also drove it into the mountain at night to restore it. What is the basic lighting quality?

For the low beam with the highest usage rate, the design of light source and brightness is mainstream, but the actual effect on the place is slightly insufficient in the illumination distance, which may be related to the position of the headlight design. The reduction is related. After all, the position of the light source is low, and the illumination distance must be satisfied, which will easily affect the oncoming vehicle. So this may be the result of the manufacturer's comprehensive balance.

The actual road experience-3 small details still need to be optimized

The problems found in the field test data are also reflected in the actual road experience. First of all, the low beam and the high beam have the problem of weak illumination distance, especially in the absence of street lights, such as running a highway at night , The short irradiation distance will directly affect the situation of predicting further out.

In addition, from a functional perspective, all models lack the automatic high beam configuration, which requires manual switching of the near and high beams. This configuration has now greatly increased the penetration rate compared with before. For the star products of new car companies It is best if this kind of more practical function can be arranged in the future OTA.

The steering assist lights are standard equipment for all systems, and the angle, irradiation area and brightness are very comfortable. The experience is great, but the activation condition for driving is between 0-40km/h; when the vehicle speed exceeds 40km/h, the steering assist lights will If you don’t work anymore, the view in the curve is illuminated by the conventional low beam. In addition to the problem of the illumination distance of the left low beam as mentioned before, driving on the road with many bends at night makes people feel uncomfortable about the situation in the front side. So there is a bottom.

Edit comment :

I have opened a lot of products with the “innovative” label above my head. It is good to eat crabs. They can put the things that everyone has always thought on the ground in advance, allowing users to experience some experiences that have never been touched. OTA can also let car companies Improve the user experience more efficiently. For example, the Xiaopeng P7's light dance has indeed become a Hi point for everyone on the test site, but it returns to the basic functional qualities that everyone may think there is no need to delve into it. In fact, there is still much room for improvement. Fortunately, the upgrade cost is not high for the several points that need to be optimized this time, and the rest is whether we continue to look forward to whether it will appear in the next OTA version list.