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[YesAuto Design Decoding] I don’t know how the big guys will react when telling everyone that MG is going to build a sports car. Since the British brand of MG was taken into the hands of the Chinese, it has many impressive works from SUVs to cars. But don’t forget that “MG” had a lot of charming small sports cars before, but now, MG’s new sports cars may soon meet with us. Because the concept sports car named “MG Cyberster” has come.

Edit comment:

Roadster, a convertible sports car, is actually one of the essence of the MG or MG brand. MG's domestic market positioning is aimed at young consumers. After years of effort, this brand has become more sophisticated in the sedan and SUV market. Layout. The resurrection plan of the Roadster model, which was once the essence, will naturally also be put on the agenda. At this concept car design sharing meeting, Shao Jingfeng will still share it for us. According to his vision, this will be a model that young people can afford. It also allows young people to be stress-free, or a model that releases stress. Of course, this car is still in the early stages of mass production and listing, and we will continue to pay attention to its every move.