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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] At the Paris Motor Show that ended not long ago, Nissan’s new compact hatchback Pulsar attracted a lot of audiences. As the successor to the future domestic Tiida models, in addition to the appearance of the new model, it has attracted much attention. What about vehicle safety? Recently, a collision test conducted by E-NCAP can answer our doubts.

The 2014 E-NCAP test is Nissan Pulsar. In terms of safety configuration, the front airbag, side airbag, air curtain, ISOFIX child safety seat interface, ESC and other functions are relatively complete, but it is not equipped with knee airbags. The lack of item configuration affected the final score of the test to a certain extent.

Note: The vehicles participating in the test are European or North American models. At the same time, due to different domestic and foreign regulations and national conditions, there will be some differences in the specific configuration of the vehicle, and the final collision results cannot fully represent the domestic models in this test. The performance (may be slightly better, may be slightly worse, may be consistent), just for reference.

(Project score/% of total project score: 32/84%)
Note: All scores and percentages are directly derived from the E-NCAP report.

Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier


Deformable mobile barrier side impact


Side bump


Whipping test score


Urban low-speed automatic emergency braking system


Child occupant

(Project score/% of total project score: 39.9/81%)

Child protection status

18 months child


3-year-old child


Child safety seat function


Evaluate how the child seat is installed


Pedestrian protection

(Project score/% of total project score: 27.3/75%)

head 15.8 pelvis 5.5 leg 6

Active safety technology

(Project score/% of total project score: 8.9/68%)

Speed limit (active control/reminder)


Electronic Stability System ( ESC )


Seat belt reminder


3 Intercity emergency braking system 1.6

● Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier

● Side collision with deformable mobile barrier

● Side column collision test

● Pedestrian protection

● Whiplash test

● Active safety system

Related videos:

The following video is the performance of the Nissan Pulsar in the E-NCAP test. The video first shows the frontal 40% overlapping deformable barrier collision, 41 seconds from the beginning of the deformable mobile barrier side collision, 1 minute 03 seconds It is a side-pillar collision test. It starts at 1 minute and 19 seconds for the pedestrian protection test. It is recommended that you watch it.

Full text summary:

In this E-NCAP crash test, Pulsar, the successor of the future domestic Tiida model, finally won a 5-star high score for its outstanding safety. Whether it is for people inside the car or for pedestrians outside the car, its performance is more comprehensive, especially for the protection of pedestrian legs, which is a perfect score. However, a high score does not mean perfection. The lack of protection for pedestrians by the windshield on both sides of the A-pillar should cause manufacturers to pay attention. In addition, we also found in various test items that there is a relatively high risk of injury to the dummy's chest, which means that its body energy absorption and seat belt restraint strength still need to be further improved.