[YesAuto Technology] Autonomous driving technology seems to be coming quietly. Not only automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, but also parts suppliers such as Bosch and Delphi have exhibited autopilot technology. Of course, there is also the earliest research on autonomy. Driving IT giant Google. On the road to autonomous driving, the manufacturers all seemed to be going smoothly, and there were no unsolvable problems. Recently, Google said frankly that in the past six years, a total of 11 accidents have occurred in a test vehicle that has traveled about 2.74 million kilometers. Do these accidents expose the bottleneck of the future development of autonomous driving? Let's understand it together.

● Google Computer: “I don't blame me for these 11 traffic accidents!”

Since Google did not have its own car in the early days, they used Toyota as a prototype and installed an autonomous driving system as a test car. The location of the accident was mainly in California, the United States (currently only a few states in the United States have passed a bill allowing autonomous vehicles on the road). In the 11 accidents that occurred during the test, Google indicated that none of it was caused by its computer software system.

● Accidents are due to the fault of others!

Google said that the 11 accidents that occurred during the test of their test car were mainly caused by the operation of other vehicle drivers, and that these accidents were minor and caused no casualties. Among them, there were 7 rear-end collisions and 4 side scratches, all caused by other vehicles hitting the Google test car.

● Driving 2.74 million kilometers and leaving no one else to do a few times

Even if it is driven by humans, accidents will inevitably occur for such a long driving distance, even more frequently than this test car. Google’s project director Chris Urmson also explained: “Whether it’s a self-driving car or a human-driven car, the longer you drive, the greater the chance of accidents, so this does not mean that autonomous driving has caused these accidents.”

● Google self-driving prototype car is on the road

Google is full of confidence in the future of self-driving cars. Project director Chris Urmson said that Google will continue to test to improve this self-driving technology, because he believes that in the future, many people will hate driving by themselves, and Google will do this. People solve this problem. Recently, a prototype car developed by Google has been tested on the highway in Mountain View, California, USA.

Edit summary:

We can see that Google has not shaken its self-driving blueprint many years ago because of these 11 accidents, and it has also denied that this was caused by its own technical defects. Perhaps, the factors restricting the development of autonomous driving technology are more the impact of the general environment, such as regulations, urban road construction, and in-vehicle interconnection. With the changes of the times and changes in the general environment, the spring of self-driving cars will definitely come. (Photo/Text Car Home Xia Zhimeng)