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[YesAuto Design Decoding] The most recent industry hot spot is Evergrande Motors. At the same time, six cars were released and overwhelming advertising. Xu Boss's “suffocating” operation made people instantly understand what is called “unmannedness”. During this period of time, there have been enough analyses on Evergrande's new car and its prospects. I believe everyone is a little tired. So today we are going to talk about something different, that is, the “design team” of Evergrande Motors.

Evergrande’s “Design Team” is actually a “model design expert committee”. The committee is mainly designed by more than ten world-renowned designers such as De Silva, Andre Warming, Mike Robinson, and Stephen Schwartz. It is composed of masters, and Xu Jiayin serves as the director of the committee. At the beginning of its establishment, Xu Jiayin put forward requirements for the styling design of the Hengchi series: to make the world shine, to be seen by everyone and everyone “wow”. Why is Evergrande so confident, let us decode these more than ten world design masters one by one.

Walter de Silva

Former Audi Design Director and Volkswagen Group Design Director

Representative works: Audi Q7, Audi A6, Volkswagen CC, etc.

Although there is no his work in the first six cars of the Hengchi series, the largest and most experienced designer in the “Styling Design Expert Committee” is undoubtedly Walter De Silva, also known as Walter de Silva. He was the chief designer of Alfa Romeo, and then served as the design director of Audi and the design director of the Volkswagen Group. At the same time, De Silva is also the leader of the “family” design concept, and now BYD design director Iger has studied under him.

De Silva entered the Fiat Design Center at the age of 21, where he began his design career for nearly 50 years. From Fiat, Italdesign design studio to Alfa Romeo, de Silva spent a total of nearly 22 years in Italy, he led the update and repositioning of the Alfa Romeo brand design language. However, the real highlight of de Silva is his entry into the Volkswagen Group.

In De Silva's view, family design does not mean conservative, but to establish a unified brand image. At the same time, each car has its own unique personality. What's interesting is that despite the mixed reviews of the family's design from the outside world, Kede Silva's design philosophy has gradually affected the whole of Europe. For Evergrande new energy vehicles, if you want to build your own design system, then De Silva is undoubtedly the most professional master in this area.

■Andre Warming

Former chief designer of BMW Group and MINI brand

Masterpieces: BMW X6/X3/Z4, MINI COUNTRYMAN

Among the six cars in the first phase of Hengchi, three are the works of Andre Warming, including Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2 and Hengchi 4, which shows that this designer has been fully affirmed by Hengda New Energy. In fact, this big coffee who used to be the chief designer of the BMW Group and MINI brand established his own studio in 2019, so for him, Evergrande is undoubtedly a major customer.

48-year-old Andre Warming has spent most of his career in the BMW Group, serving as the chief designer of BMW and MINI brands successively. Basically, his works are widely known and have a good reputation. One of the few controversies was the design of the third-generation MINI, which was not recognized by MINI owners. Andre Warming also resigned in July 2016 and subsequently joined Borgward.

Andre Warming believes that in the ever-changing mobile world, people need the role of car design more than ever, questioning the status quo and proposing more far-sighted solutions. Therefore, he established his own studio in 2019. The next story is to receive the invitation of Evergrande New Energy to join Evergrande’s “Styling Design Expert Committee” and design Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2 and Hengchi 4.

At the WARMING DESIGN headquarters in Munich, Andre Warming owns a modern network design, 3D modeling and development company, which also allows him to provide a variety of products to Evergrande in a short period of time, and the “bid rate” is comparable high. We might as well make a bold assumption. If Evergrande wants to build its own design team in the future, the young and experienced Andre Warming seems to be one of the good candidates.

■ Mike Robinson

Served as design director of Fiat and Broadcom

Masterpieces: Jaguar B99 Concept, Alfa Romeo Pandion

Mike Robinson is responsible for the design of Hengchi 3. His work history is a bit interesting. Although most of the time in Europe, he is an American designer and used to intern at the Ford Design Center. However, after September 1979, he came to Europe, worked in Volvo, Opel and Ghia successively, and joined Fiat Automobiles in 1986 as a senior designer.

When Mike Robinson was 16, he knew that his future was not Detroit, but Turin, Italy. He dreamed of joining Broadcom one day because there were too many talented designers. In 2009, Robinson finally realized his dream and became the core backbone of Broadcom. In addition to the Alfa Romeo Pandion and Jaguar B99 concept cars we just mentioned, he has also designed models for many Chinese brands.

From the perspective of Mike Robinson's past career, he has spent most of his time serving civilian brands such as Fiat, Lancia, and later Pentium and BAIC Saab, so his product design style will generally be more grounded. This time Mike Robinson created the Hengchi 3, which is also a stable style, and then the front grille and taillights are modified to make the car more luxurious.

■ Maruyama Kogu

Former head of Isuzu Design Center

Masterpiece: Isuzu D-MAX

Both Hengchi 5 and Hengchi 6 were made by Japanese designer Maruyama Gu. Compared with the previous ones, Maruyama Gu is relatively mysterious, and there is very little information and news about him on the Internet. But if you talk about a car, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar, it is the Isuzu D-MAX.

It is reported that in addition to his identity as an automobile designer, Mr. Maruyama is also a university tutor. He serves as a senior lecturer in the art discipline of Tunghai University, lectures on transportation design and product design, and imparts his rich experience and profound knowledge to his younger generations.

For Maruyama Gonggu, although both Hengchi 5 and Hengchi 6 belong to SUVs, the challenges are undoubtedly huge. First of all, they are electric vehicles, and their design ideas are different from traditional fuel vehicles. Secondly, according to Boss Xu's requirement of “Everyone sees, everyone wows”, Mr. Maruyama, who has been serving Isuzu for many years, needs to release his imagination as much as possible. From our survey, netizens rated the Hengchi 6 as the highest among the six cars, indicating that the Japanese designer has a lot of experience in “pleasing” young people.

■ Stephen Schwartz

Served as design director of Binfa and Nissan

Masterpieces: Lamborghini 5-95, Infiniti QX56

Stephen Schwartz is from Basel, grew up in France, and graduated from the prestigious European Art Center School of Design. In 1990, he entered Pininfarina and started his car design career. Currently, Stephen Schwartz, like Andre Warming, has his own design studio.

Stephen Schwartz spent most of his early career at the Nissan European Design Center. From 1994 to 2007, he led the design of Qashqai, Primera, Infiniti QX56, Kino, NV200 concept cars and other models for nearly 14 years. Interestingly, after 14 years at Nissan, Stephen Schwartz chose to leave in 2006 and served as a visiting professor at the Royal College of Art in London, often speaking at international conferences.

Since 2018, Stefan Schwartz has focused on the business of his own studio and has cooperated with many OEM original equipment manufacturers and design studios. The scope of services is not limited to automobiles. I believe that with the cooperation with Hengchi Auto, perhaps we will be able to see his works in the near future. What kind of surprises will Stephen Schwartz, who has experience in supercar design, bring to everyone? It's really exciting!

■ Alexander Selipanov

Served as chief designer of Bugatti and chief designer of Koenigsegg successively

Masterpieces: Bugatti Chiron/Vision GT, Ferrari 612 GTO

Aleksandr Selipanov from Germany has an experience that does not match his age. He graduated from the Art Center School of Design in 2005 and can be said to be a very young designer. However, if you look at Selipanov's work history and works, it will definitely surprise you.

Selipanov calls himself an “angry car designer”. His design style is radical and advanced, which can arouse people's emotion and enthusiasm, and is especially suitable for supercar brands. After successively designing Ferrari 612 GTO concept car, Lamborghini Huracan, Bugatti Chiron and Vision GT concept cars and other models, the well-known Selipanov moved to Hyundai Motor Group.

As we all know, Evergrande signed an agreement with Koenigsegg in January last year, and the two parties will establish a joint venture company. According to the agreement, the joint venture company will use Koenigsegg's technology patents and brand in the future to devote itself to the research and development and production of world-class new energy vehicles. Therefore, it seems that Selipanov, as the design director of Koenigsegg, provided the design plan for Evergrande.

This article summarizes:

Boss Xu, who doesn't follow the routine, brings new gameplay to everyone. The big names of “Design Tian Tuan” are indeed extraordinary. We might as well think from another angle. If we follow the traditional method of setting up a design team, it seems impossible to make so many designs in just one year. In fact, behind the “Styling Design Expert Committee” are more than a dozen small design teams. Each small team provides several solutions in a short period of time. It is simple and efficient. What Evergrande has to do is “select and choose”. In the next issue, we will continue to decode Evergrande’s “Design Tiantu”, so stay tuned.

[YesAuto Design Decoding] In the last issue, we have decoded most of the members of Evergrande Motor’s “Design Group”. Some friends commented that this lineup is like the star-studded Galaxy Battleship Real Madrid, and it does have an internal taste. child. We all know that it is not difficult to buy stars, just throw in the money, but the difficulty is how to gather them together to achieve the upgrade of combat effectiveness. In front of Evergrande, it is the same problem. Not much gossip, let’s continue to decode those world design masters in Evergrande’s “Styling Design Expert Committee”.

■ Samuel Shufa

Former chief designer of Jaguar Land Rover and Broadcom

Masterpieces: Land Rover Range Rover, Hongqi HS7

Samuel Shufa is the current global design director of Ikona and one of the founders of Ikona. But the starting point of his career was not the Jaguar Land Rover in the profile, nor Broadcom, but the Nissan Design Center in Europe. In August 1999, Shufa, who had just graduated from the Art Center School of Design, joined the Nissan Design Studio in Munich.

Shufa's time at Jaguar Land Rover was very short, only about 8 months, and he participated in the design of the fourth-generation Range Rover. His next stop was Broadcom, where he was appointed as the chief designer and gained a lot of valuable experience there. However, Shufa decided to “stand on his own” after spending a year at Broadcom.

There is no doubt that Evergrande is now one of Ikona's customers. Due to the foundation of many cooperations with Chinese brands and the establishment of a branch in Shanghai, I believe Shufa has a certain understanding of the Chinese market and the needs of Chinese consumers, which is an advantage that other studios and designers do not have. Perhaps in the near future, we will see Hengchi models built by Ikona.

■ Gwynnal Penalen

Chief designer at any Kona

Masterpieces: MINI CLUBMAN, Hongqi H5

Gwinner from France graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2000 and can be said to be a very young designer. In 2004, he joined the BMW Group as an interior designer for the MINI brand. Since he only stayed for about a year and did not participate in too many projects, MINI CLUBMAN is one of them.

In fact, we can regard Gwinner and Samuel Schuffa as a group, because they are both from Ikona. It can be seen that Evergrande and Ikona have a very high intention to cooperate with Hengchi in the future. It is very likely that there will be some team from Gwynnell's new car, let us wait and see.

■ Andre Frey

Former senior designer of Mercedes-Benz

Masterpieces: Mercedes-Benz G-Class Concept Car, Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Andre Frey also comes from Ikon, but he is based in California, not Shanghai. Before joining Ikona, Andre Frey mainly worked in Mercedes-Benz and participated in the design of many Mercedes-Benz models. Among them, there are many familiar models, let's take a look.

In addition to participating in new car projects, Andre Frey also took the lead in designing Mercedes-Benz Style products, including high-end furniture, private jet interiors, and yachts. This work requires finding partners and cooperating with external customers. At the same time, he is responsible for the company's recruitment and guidance work, management and guidance of interns from different design schools.

Since 2016, Andre Frey has officially become a member of the Econa Group as a design manager. After a few fingers, there are actually four people in the Evergrande Automobile Design Group (including Mike Robinson in front) who are really crowded. I hope they can have amazing works, otherwise it would be a bit unreasonable.

■ Giuliano Biacio

Former Broadcom Design Director

Masterpieces: Birusa concept car, Alfa Romeo GT

Biasio is from Italy, and all his work experience so far is from an Italian company. What's interesting is that Biacio has never joined a single car brand, and has been working in design companies, including Heuliez-Torino and the famous Broadcom design studio.

Because he has been working in a design company, Biacio has participated in the design of a wide range of models, including small cars such as Fiat Panda, and trucks such as Iveco Eurocargo and TATA Prima. In addition, the two concept cars of Cadillac Villa and Birusa have also attracted much attention. Among them, the Birusa concept car is based on the BMW Z8 and was released in 2003.

Because Torino Design has always attached great importance to the Chinese auto market, Biacio, one of the founders, has come to China many times and has seen many auto shows. In the service concept of Torino Design Company, design masters can provide not only good ideas, but more importantly, they must understand the market. In the view of Biasio and his team, Chinese brands are stepping up efforts to improve brand quality, while also establishing a higher-end brand image. So the question is, what design plan will Biacio provide for Evergrande? We might as well look forward to it.

■ Lucy Ambrosio

Founder of LDA-Design

Masterpieces: Changan CS35, Haima S5

In the Evergrande Design Group, Italian Lu Qi is the oldest person. He has been a designer for nearly 40 years and is said to be one of the three major disciples of design master Giugiaro. Lu Qi, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, worked in Germany and the UK in his early years, and returned to Italy in 1986 to join Italdesign as a design manager. In 1991, he formally joined Broadcom as the design director and got the opportunity to cooperate with Giugiaro.

Since 2003, Lu Qi has entered China and cooperated with many Chinese brands. The form of cooperation is not limited to the overall outsourcing plan. At the same time, he himself serves as the head of the overseas studio of the car company. It can be said that Lu Qi is already familiar with Chinese brands and the needs of Chinese consumers.

In recent years, third-party design companies have faded away, and today's major auto brands are more inclined to build their own design teams. Therefore, in recent years we have witnessed the decline of Broadcom and the acquisition of Pennfa and Giugiaro. For Lu Qi and his LDA-Design, it is very important to maintain a good cooperative relationship with new car manufacturers like Evergrande and provide excellent works.

■ Luigi Ferrari

Served successively as Deputy Chief Designer of SAIC Brand and Director of Penn Design

Masterpieces: Changan CS55, Dongfeng Fengxing T5, Skyrim ME-S Concept

In terms of work history, Luigi Ferrari should be the designer who has the most intersection with Chinese brands. In his 20 years of working in the industry, he has spent more than half of his time serving Chinese brands, including Changan and SAIC, and now he works in Shanghai.

In 2017, with nearly 20 years of creative design and leadership experience, Luigi Ferrari joined Pininfarina. In Pininfarina Shanghai branch, as the design director, he mainly cooperates with Chinese manufacturers such as Dongfeng Motor and Haima Motor to provide or help design innovative new products. Of course, there are also new car-building forces like Tianji.

In Luigi Ferrari's view, compared with European manufacturers, many Chinese manufacturers and new car manufacturers are more willing to try and take risks. They are going all out to create new things. In addition, China is the world's largest electric vehicle market. Electric vehicles mean new technologies, new layouts, and new models, which give designers more room to play. I believe that he is also very happy to cooperate with Evergrande, a company that is motivated and key but not short of money.

Full text summary:

Perhaps, the establishment of a “styling design expert committee” is one of the skills of Boss Xu to “change lanes and overtake”. It is simple and rude but efficient. I hope this article will give you a better understanding of this star-studded design dream team. It should be noted that the committee is not limited to these dozen design masters. Some designers may be too low-key. The information available on the Internet is too small, so it is impossible to introduce them. Finally, I hope that these design masters can bring more beautiful works.