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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] The curtain of the 66th Frankfurt Motor Show has come to an end, and the story of the Borgward brand has just begun. This German car manufacturer, which started in 1929, declared bankruptcy in 1961 after a glorious period in the 1950s, and has since disappeared from people's sight. Half a century later, funds from BAIC Group brought it back to life. Borgward's first work after its resurrection is the BX7, which is positioned as a compact SUV. What makes us even more concerned is that it also contains a plug-in hybrid model architecture with little information before.

Judging from the information officially released by Borgward, this plug-in hybrid system uses a powertrain with a 2.0T engine and electric motor. When the two work together, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 6.35 seconds, and the top speed is controlled at 220km/h.

Full text summary:

For a brand that has disappeared for half a century, the past glory is at best the driving force for its restart. Today, half a century later, people's needs for vehicle appearance, interior decoration, power, handling, and comfort have long been different. Borgward's launch of SUV models at this time was precisely because of the focus of consumer demand for vehicles. This set of hybrid system can be regarded as Borgward’s advance planning for products in the next few years. The electric motor arranged on the rear axle can easily be combined with the engine arranged on the front axle to help the vehicle realize the four-wheel drive function. It is easy to create a more ideal car interior space without arranging the transmission shaft.