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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] “30 Days of Getting Started” is a car-use section launched by Autohome. It aims to provide users with a 30-day editing car experience, car purchase decision and car use guidance, so that everyone can better discover this The advantages and disadvantages of the trolley and whether it is suitable for itself. The model brought to you in this issue is the fourth-generation Fit CROSSTAR version of Guangqi Honda, which is commonly known as the crossover version.

As a model that combines high playability, value retention, and beauty, it is also dubbed by many netizens as a “civilian supercar” that buys an engine and delivers a car. This model of Fit is a household name. It is such an 8 A small car with a value of 100,000 yuan can set off a huge wave every time it is replaced; taking the fourth-generation Fit as an example, how can the third-generation Fit continue to inherit and evolve under the unabated market environment? The answer it gave is-adopt a new design language, higher-tech configuration and bring SPORT Chaoyue Pro series (model code GR9) and CROSSTAR Chaoyue Max series (model code GS1) dual-series models, which are commonly known as Sports version and crossover version. The model tested this time is the Chaoyue Max version with an official guide price of 108,800 yuan.

Fit 2021 1.5L CVT Chaoyue Max Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

10.88 million

Just like us, we all want to show our best side to others. The reason why this long-term test car chooses to use the top model is the same reason, in order to show all its model functions to Everybody see. Coincidentally, when the editor got this fourth-generation Fit, he was already the old owner of the third-generation Fit (model code GK5), which means that in the next 30 days, I will also Owning two generations of Fit, I used to jokingly said to myself: “When I have money, I will buy 7 Fits of different colors, and I will drive them around 7 days a week. It is not too heavy.” I didn't expect that I was getting away from this small goal now. Coming closer.

Although I can only be a GS1 “owner” for 30 days, it is enough, as the old saying goes-don’t ask for a long time, but you have to have it. Let’s go directly to the topic and talk about me and this fourth-generation Fit GS1. In the 30 days of contact, what impression did it give me and what attracted me to it.

You may think that the fourth-generation Fit is not as sporty and powerful as the previous model, but think about it carefully, isn’t it a performance of inheritance and return? You can see that it has the first-generation GD after a few more glances. The “essence” design of the model and the second-generation GE model, such as the short nose design with a downward dive, and similar body proportions.

At present, the fourth-generation Fit has launched a total of six models. The LED headlights are only equipped with three mid-to-high models (Tide Run Pro version, Tide Yue version, Tide Yue Max version), while the three low-profile models are halogen. light source. It is worth mentioning that this original LED headlight is equipped with a lens and is equipped with automatic far and near light switching function. If you have ample budget for buying a car, I still recommend that you go directly to the LED headlights, which is the “soul” of the appearance of the whole car. I think this is the LED headlight. Secondly, it saves the safety hazards caused by upgrading and replacing the LED headlights in the later stage. Even if the low-profile halogen headlights are replaced with the original car parts of the LED headlights, there are still Be judged by the traffic police as the risk of unauthorized modification of lights.

Some users may think: “The fourth generation of the Fit was re-developed on the platform of the old car series, and even the wheelbase has not changed. It is very insincere”, but from the reputation of GK5 users, it is not difficult to find that it has a natural It’s a good foundation, which is also an important reason why it has been able to ride on the major tracks in recent years. Therefore, developing on the GK5 platform is like standing on the shoulders of giants. As for whether its chassis performance is further, we will leave it behind. Talk again.

There are always netizens who say that the fourth-generation Fit will be reduced. I am the first to express dissatisfaction. I don’t believe you. The original Dunlop ENASAVE EC300+ fuel-saving tires are one more than the previous generation Fit (Dunlop ENASAVE EC300). “+”, although I can't think of any advantages of this series of tires besides fuel saving, but the tires are at least not matched, right?

The design of the A-pillar is the biggest surprise that this car has given me. I have thought about the design of moving the A-pillar back and adding a slender front pillar, so that it does not affect the impact transmission during a frontal collision, but also enlarges the driver. This design is very Honda.

Unlike GR9, the audience of GS1 is more “home-use practical”. After all, it has a cross-border shape and a higher configuration. With the two-color roof and roof rack decorations, it looks more GR9 has more wildness and personality.

My long test car has a keyless entry/start function. The specific method of use is also very simple: bring the key, no matter whether you put it in your trouser pocket or in your backpack, approach the car, reach out your hand at a normal speed and touch the inside of the door handle And pull the door handle, you will hear a beep of “di” and a beep of unlocking, and the unlocking is completed. The whole process can be said to be very smooth, and the delay in the process of unlocking is also very small. You don't pull the car door in a thunderous manner, you can complete the process from unlocking to opening the door in one go. With the previous one-key start function, the whole process from getting in the car to driving is done in one go. There is no need to take out the key in the whole process. Just like unlocking the current smart phone, it can be identified by fingerprint or face, eliminating the cumbersome steps of entering a password. It is worth mentioning that the white backlight of the one-button start function will flash at the same speed as the human breathing rate after unlocking the vehicle, and after the driver presses it, the backlight turns red, accompanied by The sound of the engine during ignition is very ritual in the whole process.

You must know that Tesla Model 3 has only one reversing light, which has caused it to be molested by many netizens-in order to save power! The author found that there is a pair of reversing lights on this GS1. Even if compared with models of the same level and price, the Fit is very generous in this aspect.

However, the author basically did not realize the advantages of dual reversing lights in the actual use of the car. The reason is that all the fourth-generation Fit models are not equipped with reversing cameras. Fortunately, the Chaoyue Max version is equipped with reserved holes, which can be used in 4S when buying a car. Shop optional or self-install.

Open the door and sit in it. The first thing to do is to adjust the seat, steering wheel, and rearview mirror. Since the steering wheel of this GS1 supports four-way manual adjustment (front/rear/up/down), it is matched with the six-way seat of the upper seat. Manual adjustment (front and rear/high/low/backrest) can basically satisfy most users of body types. You must know that my 2016 Fit has not been able to adjust to a suitable driving posture so far, but I found this GS1 for the first time. This has a lot to do with the steering wheel's support for four-way manual adjustment.

After actually experiencing the interior of the GS1, I feel that the interior designer of this car seems to have listened to the suggestions of many Fit riders. Believe it or not, the most classic and practical design of the second-generation Fit has returned, such as the right side of the center console. The cup holders and upper and lower storage boxes are not equipped with a central armrest box, so this storage box can store our usual bills, change, keys, etc., and the cup holders on both sides are designed right at the air outlet of the air conditioner. At the same time, the summer has a cooling effect on beverages. From the perspective of the car owner, I think this design takes into account the practicality and does not lack the aesthetics of the design. It can have.

If the new car launched in 2020 is still using the design four or five years ago, I think such a new car needs to be carefully considered. Fortunately, the fourth-generation Fit did not disappoint me. After a one-month long test, I am used to the dual LCD screen. The sense of science and technology and richness that came back, when used back to the old Fit, actually produced a clear sense of drop. I think this is the performance of the GS1's strength, that is, the “evolution” mentioned in the title of this article.

Although the multi-function buttons on the steering wheel are clearly and easily identified, considering that some of our netizens have little white drivers, the author uses pictures and text to introduce these button functions from left to right: “VOL+, VOL-” It is to add or subtract the media volume; the button like a house is “Home”, scroll the wheel next to it to control the display content of the dashboard; “SOURCE” is the media source, the system can be in “FM1→FM2→AM→USB1 Music→ USB2 music→iPod music→Bluetooth music→Baidu CarLife” to switch the sound source mode cyclically. If the system does not have a certain sound source at the time, it will skip this sound source directly; “Switch up/down”, press the button when playing media music It is to cut the song. When the radio audio is playing, press the button to switch to the next station, and long press to search for the station; “Answer/Hang up” is to answer or hang up the call when the phone is connected to Bluetooth; “Voice recognition” needs to be used in the case of Baidu CarLife where the car is connected to a mobile phone, but Baidu's “Xiaodu” voice assistant is called out because the car does not have its own voice assistant. The button on the right side of the steering wheel is the control button of Honda SENSING driving assistance system. Press the cruise button to enter the cruise standby state. When the vehicle speed is 30-180km/h, press “RES/+, RES/-” You can turn on the ACC adaptive cruise function, and set the vehicle speed to the current vehicle speed, “CANCEL” is to exit the cruise; the following “following distance adjustment” can set four different following distances, press “lane keeping assist” “This allows the vehicle to automatically keep going straight in a clearly marked lane.

This latest version of Honda SENSING (Safety Super Sensing Intelligent Driving Assist System) detects front and side objects (viewing angle up to 100°) through the monocular wide-angle camera above the front windshield, with ACC adaptive cruise function (Working range 30-180km/h), RDM lane departure warning and keeping function, active braking function, etc. The biggest highlight is that the CMBS collision mitigation braking system has the function of turning left and going straight to avoid collision (when turning left, it detects that its own vehicle will It is possible to collide with a straight-going vehicle, and the vehicle will automatically stop). The above active safety configuration is a milestone improvement for the fourth-generation Fit. You must know that this car is not equipped with millimeter wave radar. A front-view wide-angle camera completes the above functions.

If you want to explore the many functions of this GS1 LCD instrument panel, you need to do it in the parking state. The style of the instrument panel is different from the traditional style. The tachometer and vehicle speed are arranged at the top, and the auxiliary information is arranged at the middle and lower sides. The water temperature gauge and the oil gauge may feel messy when you first get started, but when you get used to it, you will understand that the 7-inch screen should display as much information as possible. Honda really has a hand. Through the home button on the left side of the steering wheel, you can enter the menu settings, followed by “simple mode”, “travelable mileage and fuel consumption”, “vehicle speed and time”, “seat belt”, “safety support”, “settings”, ” User setting”, “Warning message”. The “concise mode” can make the dashboard look much more streamlined; the “safety support” can open and close the CMBS collision mitigation braking system and the lane departure warning system; the “user settings” can control the vehicle settings, such as tires. Voltage alarm, intelligent switching of far and near beams, automatic headlights associated with wipers, intelligent lock-off when leaving the car, etc.

The functions of this car machine system are not rich, but basically cover the functions of our daily car, such as: radio, Bluetooth music, Baidu CarLife, USB connection, iPod mode, etc. The following is mainly for everyone to talk about Baidu CarLife. First, you need a smart phone to download a “Baidu CarLife” APP (available for both Android and iOS systems), then click on the “Smart Interconnection” module and connect the phone to the USB port of the center control panel with a data cable. Wait for the system to be connected to enter Baidu CarLife.

Although Honda has spent a lot of effort on the design of the fourth-generation Fit’s air-conditioning control panel, manual air-conditioning in all models is not as easy as automatic air-conditioning. Fortunately, the three knobs have a ratchet-like mechanical feel. It's still fun to get up. In terms of power interface, the whole car only provides two USB interfaces and one 12V cigarette lighter interface. According to the author’s daily experience with the car, the left USB interface is often used for mobile phone interconnection mapping, and the right side is left for the co-driver’s mobile phone to charge and charge, driving records The instrument is connected to the 12V cigarette lighter interface, and the three interfaces are arranged clearly. Friends in the back row can only bring their own power banks when fully loaded.

From the official information, I found that the fourth-generation Fit has a lot of improvements compared to the previous model. For example, the thickness of the front seat hip pad has increased by 30mm, and the rear seat cushion has been thickened by 24mm. The inclination of the seat backs has also increased. These improvements have improved the actual use of the car, but the rear seat backs are still thin and hard. I guess this is to form a We can also understand the concessions made by approaching the flat ground.

The ride space and storage space of the fourth-generation Fit still do not need us to worry about. Although it is positioned as a small car, after some careful design by the “Space Magician”, the storage compartment and space are everywhere in sight. There is also a leapfrog performance, you can move to the test drive article to see the specific performance, and I won't repeat it here.

Of course, this is an article on car use. The previous introduction is actually to elicit how my 30-day “temporary car owner” upgrades and installs this GS1 without violating regulations, and The theme is “low-cost transformation to make a Fit more usable”, first of all spoilers, they are the installation of CarPlay, reversing video, central armrest box and so on.

Just like when everyone buys a new phone, the first thing is to “stick a tempered film, wear a protective case, and install an APP”, so that it will be more worry-free, at ease, and comfortable in the future; when I got this GS1 , I first searched for “CarLife to CarPlay box”, “HD fisheye reversing camera”, “central armrest box” and so on on the e-commerce. Although this car is not the editor’s private property, it is in order to show everyone the most authentic use. The state of the car, I will treat it as my own car, try to improve it, and also give you a reference by the way.

The whole process of upgrading CarPlay is “purchase expansion box→open Baidu CarLife of the car machine→insert the box into the car machine's USB interface→connect the mobile phone with the car machine’s WiFi and Bluetooth→realize the wireless Apple CarPlay connection”. The whole process is free of disassembly. The car screen is plug-and-play. This CarPlay box is compatible with the original car buttons. It can also be controlled using the touch keys of the original car’s central control screen and the multi-function steering wheel buttons. (The prerequisite is that the original car comes with Baidu CarLife intelligent interconnection)

Similarly, if you are a Huawei mobile phone user, purchasing the corresponding HiCar box can also map the HUWEI HiCar system of the Huawei mobile phone to the central control screen of the GS1.

As mentioned before, all models of the fourth-generation Fit series are not equipped with reversing image and reversing radar, but the central control screen and tailgate of Chaoyue Max models have reserved reversing image holes. We only need to install them simply. The reversing image can be realized, and the installation process is as follows:

The process of installing reversing images took three hours. The main difficulty was the processing of the wiring from the trunk to the tailgate, and the seller also provided a detailed installation video tutorial. The owner with strong hands-on ability can do it by himself.

For the Chaoyue Max model, the original car's central control screen comes with a reversing image interface and a reserved hole for the reversing camera, which can be perfectly adapted by simply connecting the camera. Such an addition is still necessary.

Details of the costs incurred above: CarPlay expansion box 250-300 yuan, self-installation; reversing camera 100-150 yuan, installation fee of about 100 yuan; central armrest box about 50 yuan, self-installation; driving recorder is also recommended for everyone to install one, more than The price is for reference only. After all, different cities have different working hours, and different brands will have slightly different pricing due to product quality. There is no need to entangle the price. The main purpose of this article is to share my personal car-using experience with you.

Written at the end:

Indeed, many netizens mentioned that the fourth-generation Fit of Guangqi Honda has fewer reversing images, rear disc brakes, Apple CarPlay, center armrest box, rear seat center armrest, electronic handbrake, automatic parking, etc. compared to overseas models. , But combined with its price, I think it is excusable, and some of these configurations can be improved by later retrofitting. Well, this issue is about the appearance, interior, and space that I mainly shared with you. In the next issue, I will talk to you about how this GS1 daily transportation feels. (Photo/Text/Photo by Zhong Weiqi, the home of the car)

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] In the last issue, I shared with you the static experience of the fourth-generation Fit's appearance, interior, space, car and machine, so after 30 days of actual use, I still want to talk to you about long and short driving , Chassis vibration, noise, fuel consumption and other dynamic experience and usage guide.

On the way home, this car feels familiar and unfamiliar to me. The familiarity is because its power and the feedback given to the driver by the chassis are similar to those of the previous generation model. It is unfamiliar because this set of CVT gearboxes are unfamiliar. The driver's throttle command response is more positive.

In terms of power, the fourth-generation Fit is still equipped with the L15B series four-cylinder engine of the previous model, and even the power parameters have not changed. The maximum horsepower is 131Ps and the peak torque is 155N·m. Six emission regulations, so the last digit of the engine code is slightly different, called L15BU.

Regarding the topic of “the fourth-generation Fit adopts the old power and old platform”, the voices of netizens are mainly divided into two groups. One part thinks that Guangqi Honda is not sincere enough and has not integrated the e:HEV hybrid system (1.5L engine + dual electric motor) of overseas models. Introduced into the country, it still only provides L15B series power. The other group thinks that the previous generation of Fit's engine is very good in terms of hardware, and even has a bit of excess technology. It is appropriate to continue to shine and heat. As for who is reasonable, you need to distinguish by yourself. This article only talks about feelings.

And this CVT gearbox, which can simulate 7-speed, has also been optimized and adjusted and introduced G-Design Shift technology, which uses high-strength transmission belts, has a wider gear ratio, and is lightweight and compact. Reduced friction and improved transmission efficiency. While improving fuel economy, it achieved a more sensitive response speed. In layman's terms, it has strengthened the “synchronization rate” of the throttle and gearbox, making driving more enjoyable. .

For the first time on the road, it is recommended that you turn on the four major functions of Honda SENSING (RDM Lane Departure Control, CMBS Collision Mitigation Braking, LKAS Lane Keeping Assist, ACC Active Cruise Control) and the ESP stability assist system. They can help novice drivers avoid or relieve a lot. problem. Well, so much theoretical knowledge has been mentioned above, how does it actually perform? Let's start a chat now.

The combination of the engine and the new gearbox has become more “tacit”, and the synchronization is well done. After stepping on the accelerator pedal, the forward G value of the vehicle has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation. From a point of view, this kind of progress has a positive effect on the gain of this small car, and you can feel it when you have to prevent the cars on both sides from jumping in line on a congested road.

Also worthy of praise is that under full throttle acceleration, although this GS1 equipped with a CVT gearbox has no paddle shifters, it can also simulate the upshifting of an AT gearbox: in D mode, full throttle acceleration, engine speed It will continue to climb to about 6100rpm to force the “simulated upshift”. In the S-block sport mode, it will be delayed until 6600rpm (close to the red line) to force the “simulated upshift”. If the driver does not release the accelerator pedal at this time, the engine speed It will continue to be “crazy”. After the upshift, the speed will drop to about 5000rpm and continue to climb. Although the sound of the entire engine is noisy, it sounds very passionate. For example, when we usually enter the expressway, we need to increase the speed as soon as possible when entering the main highway from the toll gate ramp. After all, there are more large trucks in the slow lane. It is very dangerous when our speed is too low and the braking distance of the large trucks is long. At this time, it will be safer to accelerate at full throttle, and the vehicle speed can reach about 110km/h when it is raised to third gear.

Everyone is more concerned about the noise problem, I also help you feel it, when the engine speed is around 2000rpm, it is still quiet, and it is a bit noisy at 3000-4000rpm, and the engine speed corresponding to each vehicle speed during high-speed cruising also helps you Recorded for reference: cruising at a vehicle speed of 100km/h, the engine speed is about 1800rpm; cruising at a speed of 120km/h, the engine speed is about 2100-2200rpm; as for the stability at high speed, I can tell everyone responsibly, indeed There is improvement, but the tire noise is too annoying. If I choose, I will upgrade the two front tires to Michelin or Continental silent and comfortable tires, and then the two removed Dunlop EC300+s will be placed at home as spare rear wheels. fetal.

For a long time, the Fit has been among the best in the same class and the same price due to its power performance, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in ride comfort and cabin quietness, which has led to the nickname “buy the engine and get the car” by car friends. Perhaps this is a product. It is a joke of “self-blacking”, but it also tells the shortcomings of this car from the side, and the fourth-generation Fit has also been upgraded in this respect, and the improvement in chassis sound insulation is the most obvious.

“The suspension is slightly softer and the chassis is thicker” is the second impression left by this car. Of course, this may be because the height of the chassis of the CROSSTAR version is 3cm higher than the SPORT version. As a result, I haven't opened the SPORT version, so I'm not sure. As for the raised ground clearance of 3cm, it affects the roll amplitude of the Chaoyue version during high-speed cornering. Fortunately, this roll is predictable and progressive, and it does not collapse all at once, so as to give the driver enough Time to adapt to the transfer of the load.

I don’t have a deep feeling about the steering wheel of this car. The reason is that the lane departure and lane keeping functions are turned on as soon as I get in the car, and then the vehicle basically keeps driving in the middle of the lane automatically. Not to mention the steering wheel is empty, you just want to turn the steering wheel. It takes a bit of effort, and then if you want to change lanes, you have to turn on the turn signal before you can temporarily “take over” the steering wheel; when driving forward normally, I think I am like a “tool man”, and the main task is to lightly hold the steering wheel.

As a long-term test article of the car channel, the highlight configuration of the fourth-generation model-ACC adaptive cruise system and CMBS collision mitigation braking system is also a point that must be mentioned. When the vehicle speed exceeds 30km/h, ACC can be turned on. , And the emergency braking of 10-50km/h has also been measured by our car home, and the result is that it can effectively avoid collisions.

Of course, its shortcomings are also obvious. Once the following car speed is lower than 25~30km/h when ACC is working normally, our vehicle will emit a sound and light warning, and then automatically exit ACC adaptive cruise. At this time, if we don’t Taking over the vehicle is very dangerous. I think the main reason for this is the lack of precise assistance from millimeter-wave radar. After all, the visual system of the monocular camera only perceives the distance between vehicles, and can only cruise with the vehicle above 30km/h.

The CMBS collision mitigation braking system is different from the braking experience of European and American car companies when the brake system is working. The fourth-generation Fit CMBS system is more inclined to accurately stop in front of the target. After the system stops, it will keep the braking action for 2-3 seconds, which allows the driver more time to take over.

I think the fuel consumption of this car is also worthy of everyone’s attention. First, I will list some data for reference: the fourth-generation Fit Chaoyue Max version has a fuel consumption of 5.6L/100km by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the author drove a total of them in the 30-day long test. At 2179km (average speed of 45km/h), the apparent fuel consumption is 6.4L/100km. Generally speaking, this comprehensive fuel consumption performance is in line with the average level of this model.

Finally, I will talk to you about some small knowledge about car use. You may not use the following questions for the time being, but you will definitely encounter them in the future. You may as well know in advance.

First of all, the most basic thing is to replace the air-conditioning filter element. Regular replacement of the air-conditioning filter element helps us to improve the cleanliness of the air in the car when we turn on the air conditioner. If you smell peculiar smell when turning on the air conditioner, you may wish to try replacing the air-conditioning filter element to eliminate the odor one by one. The specific replacement steps are to pull open the passenger glove box → firmly press the two side panels to separate the two tabs → remove the glove box → press the tabs at the two corners of the filter box cover and remove them → replace the air conditioning filter element.

As for the gasoline engine cleaner, it is also necessary to add a bottle of direct injection gasoline engine models every 5000km. Generally, one bottle is added after the maintenance is completed, but it should be noted that this cleaner needs to be poured into the fuel tank when the fuel volume is low. Fill up with gasoline at the end so that the mixture is fully mixed.

The filling port of the wiper water is on the right side of the engine compartment, and there is a blue lid, which can be filled after opening. There are many types of common wiper water on the market, such as: effervescent tablets, wiper essence, bottled wiper water, etc. You can buy them as you like. However, users in northern China should remember to change to anti-freeze wiper water when the weather turns cold, otherwise the wiper water will damage the water tank and wiper nozzle after freezing.

According to the maintenance manual, the air filter element needs to be replaced every 20000km. If the air quality in your area is poor, you need to replace it in advance. The replacement method is not difficult. Open the engine compartment cover and find the four fast Remove the buttoned box and unbutton the air filter to replace it.

The same consumables are also wipers, which are usually replaced in three months to six months, depending on the degree of abnormal noise of the wipers. There are two types of wipers available on the market, namely: bone wipers and boneless wipers. For scraping, like the Fit factory is equipped with a bone wiper, there are two steel blades inside the wiper strip. The rider with strong hands-on ability can also choose to only replace the wiper strip, and the frame will continue to be used. “This slogan carries on to the end.

The keyhole in the front of the gear handle is used when the vehicle cannot be started without electricity and the trailer needs to be switched to neutral gear. This is a gear switch. Insert the mechanical key to change the gear from P gear to N gear, which is convenient for towing.

If you encounter a situation where the remote control key is out of power, the user manual that comes with the car also specifically introduces this solution, which is to use a hard object such as a coin to pry the edge of the remote control key and split it into two parts. The purchase model is CR2032 button battery, and install the new battery according to the correct polarity.

How about it. Can the points mentioned above make you “increasing knowledge” in car use? Indeed, if you do some daily maintenance on the vehicle by yourself, you will know a little more about it. From a certain point of view, the vehicle is our means of transportation and our friend.

● Summary:

With the consumption upgrade of users, the small car market represented by models such as Fit, POLO, Vios, Swift, Carnival, etc., has been severely shrinking, and there are not many models that can live well and have a wonderful life in 2020. The Fit is One of them, returning from radical appearance to the soft and cute route, I think this is another form of expression of sports style. Just like the English car name of Fit-FIT, you can translate it into suitable, adequate, or tailor-made for the city. In short, flexibility is the advantage of this small car when traveling between cities, and after adding CROSSTAR, It is “city + outdoor”. This car may not be as “sweet” as you think, and there are also many shortcomings, such as engine noise, tire noise, and wind noise. Fortunately, these shortcomings can be upgraded and improved later, and mature powertrain tuning. The school is smooth, and the control has improved. It is not difficult to find that this is a small family mobility car that can meet the needs of a family. It is also the most textured fit so far.