[Car home race] Renault F1 team is still not sure whether the driver Kubica, who was injured in a serious car accident in February this year, will return to the team next year. Therefore, Renault is ready with both hands. On the one hand, they will continue to wait for the progress of Kubica. On the other hand, they plan to let this year's GP2 champion Grosjean participate in the last two races of the season in Abu Dhabi and Brazil.

The Renault team hopes to determine the driver lineup for the 2012 season as soon as possible, but the team leader Blier said that Kubica is unlikely to return in the near future. Therefore, the team decided to ask Jr. Senna to give up the opportunity for practice sessions to Grosjean, who is a very talented driver who may get Renault's official driver's seat next year.

If Kubica can sit in the car and start testing in a few weeks, Renault will confirm whether he is as competitive as before. One possibility is that Kubica is in perfect condition, then Renault will choose the most suitable person among Petrov, Jr. Senna and Grosjean to partner with Kubica; the other possibility is Kubica Unable to reach the previous speed, then Renault may abandon him and re-select the driver candidate for next season.

Review of the Cooper Truck Crash:

In February 2011, Kubica was involved in a serious car accident while participating in the Andora Rally in Italy. The accident caused the car to be completely damaged and Kubica suffered multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. It is reported that when the accident happened, Kubica's car smashed through a section of the guardrail after slipping on the track, and the guardrail pierced the entire car.

Then Kubica was sent to a local hospital for emergency rescue. After more than 7 hours of surgery, Kubica was out of danger, but his recovery period will take at least one year.