[YesAuto Technology] On the evening of October 31st, Honda held the 2015 Media Conference and officially released two new technologies to be launched, Honda SENSING and Honda CONNECT interconnection system. The Chinese name of the latter is Zhidao Internet. The front Honda SENSING system integrates the previous functions such as the collision mitigation braking system (CMBS) and lane deviation suppression, and further strengthens it to make the overall effectiveness of the active safety system more powerful. The Honda CONNECT system is the latest navigation interconnection system. With the support of AutoNavi Map's big data, it can more effectively avoid congested roads, and Honda promises to use this system for 10 years (basic functions) free of charge. These two functions have very high practicality and are expected. Let's take a look at the specific functions.

■ Honda SENSING (Safety Super Sense)

The Honda SENSING (safety super-sensing) system has extremely high comprehensive information processing capabilities. In addition to the perceived external environment information, the system can also determine and recognize the driver’s operation intention and vehicle status, and perform braking, steering, etc. based on these comprehensive information Carrying out precise coordinated control to keep the vehicle at the best speed, distance between vehicles and driving route, thereby realizing safe driving assistance functions including preventing accidents and avoiding accident injuries. This is an official general description of the principles and functions of the Honda SENSING system.

According to reports, the adaptive cruise function of the Honda SENSING system has a low-speed following mode, designed for congested road conditions. However, in the interview session, I communicated with the relevant technicians about this question, and the reply given by the other party was to suggest using this function on highways. Does it mean high-speed congestion? Let's verify it when we have the opportunity in the future.

At the beginning of the conference, the founder of Honda mentioned a sentence, “What are we researching in the research institute? Not researching technology, but researching what people like, and then using technology to create products that people like.” Honda developed this set. The Honda SENSING system is for the safety of all road users. Although the safety system of the vehicle is very powerful, as a road user, he must also abide by the traffic regulations, otherwise everything is empty talk.

■ Honda CONNECT (Intelligent Connectivity)

The Honda CONNECT system is connected in real time with the cloud through the on-board communication unit. According to the actual road traffic conditions, it can provide precise navigation services including driving route recommendation and accurate prediction of arrival time. At the same time, it can also provide destinations, weather, and news. And other information services, as well as emergency call services in case of an accident, provide customers with a safe, comfortable and fun driving experience. The Honda CONNECT system has a built-in Unicom SIM card and uses Unicom network communication.

AutoNavi Maps is a leader in the domestic navigation field. Honda has been cooperating with it. It has certain advantages in map information. Coupled with Alibaba's strong cloud data support, it can provide users with more services.

Vehicles with Honda CONNECT will share location and speed information to AutoNavi's back-end big data to make the back-end traffic information more accurate, thereby improving the accuracy of recommended routes and avoiding congested roads more effectively. According to the manufacturer, the agreement signed by the two parties has related content regarding the confidentiality of the owner's information, and users do not have to worry about leaking personal information.

After the launch of the Honda CONNECT system, it will replace the existing traditional navigation system and be used as a standard configuration on high-end models. At that time, the Chinese models will be equipped with DA smart screen system without Honda CONNECT system, but users can choose to upgrade later without replacing the host hardware. Due to differences in hardware, the DA smart screen system of the current models on sale cannot be directly upgraded to the Honda CONNECT system. Honda CONNECT (Smart Connectivity) has built-in navigation data. It does not need to be connected to a mobile phone to realize navigation functions like the current DA smart screen, and the convenience of use is greatly improved.

The Honda CONNECT system will provide customers with 10 years of free service (basic service items), including basic navigation, communication fees and emergency calls. There is no plan to introduce the voice service function of Acura platform into Honda models for the time being.

Honda CONNECT (Intelligent Connectivity) system will be applied to Honda's mid-level and above new models in the future, firstly in Lingpai's mid-range facelift (launched this year), the tenth-generation Civic (launched next spring), and the Accord mid-range facelift. (Listed next year).

The factory's future vision for the Honda CONNECT system is that when the number of users reaches a certain number, it can analyze road conditions and other information through big data, and then optimize road settings to improve road traffic efficiency. Although it is still in the initial stage of operation, it is a good thing to have such a vision, and it is also a reflection of the high social responsibility of the manufacturer.

■ Honda CONNECT (Smart Connectivity) on-site trial

There are several Honda CONNECT system experience machines in the venue. The main interface of the system is not much different from the current DA smart screen system. The operation is simple and the main reason is that the navigation function is added.

The Honda CONNECT system can provide the weather information of the destination and also has the news broadcast function. These are all functions implemented based on AutoNavi navigation. There are many information services in the personal center.

Although there is no voice background service, judging from the current popularity of smart phones, it is completely possible to replace voice services by setting a destination on the phone, and it is also very convenient to use.

to sum up:

The two new technologies that Honda launched at this conference have greatly enhanced the competitiveness of Honda models, especially the Honda CONNECT (Smart Connectivity) system. The Honda SENSING (safety super-sensing) system brings the function of the driving assistance system to a new level, and the driving safety factor is greatly improved. The emergence of Honda CONNECT (Intelligent Connectivity) has several highlights. The first is the powerful function of the navigation system itself, which can more effectively avoid congested roads and improve traffic efficiency. The 10-year basic project is free for users to use with confidence. According to reports, the Honda CONNECT system has an advantage over traditional navigation in terms of hardware cost, allowing more users to enjoy this feature. In addition to improving the current car usage, these two systems are also very attractive and worth looking forward to.