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[YesAuto New Car Illustration] Honda CR-V has always been a hot-selling model in the domestic SUV market. Since its launch in 2007, the current model seems to have never left the vocabulary such as price increase and hot-selling. Five years later, Honda CR-V is facing a replacement. A new generation of domestically produced models will be officially announced on February 22. When everyone is speculating on its price, we also photographed the actual car as soon as possible.

The first impression that the new CR-V gives me is that this car is better than the photos seen, and the appearance design has become more dynamic and fashionable than the old CR-V. The design of the new CR-V grille adopts Honda's latest family features. Both sides of the grille have entered the outline of the headlights, adding a sense of visual hierarchy. The overall style seems to be somewhat similar to that of the song.

The shape of the headlights is more angular design, and the eyes that glow are sharper than the old models. The lower part of the bumper is different from the models we saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show. However, the application of more black plastic adds a bit of wild color to this highly urbanized SUV, and also reduces the possibility of scratching the paint in daily use.

The lines on the side of the car body are full and smooth, and the small window behind the C-pillar makes the rear of the car more dynamic, and also makes the rear of the car look higher, increasing the effect of the car itself. The specifications of the tire are exactly the same as the old model. The aluminum alloy spokes are thicker than the old model, but the actual effect is average. If the size can be increased, the effect will be more obvious.

The rear of the new CR-V continues the vertical side pillar design, and the design is easily reminiscent of the Volvo XC60. The rich lines at the rear add a sense of visual hierarchy. The new CR-V is equipped with a lower position of the radar probe, which provides a larger detection range when reversing, avoiding lower obstacles from hitting the car body.


The interior design is more layered than the old CR-V. The buttons on the center control panel are very large in size, which is very convenient to use, and there is no need to worry about the feel of the buttons. However, the materials used are still hard materials, which do not show the texture that more than 200,000 cars should have. The surface texture treatment is visually good, and it can be regarded as making up for some texture deficiencies.

The shape of the steering wheel is the same as that of the new Civic. The situation of the multi-function buttons is very reminiscent of game consoles. It is easy to use and easy to use. The surface is frosted and feels very good. Compared with the old glossy plastic , Has a significant improvement in texture.

Riding space and feeling

In terms of riding space, SUV models do not need us to worry too much, but whether the new CR-V has been improved, we still want to know. Experiencers with a height of 180cm have experienced the new and old models respectively. In terms of riding space, the performance of the front row is basically the same, while the riding space of the rear row appears larger. Under the premise that the overall size of the car body does not change much, the space utilization rate of the new generation of CR-V is better.

The rear floor of the new CR-V is still very flat, and the front-to-back distance in the middle of the floor is also extended, which improves the comfort of the middle passengers. In addition to the comfort level brought by the improvement of space, the rear exhaust vents also appear on the new CR-V, which is not equipped in the old CR-V. However, whether the rear exhaust vent is the standard configuration of the new CR-V, we can only know when it is officially listed.

In terms of the comfort level of the seat, the new CR-V is more comfortable, and the seat is very soft and rigid. In contrast, the old model is a bit harder. From the photos, we can also see that the seats of the new CR-V are wider.

The central armrest of the new CR-V has been changed to an integrated design with the storage compartment and can be adjusted back and forth. The width and surface softness and hardness have a good performance. Although the old front row also has an independent central armrest, it is narrower and slightly less comfortable in terms of comfort.

Child seat

In addition to the ride comfort, the floor of the rear row is very flat like the old CR-V, but the new CR-V performs better in the distance between the front and rear. Two sets of child seat LATCH interfaces have been added to the rear seats, which are not available in the old CR-V. We should also pay more attention to the safety of children in the car.

In fact, even if the manufacturer is equipped with a child seat interface, most consumers will not buy a child seat later. I think if the manufacturer uses the child seat as a standard vehicle accessory when selling, I believe there will still be consumers willing to buy it. of. After all, in the domestic sales market, the quality of child seats is uneven. Most consumers would rather say that they don’t know what to buy if they don’t use it. Therefore, if manufacturers can equip them, they will at least be assured of quality. To be more practical.

Storage space

In terms of storage space, I think the new and old CR-Vs have their own advantages. In the door storage space, the performance of the new CR-V is wider, the space practicality of the small storage compartment is also improved compared with the old model, and the storage compartment of the rear door is larger than the old CR-V.

The front seats are connected to the center console as a whole, and the hand brake has also become a foot brake. In the storage compartment design, the new CR-V should be more handy and convenient to use. The cup holder is equipped with an independent upper cover, which is both beautiful and tidy. It can also be used as an independent storage compartment when it is not used as a cup holder.

The storage compartments of the old CR-V front seats are designed under the center console. Although there are indeed more in number, the storage compartments under the center console are not convenient to use.


In addition to the spacious seating space of SUV models, consumers also care about the performance of the trunk. The trunk of the new CR-V is wider and deeper than the old CR-V, and the ground clearance of the opening is also lower than that of the old model, which is more convenient when placing heavier luggage.

In addition to the conventional space, the front and rear adjustment functions of the old CR-V's rear seats are not seen on the new model. The front and rear adjustments of the rear seats allow the trunk space to be expanded when needed. At this point, the new CR-V's performance was lost to the old models. However, for the convenience of use, the new CR-V should perform better. On both sides of the trunk, a switch for the rear seat leveling is designed. When the handle is pulled, the backrest of the rear seat will not only turn forward. , The seat cushion will also stand up automatically, completely without us doing any extra movements.

In addition to the handle on the inside of the trunk, there are also pull loops on both sides of the rear seat cushion to easily complete the previous operation. Compared with the old model, the new CR-V has greatly improved the convenience of the trunk space expansion. If it were me, I would rather give up the front and rear adjustments of the rear seats, and choose the rear seats of the new CR-V to complete the design of the tilting process in one step.

Power system

The engine of the new CR-V is the same as the old one, using 2.0L and 2.4L engines respectively. Through different adjustments, the maximum power and maximum torque of the new CR-V engine are 155 horsepower, 190N·m and 190 horsepower, respectively. 222N·m, this kind of power equipment should be able to meet daily needs. However, as an SUV, it has to face wider road conditions than cars, so if the price is reasonable, I still recommend the 2.4L model.

The gearbox of the new CR-V is still the 5-speed automatic gearbox used on the old model. In addition to the absence of a manual mode, the number of 5 gears is not dominant among the models of the same level. Most of the SUV models priced at around 200,000 have used 6-speed automated manual transmissions, and some models have used CVT transmissions, while the new CR-V still uses the outdated 5-speed transmission. The application of the new technology is too conservative.


We made a simple comparison between the new and old CR-Vs today. The new CR-V has improved user-friendly design, ride comfort and space compared to the older ones. The new CR-V that will be launched on the market still continues its advantages in terms of comfort and makes daily use more convenient for consumers. It seems that the new CR-V will likely continue the hot-selling scene of the old model in the future. . What is regrettable about the launch of the new CR-V is its power system. The gearbox is still using a 5-speed automatic gearbox, which is obviously at a disadvantage compared with competitors of the same level. Its price has not been announced yet. I think there is no change in the power system, which should not cause its price to be higher than the old CR-V.

The CR-V is Honda’s most successful domestic marketing strategy. Before the launch of the new CR-V, some dealers of the old models still had price increases, so we also believe that it is impossible not to increase prices. From the perspective of the product itself, it does perform well, but I personally insist on opposing this marketing method.