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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] A few days ago, the Italian audio brand “IXOOST” launched the “Esavox Lamborghini” luxury desktop audio. The brand has always been designing and manufacturing distinctive audio art with sports car exhaust components as the main body.

The overall cool appearance of the “IXOOST Esavox” Lamborghini desktop audio is designed according to the inspiration of the appearance of the Aventador model. The four exhaust holes integrated in the middle position restore the original size of the actual car, and it is also the most representative of this audio Part of sex.

The speakers on the left and right sides are embedded in the polygonal solid wood speakers. This design also has the design elements of a Lamborghini sports car. The power switch, which is the same as the start button of the real car, is enough to give people a perfect impression of lingering.

This speaker uses two 6.5-inch and two 8-inch speakers to provide the main sound source. The 15-inch woofer with extremely high sensitivity is the core part of the entire audio, and it is also installed in the “original car exhaust”. A tweeter with a size of 1 inch.

A power amplifier with a power of 600 watts is used for the front speakers on both sides of the audio, and the subwoofer uses another power amplifier with a power of 200 watts to promote this. Finally, connect smart phones or other players through Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the AUX system port.

The appearance of some carbon fiber materials and four optional colors make this Lamborghini “IXOOST Esavox” desktop audio even more exciting. However, the price of 19,900 euros (approximately 145,000 yuan) is like a Lamborghini sports car that many people can't match.