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[YesAuto Test Drive] Changan is considered to be a domestic veteran car manufacturer. In the eyes of many people, perhaps the WeChat products have left them even more impressive, but in recent years, Changan’s product line is gradually changing. Beginning with the famous Benben in the field of mini-cars, Changan has been moving faster and faster in the field of cars. It has successively launched several small cars and compact cars. Although the sales volume did not attract people’s attention too much, they frequently The development of a new car undoubtedly shows Changan's determination to enter the car field. This is not the case. In recent days, another crossover small car, the CX20, which is about to go on the market, has appeared in people's vision.

The CX20 is the second model of the Changan CX car series and the third new car after the Benben MINI and CX30 this year. The biggest feature of this car is that it echoes the popular mash-up style. As a small car, it has both The wild nature of the Cross version also has many features of MPV in the body shape. Before the car was launched, Autohome went to Hangzhou Qiandao Lake for the first time to try this crossover car. Our test drive 1.3 The AT sports model is currently the highest equipped model.

Mix and match style with popular appearance

The day before the test drive meeting, when I saw the Changan CX20 for the first time, it really made my eyes shine: the originality and novel body design left a deep impression on me. At the same time, I was full of experience and test drive. look forward to. The shape of the CX20 is a crossover small car designed jointly by the Japanese and European Design Centers, incorporating the characteristics of different models.

The body size of Changan CX20 is 3900mm×1710mm×1615mm. Because of its CROSS style, it is a bit taller than similar cars. CX20 does not learn from or imitate the design of other mature products. The brand-new shape makes people feel very novel. At present, there are not many options for independent crossover models on the market. The addition of CX20 undoubtedly enriches this group.

The whole body of the CX20 emphasizes its dynamics in many places. Among them, the front face is even one. The honeycomb grille with a large area and the hollow design on the grille bars give rise to a slight domineering. Naturally speaking, the lamp matches this relatively rough design. The huge lamp set is well integrated with the China grid. The CX20 is equipped with a headlight lens, which will also be equipped on all models of configuration.

The style of CX20 is different from other domestic independent small car crossovers. Its side shape is closer to an MPV rather than an ordinary hatchback small car. Toughness is the main tone of the entire body. I personally think its shape is quite good. , I don’t know if you accept this style. The wheelbase of 2450mm is not an advantage among cars of the same class. As for its riding space, it will be shown later.

The sharp waistline at the waist runs through the taillights, which also makes the shape of the taillights sharp and angular. There are not many bright spots at the tail. The silver bottom guard plate is also the usual style of many CROSS models. It increases the practicality and also gives the car. The tail adds a vitality.

The tire specification of CX20 is Magis 185/55 R15. This width is already at the upstream level in the same class of cars. It does not use a full-size spare tire, but a spare tire that is only 10mm narrower than a normal wheel is also reasonable; a bit regrettable However, this top-end model still uses the front and rear drum brakes. I don’t know if the manufacturer plans to update to four-wheel disc brakes in the future, because this is now a normal configuration.

Interior improvement is obvious

Japanese cars are more exquisite in terms of workmanship. This is what everyone agrees. In order to make CX20 achieve better quality, Changan also asked Japanese engineers to assist in the refinement of the interior. This trick is indeed effective, although the center console is It is made of hard plastic, but it can be seen that the interior is treated with care, regardless of the color scheme or the degree of detail of the seams.

Many places in the car are made of granular plastic, which will improve the texture of the original cheap materials a lot; the multifunctional steering wheel is not a new thing for a long time, and it is also equipped on this top-of-the-line model. Control of the sound system.

The CX20's trip computer is not displayed on the instrument, and appears on the LCD screen at the top of the center console. The car can only display the average fuel consumption. Although the function is single, there are not many domestic small cars with a trip computer. At the same time, the outside temperature and time are also displayed here.

The shape of the audio control panel is novel, the circular screen makes this fast area full of science and technology, and the larger buttons greatly reduce the chance of accidental touch. Moreover, it is also good in terms of hand feel. I am most satisfied with the three air-conditioning knobs. The feel and damping are light and delicate, which is not inferior to the joint venture models.

The four windows of the CX20 can all be lowered with one key. It would be nice if the main driver can raise with one key; for this level of car, it is understandable to omit the makeup lights. Since one of the car’s target groups is young women, Then the makeup mirror on the sun visor is still necessary.

Good head space and plenty of storage space

The test-driving model has seat height adjustment. It is accidentally found that there is a significant gap between the invisible places such as the adjustment wrench and the processing of the interior workmanship. This has no effect on normal use, and it is considered a pursuit. A compromise to cost performance.

Keep the driving position in place, and there is a punch from the rear leg to the front seat, which is at the normal level of a car in the same class, and the distance from the head to the four fingers on the roof is actually not bad; sitting in the back row On the seat, you will feel a certain lumbar support, so that you will not be too tired when riding for a long time. In addition, the bulge on the rear floor is not too big, which is more beneficial to the middle passengers when it is fully loaded.

The abundant storage space of Changan CX20 has left a deep impression on people, please look down:

In terms of storage space, Changan CX20 is available wherever it should be, and it has also designed an umbrella trough and a drawer under the co-pilot. Domestic manufacturers have gradually begun to pay more attention to humanization. This is worthy of recognition!

The trunk opening of the Changan CX20 is not too large, and the ground clearance is also high. If you load large luggage, it may take a little effort; it is normal that the seat can be folded in the current car, and the CX20 can achieve a 4/6 turn. Folding, after all down, although the rear seats cannot be placed in a 100% horizontal position, there is no step at the junction of the trunk floor and the seats, which is also a design that enhances practicality.

Test drive experience

Looking at the static part in front, are you looking forward to the test drive experience of this car? However, it should be noted that due to the rain and slippery roads, the speed of the test drive was slow. Under the suppression of the leader vehicle, the driving speed of the team was basically below 60Km/h, so the test drive process is relatively simple. I also look forward to the test. More detailed tests are carried out on the arrival of the car.

The engine of the Changan CX20 is the same as that of the Benben, and it is exactly the same in terms of tuning. The car does not use an electronic throttle, so the engine responds more sensitively to the bottom throttle, but this sensitivity does not mean that it can bring orders. A pleasant sense of acceleration. Even if the accelerator is pushed to the bottom and the gearbox is down for two consecutive gears, the car will still be out of touch with the roar of the engine. After all, the power is limited by the 1.3-liter displacement.

The CX20's 4-speed automatic gearbox comes from Japan’s Aisin. The staff also emphasized that this gearbox and engine have been repeatedly adjusted and matched. In normal driving, this gearbox behaves very docilely. If you don’t deliberately observe it, change gears. The impact is almost imperceptible, which is what a family car should do.

For some female friends who are used to turning the wheel on the spot, the steering wheel may feel a little bit heavier; the suspension of the car is a tough tuning, and the small ups and downs of the road are easily transmitted into the car. As a family car, I I think it’s better to compromise the suspension a little bit more comfortably. Most users who can buy a small car still use daily transportation. How many people are keen to buy it to suppress the suspension?

Whenever you step on the accelerator, the noise from the engine compartment is still quite obvious. In addition to tire noise and wind noise, the sound from the power system becomes the most obvious source of noise; but under the cruising state of less than 80Km/h, the CX20 The noise will not make people too irritable, and the overall noise control level is equivalent to that of models of the same class.


As a brand-new product, Changan CX20, although it still has some shortcomings, still brings many surprises. Whether it is from highly original body design, mixed and matched styles, to significantly improved workmanship, it is all amazing. Impressive place, and independent models have begun to pay attention to the consideration of humanity, such as storage space with umbrella slots and drawers (shoebox) is one of the aspects of humanization. It is understood that the pre-sale price of CX20 is 53,000-75,000 yuan. After the official launch, the models will be further enriched, and 3G models with human-computer interaction system will be launched in the future. The positioning of CX20 is biased towards young people, and new cars are in the next It will be available soon, so are you optimistic about this new style of CROSS car?