[YesAuto original test drive] This is a rare domestic Toyota car without a Chinese name. It seems that Toyota has long been eager to put it on the market. As for the Chinese name, it doesn't matter what the Chinese name is. See if the CR-V is still selling well. There is not much to say about the meaning of this car for Toyota or the Chinese market. As long as you care about this car, please continue to look down.

In order to experience RAV4, I came to beautiful Dalian. Today's science and technology are really advanced. I endured the heat in Beijing an hour ago, and I already enjoyed the fresh sea breeze an hour later. Before the trip, my colleague told me that Dalian is a “picturesque, spring like spring” city. Do they think I'm so easily deceived? Dalian is also in Liaoning Province anyway, north of latitude 39°, how can it be “spring in all seasons”? It seems that colleagues cannot easily believe it!

Don't talk about colleagues, sometimes you can't even believe it! For example, during the test drive of the Toyota RAV4, I just had an impression of this car for granted in my mind. I thought it was a typical urban SUV, which could only be walked on the asphalt road and had no off-road capability. But the test drive experience made me find my impression is so unreliable.


The test drive is certainly exciting, exciting and unforgettable. But before that, I still want to briefly describe the general situation of this car. The first generation of RAV4 was born in 1994, and its appearance created a precedent for urban SUVs. Today, FAW Toyota produces the latest third-generation model, which was officially launched on April 10, 2009. The manufacturer's guide price is 189,800 to 264,300.

From the appearance point of view, the overall lines of the RAV4 are relatively smooth, and there are not many off-road elements. Like many other Toyota-branded cars such as Corolla and Camry, the appearance of the RAV4 emphasizes a slightly modest orientation. Such a design may lack personality, but it will never make anyone feel exaggerated or unacceptable.

If you are willing to lean down and look at it, RAV4 will give you a stronger feeling and a bit of an off-road vehicle. As for the real off-road performance, the minimum ground clearance of 190 mm may firstly make people pass through it. Suspect, after all, the minimum ground clearance of most SUVs is more than 200 mm, so wait for a field inspection.

I personally think that the design of the rear of the car is more colorful. The external spare tire adds a rough style to this car, and the storage space of the trunk can be larger. In addition, it also helps to increase the departure angle and improve off-road performance. However, some netizens questioned the strength of the trunk door hinge mechanism. Such suspicions are not unreasonable: the trunk door hinge mechanism of the RAV4 is no different from an ordinary car door, but it has to carry a heavy spare tire. But thinking about it later, this design is not a “high-tech” that has not been tested by time, and there shouldn't be any problems.


The center console is also Toyota's tepid style, which makes people look really temperless. To be honest, even if its shape is exaggerated, no one will object. But it is what it is now, what else can be said, at least not out of date!

While I was savoring the center console, a sales lady from a local dealer asked me some incredible questions. Later, I praised me as an “expert”. Actually I am not an expert, but she didn't figure out my origin and occupation. However, this made me notice the layout on the left side of the steering wheel. To be honest, it was a bit empty. It would be better if the storage compartment could be bigger and deeper.

Dual-zone automatic air-conditioning is standard for all systems. The configuration is in place, but the appearance doesn't seem to be there yet. This is originally an automatic air conditioner, there is no need to imitate the shape of the three knobs of a manual air conditioner! Moreover, it doesn't make people feel more intuitive. In addition, I will reveal to you a place that is not in place: the whole system does not have a rear air-conditioning outlet.


If the number of cup holders on the car is calculated according to the standard of “one bottle per person”, then this should be an 8-seater car: four cup holders in the front row, two on the rear door, and two on both sides of the trunk. One.

The wheelbase of 2660 mm gives the RAV4 good interior space. Its rear seats can be adjusted back and forth within a certain range, and the angle of the backrest can also be changed, so that passengers in the rear seats can find a comfortable sitting posture. In addition, the flat floor of the carriage increases the space for the passengers' legs, which reminds people of the wonderful experience of sitting in the LX570.

The trunk volume of the RAV4 is 1031 liters when the rear seats are not down. It is not only large, but also humane design is in place, such as storage compartments on both sides, wrenches that can directly put down the rear seats, etc., making it a very competent “supermarket commuter car.”

Off-road test drive:

Next is the exciting off-road project. There are a lot of “checkpoints” set up here to simulate the off-road road in reality. Different checkpoints are used to test the performance of the vehicle's four-wheel drive system, ground clearance, suspension support and other aspects.

First pass: suspension bridge

Test the vehicle's four-wheel drive system and steep slope descent

On both sides of the suspension bridge are ramps close to 20 degrees. There are also rollers on the uphill side to simulate the state where the wheels lose their grip. First park the car on the uphill and let the two front wheels stop on the drum. This means that the two front wheels will completely lose their grip when the vehicle starts again. Since the RAV4 is equipped with the HAC uphill assist system, the vehicle will not roll back after the brake is released. There is no need to press the four-wheel drive lock button on the center console at this time, and the driving force distribution is completely controlled by the computer.

When the accelerator pedal is stepped on, the front wheels will spin in an instant. Obviously, the system is still in the default front-wheel drive state. After less than a second of idling, the system may begin to realize that something is wrong, so the body stability control system first brakes the front wheels. From the outside of the car, the front wheels will suddenly stop. At the same time, the four-wheel drive system began to distribute torque to the rear wheels, and the vehicle passed uphill smoothly. During the downhill process, the steep slope descent system can control the speed of the vehicle within a safe range. What the driver has to do at this time is to hold the steering wheel and wait for the vehicle to pass automatically.

The second level: continuous potholes on the road

Test the four-wheel drive system and body rigidity

The left and right sides of the road are asymmetrical, which is very similar to the actual shell crater. In this process, the four wheels bear asymmetrical forces, which is a great test of the suspension and the rigidity of the car body.

The car stopped in an extremely exaggerated posture: the left rear wheel was completely off the ground, and the left front wheel and right rear wheel suspension were strongly compressed, which was quite acrobatic. At this time, the engineer began to explain the RAV4 chassis calmly. Just looking at the appearance of this RAV4 already felt very difficult. Because in this state, the car body will withstand a huge torsion moment, if the car body is not strong enough, it is likely to cause abnormal noise, difficulty in opening and closing the doors, and even broken windows!

Before testing the rigidity of the RAV4's body, let's take a look at its rear suspension. There has been a saying on the Internet that the RAV4 is actually “a car shell on the Camry chassis”. However, the actual comparison found that this is not the case. The rear suspension of the two is completely different. Moreover, Camry's SUV on the same platform is the Highlander.

Back to the topic, this RAV4 has been in this position for several minutes. It's time to check the rigidity of the body. A lady can't wait to pull the car door. The result is very easy, no difference from being on a flat ground. It seems that the rigidity of the RAV4's body is still good.

Then we saw one of the “guests” who was the most unhappy in the audience that day. He was invited to compete off-road with RAV4. I am afraid that everyone can guess the result without me!

The third level: continuous sleepers

Test the ability of vehicle suspension to filter bumps

When driving through this section of the road, except for the slight vibration of the body and the muffled sound of “dongdongdong”, there is no other feeling, and the RAV4 passed smoothly.

The fourth level: tire off-road

Test vehicle passability and suspension stability

The vehicle will pass on rugged tires, accompanied by constant changes in adhesion. The RAV4 swayed on each tire, but the vehicle was still moving forward steadily. What is also impressive is that the steering wheel does not sway from side to side due to bumps, the feedback is very small, and the hands can be kept straight with almost no effort.

Fifth level: 27 degree angle

Test the support of vehicle suspension

The 27-degree turning angle is an interesting item. The vehicle will turn 90 degrees to the right when the vehicle is tilted. After the left wheel climbs up the slope, the steering wheel will produce a slightly larger reaction force to turn to the right, which really surprised me, who has no experience in off-roading. However, as long as you firmly hold the steering wheel RAV4, you can pass smoothly.

Level 6: Stairs

Test vehicle passing ability

Seventh level: A-shaped slope

Test vehicle passability and body rigidity

After successfully passing the last two hurdles, the off-road test drive of RAV4 is over. What impressed me most is that the operation of RAV4 is very easy, almost no off-road system is required. In most cases, the vehicle is automatically controlled by the four-wheel drive system and the electronic stability program, just like a point-and-shoot camera.

Road test drive:

Finally, let's experience its highway driving ability. RAV4 is equipped with 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter engines. The 2.4-liter engine equipped for this test drive has a maximum power of 125 kW and a maximum torque of 224 Nm. It is equipped with a dual VVT-i system and is made of aluminum. More advanced.

Manual transmission models are equipped with a mainstream 5-speed manual transmission. The shift handle of this gearbox feels good and the gears are relatively clear. The shifting stroke is also relatively moderate.

However, during the test drive, the manual transmission model did not bring a refreshing feeling. The main reason is presumed to be that the vehicle is too new and the running-in is not sufficient, resulting in the clutch pedal always feeling a bit jerky, as if a little “not following the foot”. I even thought that my foot was stuck somewhere underneath a few times. Of course, it is not ruled out that it is due to personal driving skills.

The automatic transmission model will be much easier, and it also gives me more energy to experience the state of the vehicle. This 2.4-liter engine does not appear to be strenuous to propel the 1.6-ton car body. Matched with it is a 4-speed automatic transmission. I would like to say a few more words here. In terms of the number of gears, it is indeed slightly behind, but in actual driving, it will not make people feel any frustration. After all, it is Toyota's specialty to provide a comfortable driving experience. If this can't be done well, Toyota should not build a car. As for the impact on fuel consumption and acceleration, we will conduct a comprehensive and detailed test when we get the test car in the future.

The low-speed sharp steering is a bit similar to a shuttle in a dense city. At this time, the steering wheel of the RAV4 is lighter and lacks a sense of road. The front direction is not as sensitive as expected, and it really feels like driving an SUV.

But it feels more sensitive when winding piles at high speed. When turning at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour, the feedback of the steering wheel is significantly increased, allowing the driver to clearly perceive the change in the body's posture. The longer suspension stroke does not help to improve the cornering ability, but the toughness of the spring in the limit state can still be felt.

Generally speaking, the road performance of this car is quite satisfactory. After all, as a city SUV and a Toyota car, it is more suitable for comfortable driving. As long as you don't pursue the kind of handling of a sports car SUV, RAV4 will definitely make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


A short test drive could not allow me to fully appreciate every detail of this car, but it was enough to completely subvert my previous prejudice against this car. The moderate combination of daily comfort and off-road functions makes RAV4 like a combination of Nissan X-Trail and Honda CR-V.

In terms of comprehensive capabilities, Toyota RAV4 is strong enough. It would be even better if the 4-speed automatic gearbox could be changed. Let alone the 4-speed gearbox, it would really have a drag on the overall performance. In general, Toyota RAV4 is a good choice for consumers who like to play off-road. Of course, except for the two-wheel drive version.

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