[YesAuto in-depth experience] In recent years, the emergence of autonomous vehicles has almost reached a dazzling level, including not only domestically-grown autonomous vehicles such as Chery and Geely, but many joint venture manufacturers have also started their road of autonomy. GAC is one of them. A member, and what we are about to experience today is the Trumpchi Trumpchi, the first autonomous mid-size car of GAC.

Trumpchi has been on the market at the end of last year, and the whole series is priced at 122,800 to 189,800 yuan. Although GAC has two backers, Toyota and Honda, Trumpchi did not directly get anything from the Camry and Accord. Instead, it purchased the production line of the Italian Alfa Romeo 166 model. This also gave Trumpchi some European in its bones. The line of genes, the front double wishbone/rear multi-link suspension is really amazing. However, this is not the topic to be discussed today. Before the dynamic performance test, let us first take a look at its interior space and other static performance.

●The appearance is atmospheric and approachable

The self-designed body is added to the chassis of Alfa Romeo 166, which constitutes the exterior part of Trumpchi. At first glance, its design does not seem to bring people enough excitement. The mediocre design is very decent. I didn't mean to belittle it at all. As a mid-size car, Trump didn't want to pass the stunning appearance or personality at the beginning of the design. To impress consumers, the more mature and stable style is more acceptable to most people.

In terms of appearance, Trumpchi is different from the path of imitation of most independent models. It does not deliberately imitate anyone. The body size of 4800mm*1819mm*1484mm is not too small, and it belongs to a very standard medium-sized car. If you still feel that some details are a bit similar to what car model, I would prefer to explain that the similarity is purely coincidental.

Moderate shape and lack of features does not mean that there are no bright spots. Trumpchi's width light uses the popular LED bulbs, and the L-shaped arrangement is also very particular, and the effect is very good after lighting. The headlight unit also uses a dual-lens dual-lens, which can better concentrate the light. In addition, the front radar has already appeared on this 133,800 second-lower model, which is somewhat surprising. It seems that this time GAC has come with sincerity.

The side of the car body is still smooth and steady, it presents a standard mid-size car image, and it is not worthy of any gorgeous words to modify. The 2702mm wheelbase can only be regarded as an entry level in the current medium-sized car, because the original platform is like this, and GAC has not easily changed it. In terms of tires, Trumpchi is equipped with the more common Hankook Automa K415 series. The width of 205mm and the 16-inch wheels are also relatively basic, but it is upgraded to 225/45 R17 specifications on the luxury version and above. Should be more in line with the body.

The rear part is also matched with the overall style of the body. It also looks natural and peaceful. It doesn't feel any abrupt feeling. The rear fog lights and reversing lights are on one side, so it looks more symmetrical and coordinated. As a Japanese joint venture background The manufacturers are not affected by them. Needless to say LED, because it is already very common in taillights, but Trumpchi’s brake lights have an “inverted L” shape.

I will habitually take a look at the seam treatment of each test car. Compared with the joint venture model, Trumpchi has basically not opened much difference. If we look at it with stricter standards, the seams on both sides of the front machine cover are still It's a bit inconsistent, maybe it's an individual problem, anyway, this time it was let me see it. Open the engine cover, you don't need to hold the cover first to find the ejector rod. I like the double hydraulic tappet very much, and the thermal insulation cotton that is not small in area is also very kind. As for the overall appearance, I still give Trumpchi a positive comment. This approachable design is also in line with the public's aesthetics. GAC has also placed more original elements on this car.

●The interior design is popular and the workmanship is better

To be honest, I hate independent manufacturers that completely plagiarize but never admit it. They say this is just a reference, but this time Trumpchi really did not do it. I appreciate its highly original interior design.

The cover of Trumpchi's center console is made of soft materials, which meets the requirements of medium-sized cars. The button area uses a silver panel to emphasize the sense of technology. Perhaps in order to squeeze more space in the car with a shorter wheelbase, the center console was designed with a shorter longitudinal distance, and it was a little uncomfortable when I first started. This feeling of mine has also been recognized by several colleagues.

Although the door warning light is a gadget, I think it can still play a big role in the safety of the door at night. It can let the rear discover your vehicle as soon as possible, thereby avoiding potential safety hazards. The four doors of Trumpchi have not omitted this small part, and they are also a red and white lampshade. The red color is used to warn the car behind, and the white light is used for ground lighting. The design is more user-friendly. The window buttons are a bit unsatisfactory. Long travel and only the main driver's one-key up and down mode are the characteristics of Japanese cars. The key is that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the feel.

Trumpchi only has the lowest model (the comfort version of 122,800) without the ESP electronic stability program, while the rest of the models have the electronic stability program. It is necessary to emphasize separately. GAC has set an example for independent manufacturers, and other independent models are basically ESP is only available for high-end models or top-end models. Trumpchi’s approach to spreading the safety configuration to low-end models is worthy of recognition, and it almost became the standard for the entire series.

Trumpchi’s dashboard adopts a more conventional design, which appears to be faint and mysterious under the decoration of blue background light. The area of the central multi-function display is small, and the information switch button is on the steering wheel, which cannot be regarded as a multi-function steering wheel. Right? In addition to displaying the content of the trip computer, it can also display some prompt messages such as the door and the lights are not turned off. The display can display average fuel consumption and instantaneous fuel consumption, but the vehicle must be moving and press and hold the “DISP”, which is inconvenient to use, especially when the hand presses the button for a long time to interfere with the direction.

The steering wheel adopts four-way adjustment. Compared with models of the same price, there are not many models that can adjust the front and rear positions of the steering wheel. Trumpchi has the function of tapping the turn signal to flash three times continuously, which is very useful when merging, indicating that the manufacturer is still very careful.

The touch of the buttons on the center console is very delicate, better than most independent brands, and it is not afraid of joint venture models. The sound system settings are displayed in large fonts in Chinese. The AUX and USB interface provide convenience for the expansion of the audio source in the car. It also supports recording songs into the car, which is the legendary “virtual CD”, which is another configuration beyond the same price. The automatic air conditioner is pretty good for all Trumpchi series, but due to the use of blue backlight and the low screen position, it is slightly inconvenient to observe.

As long as you don’t buy the lowest model, I think the configuration is sufficient. The sunroof also appears on models other than the lowest model. Its openable area is 0.22 square meters, which is the normal level of a medium-sized car. Generally speaking, I feel good about Trumpchi’s interior styling and button feel. I can hardly find any shortcomings in terms of workmanship. The “light touch three flash” function of the turn signal, the four-way adjustment of the steering wheel and other details are also humane. Very good, compared to other brands of independent mid-size cars, Trumpchi is already at the upper level.

●The riding space meets the standards of medium-sized cars

Most consumers are still very concerned about the space of medium-sized cars, so whether Trumpchi can reflect the level of medium-sized cars in terms of space performance, in fact, I am also worried about its 2702mm wheelbase.

The support of the front seats is good and has a certain degree of lateral wrapping. The models other than the lowest equipped are all electrically adjusted. Passengers with a height of 178cm are adjusted to the appropriate driving position and there is still a punch on the head. However, this car The seating range is not large, which is not good news for a tall friend. For example, my colleague Zhang Ke (height 190cm) complained about this problem several times. This is not only because of his height, but the adjustment range is really limited. .

The rear seats are obviously softer than the front seats, which is obviously to improve ride comfort, but if the supporting force of the rear section of the seat cushion is somewhat insufficient, long-distance rides are prone to fatigue. Keep the front row still and sit in the back row. The head space of the 2 fingers is relatively tight, and the margin for the two punches in the legs is not bad. Taking a model that everyone is more familiar with as a reference, I think it is similar to the Magotan, but the seat cushion is too short. After the actual measurement, it is only 470mm, which is not an optimistic number in a medium-sized car.

Trumpchi comes standard with rear exhaust vents and rear central headrests, which strive to bring better comfort to the rear passengers, but the middle seat is still not suitable for long-term rides. The backrest is relatively high and hard, and the rear seat is larger. I can't put my feet down calmly. On the whole, the space of Trumpchi is average in a medium-sized car. The threshold of electric seat configuration is low and it is very good. There is still room for improvement in the comfort of the front and rear rows.

Storage space is sufficient for daily use

Convenient storage space can reduce some unnecessary troubles, and can also reduce some hidden safety hazards in driving. This is also one of the aspects of vehicle humanization. So how does Trumpchi perform?

There are special cup slots on the front and rear door panels, in addition to extra storage space. There is a small storage compartment under the speaker. The depth and capacity are not large. You can cover the cover when not in use to increase the integrity of the center console. The front of the handle is also designed with a small slot for storing personal belongings, but it would be nice if there is a bedding.

There are two cup holders in the center of the front row, but there is no limit device. Fortunately, it is more suitable to hold ordinary beverage bottles, and there are also covers to block them. The structure of the glove box is relatively simple, there is no layering and there is no pen clip. I personally think that it doesn't matter, but the delicate damping when opened is worthy of praise, and the capacity is good.

The front center armrest box is a relatively common two-layer structure, but only the bottom layer has rubber padding. If you pay more attention, the ones mentioned above can also be added with anti-skid materials. Two cup holders and a storage box on the rear center armrest are nothing new, but the storage box has a good capacity.

The trunk can be opened in the car or with a remote control key. The hydraulic tappet works well. Many joint venture models of the same level don’t have it. There is no opening device on the trunk lid. I can understand that the manufacturer does this to increase the safety of the items. , But it also discounts convenience to a certain extent. The trunk is not particularly regular, with irregular protrusions on both sides, but there should be no problem with the capacity meeting normal needs. Trumpchi's rear seats cannot be put down, and it uses the same central opening method as some mid-to-high-end cars. Although it is slightly less practical, it is not a disadvantage in mid-sized cars.

Full text summary

The overall impression that Trumpchi gave me is relatively peaceful, without overly prominent design and features. It faces consumers in an approachable attitude and brings people the sense of balance that a medium-sized car should have. There are also some bright spots in this, such as LED width lights, hydraulic tappets, more delicate center control buttons, etc., all show the manufacturer's intentions and sincerity, and this 133,800 model also has ESP, electric Compared with other autonomous mid-size cars, Trumpchi is not at a disadvantage in terms of vehicle size, configuration and cost performance.

Although the article also mentions deficiencies such as the need to improve the comfort of the seat, these are not enough to constitute a flaw. If the requirements are not too demanding, these problems can be “fiddled” with the past. Combined with the price and configuration of this elite version of 133,800 yuan, it is actually quite good as a family car, and IKEA seems to be more suitable. As the first model of GAC, some consumers may be entangled in the “face problem” caused by its brand awareness, and the quality is also worth testing, but as far as the period of contact with it is concerned, I am generally concerned about it. satisfying. Of course, the performance of this chassis from Alfa Romeo 166 in terms of handling depends on our performance test a few days later, and then everyone will have a more comprehensive understanding of Trumpchi.

[YesAuto Evaluation] In fact, if you look at it from a very intuitive point of view, this product of Trumpchi has nothing to attract me. It is not a fashionable appearance and ordinary interior, everything seems a bit mediocre. Perhaps more abundant configuration and better workmanship than self-owned brand products of the same level are its major advantages. But does this “independent product” of European descent just look good? Today we will taste it from a dynamic perspective to see if it is just a look.

GAC’s domestic partners are all Japanese manufacturers, but its first self-branded product is based on the development of a standard European car platform such as Alfa Romeo 166. Let’s put aside these historical issues for the time being and just look at the driving experience. Kei has the characteristics of European cars, the entire body and suspension tuning are very compact, and has good body rigidity, which can give you full confidence in most driving environments. Regarding driving, if it is judged by the standard of general independent brand models, Trumpchi is obviously two grades higher!

Trumpchi has two displacements of 1.8L and 2.0L. The 1.8L engine is independently developed, while the 2.0L engine is also from Alpha 166, with a maximum power of 110kW (150 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 183N·m. After the secondary development in China, it was assembled for use by Trumpchi. The most obvious change is to change the dual spark plug structure of the prototype to a single spark plug.

The advantage of the dual spark plug engine is obvious. There are two points in the cylinder that ignite at the same time, which can greatly shorten the combustion time of the mixture, and the utilization rate of heat is higher, which means that more mixture can be burned per unit time and more released. Energy can increase the power of the engine to a certain extent, which of course means that fuel consumption has increased significantly. However, the high fuel consumption brought by the dual spark plug engine introduced by GAC in the prototype car is obviously not in line with the national conditions, so we have seen a cash 2.0L engine that has been re-developed.

From the book data, this “semi-autonomous” engine of Trumpchi is basically at the same level as other engines of the same displacement. It performs very positively in the early stages of actual driving, with very sensitive throttle response, and the explosive power of low and medium speeds will definitely satisfy you. Of course, this feeling is only limited to 4500 rpm. The engine power drops very obviously at high speeds. This drop is not a slow linear change, but a power drop that you can clearly feel.

Perhaps it is that GAC’s self-developed capabilities are not yet in place. The engine has not been able to achieve an overall linear and stable output after the engine has been improved. However, this state is also suitable for most domestic road conditions, and is just right for the average speed of 60-80km/h In the active zone of the engine.

The front double wishbone + rear multi-link suspension can be said to be a very advanced suspension structure. Generally, this structure is only used in medium-to-large and above-class vehicles, while the medium-sized vehicles and below, including joint venture brands, are very advanced. Such a configuration is rare, so this is the biggest advantage of Trumpchi.

Although Trumpchi has a not-so-radical appearance and usually feels stable and solid when driving, it can still bring you some fun if you really play with it. The double-wishbone + multi-link suspension structure has obvious advantages in extreme conditions, and the controllability of the body is greatly improved, giving you the confidence to continue to challenge higher limits. Although the body is easily on the verge of losing control, it is not difficult to save. The flexibility of handling is not like the performance of a medium-sized car.

Fuel consumption test

    Trumpchi drove a total of 167 kilometers during the entire fuel consumption test phase. The average outdoor temperature was about 28°C, and the air conditioner was turned on during the whole process. About 50% of the test roads are unobstructed loop roads, the other 20% are high-speed roads, there are about 10% of mountain roads, and the remaining 20% are basically congested roads.

Trumpchi 2.0MT's fuel consumption performance is good, but according to our normal standard value, 8.6L is indeed a bit too good. Here we do not intend to give it a good result. We have also said before that most of the entire test process is high-speed or loop road conditions, so it is not surprising that such a result appears for a manual transmission model. In the case of traffic jams in urban areas, fuel consumption between 9-10L/100km should be a normal value.

Accelerated performance test:

The starting speed is controlled at about 3500-4000 rpm. At this time, the engine has the strongest explosive power. The front wheels will slip obviously at the moment of starting, but the overall body posture is perfectly maintained, and there is almost no head-up phenomenon. The final score of 10.9 seconds is a normal level for a 2.0L mid-size car.

Brake performance test:

Trumpchi’s brake pedal feels very sensitive in daily driving, and there is a clear braking sensation at a lighter point. However, the results in the final brake test are not satisfactory, with an average score of only 42.7 meters. The biggest problem is that the braking power output is not stable enough. Obvious fluctuations can be seen on the curve.

to sum up:

Trumpchi is developed based on the mature European model platform, so we can only be regarded as a “semi-independent brand” from the product point of view, and if measured according to the standards of independent brand products, Trumpchi is in the chassis and suspension , Engine, configuration and workmanship have very big advantages, but the price can be kept at the same level. Why can it be so good and cheap? On the one hand, the mature product line saves most of the R&D costs. On the other hand, the experience in production management brought by GAC’s years of cooperation with foreign manufacturers can help them better control costs. The combination of these comprehensive factors allows Trumpchi This product has very good competitiveness, and it proves that it is not just a look like some other self-branded products.

It’s good to be able to have an authentic European car, but here we have to admit that the Chinese market has a great demand for space, and we can also see that many foreign products come to China with more names behind them. “L”, and more and more. So in the future, will GAC use the existing platform to produce more space and more competitive products? Maybe it should be possible if the brand recognition is sufficient. At present, it will take time for Trumpchi's product to achieve good sales.

Model detailed parameter configuration table