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[YesAuto headlight test] As an absolute representative of European compact cars, the Volkswagen Golf has evolved to the eighth generation this year, and domestic models have also been released. Everyone has mixed opinions on its exterior design, and there are many topics. While conducting a detailed overseas test of the Golf 8, we also carefully examined its lighting performance to bring you first-hand data and experience. Unlike the past, this time we did not test with the highest-match matrix headlights, but very representative mid-match LED headlights. This lighting combination is good-looking and inexpensive, and will be the mainstream configuration on the new golf. Although it is not a top match, its lighting performance is really surprising. (Note: The test car is a European standard model sold in the German market, and the headlights are also European standard ECE lights.)

Our Golf 8 test car is a Style version of the mid-range configuration. This version is equipped with mid-range IQ. Light LED lights as standard. If you want to choose it for lower configuration models, you will need an extra 960 euros (about 7680 yuan). ), and the top-equipped matrix headlights have to ask for 2,056 euros (about 16,000 yuan), and the matching price in Europe is not cheap at all. In the European market, there is also a lensless LED headlight for low-profile models. The actual effect is ten different. According to the current information, it should not appear on domestic models. In the past, the landscape of the halogen reflective bowl headlights on the streets will be different. Will appear again.

From the static appearance, compared with the top-mounted IQ. Light matrix headlights, the mid-mounted headlights also have less far and near light modules on the inner side, which does not lose the chain from the look and feel. The single lens takes on the task of far and near beams. In addition, there is an extra high beam with a reflective bowl on the inside to help the intensity of the high beam. The measured performance is also very good. The LED eyebrow on the upper side of the lamp integrates the functions of daytime running lights and turn signals, but the mid-range lamps do not have the dynamic effect of the turn signals on the high-end headlights. All ordinary Golf 8 series do not have independent fog lights. Instead, the all-weather lights on the innermost side of the headlights are used. This small LED light can illuminate both sides of the front of the car. The brightness is about half of the steering assist brightness. In harsh weather Provide a better view.

In addition to the lowest front turn signal, all Golf 8 series are equipped with LED light source as standard, and the tail light group is no exception. Even if the tail light set on the test drive is low, the lighting effect is very good, while the high IQ. Light will add better-looking light guide strips, brake lights/marker lights dynamic switching, and dynamic turn signals.

Even if it is not the best LED headlight, this lighting system still does enough homework, and its performance is very balanced in all aspects. The LED low beam unit with lens outlines a clear tangent line in the distance, and the part within the tangent line has a very good lighting performance, and the illumination distance and brightness of the low beam are both at the middle and upper level. The low-beam lateral detection capability has reached the level of higher-level models, and the overall performance of the low-beam is wide and bright. There are no street lights on all roads in Germany except towns. In the dark night when you can't see your fingers, the actual performance of the headlights of the Golf 8 is indeed good. Only turning on the low beam can already meet most of the road conditions.

The high beam's irradiation distance is even more than 100 meters, reaching 116 meters, which is also better than a car that is more expensive than it. The high beam hits the trees at the end of the test site to show a concentrated spot of light, and the lamps have a good ability to gather light. After the high beam is turned on, it will not feel dazzling even in the opposite lane, the visual experience is relatively soft, the measured illuminance can reach 18 lx, and the performance is very balanced. The test-driving car has an automatic high beam opening and closing function, and the measured response sensitivity and speed are satisfactory. A more advanced dynamic grating to shield the high beam will only be provided on the top-equipped IQ. Light.

The corner lights will be turned on when the steering wheel is turned and the turn signal is turned on. The measured detection capability and coverage are very satisfactory, and there will be a gradual fade effect, which is very advanced. In terms of lighting assistance, the test drive car is also equipped with an automatic high beam function. In actual use, as long as there is an oncoming or close to the vehicle in front, the high beam can be turned off in time, but the delay will be a little longer when it is turned on again.

to sum up:

The new domestically produced Golf 8 has been launched, and the influence of the legendary model has also attracted a lot of attention. Although the European version of the Golf 8 we tested this time is not top-mounted headlights, the performance of this more cost-effective mid-range lighting is still surprising and sincere. We are very satisfied with the high beam irradiation distance of 100 meters, the very balanced low beam performance and the shape that is in line with the high-end headlights. According to the configuration information of the domestic version, the 200 TSI model from the entry level is equipped with this mid-match headlight, and the top-matched matrix headlight can be selected through the “Technology Light Package”, providing AFS headlight follow-up steering and dynamics LED turn signal and more functions. (Photo/Written Overseas Writer of Auto Home)