[YesAuto Design Decoding] It should be the most special model in GAC Trumpchi. Perhaps we should be more confident and remove the “should”. It's very simple. If you hide the logo, you can't see that it comes from GAC Trumpchi. This special model is Trumpchi GS4 COUPE. Young designers are excited to us that when creating the COUPE version, it seems that it was designed for themselves. Today we will talk about the design story of Trumpchi GS4 COUPE.

■ GAC Trumpchi’s “COUPE SUV” complex

Trumpchi GS4 COUPE will be launched on May 20. Although this type of COUPE version is not mainstream in today's domestic market, similar models such as Geely Xingyue, Haval F7x and Changan CS85 COUPE have emerged from Chinese brands in the past two years. Judging from the time to market, GS4 COUPE did have a late episode, but the “COUPE SUV” complex of GAC Trumpchi may not be later than its opponents. We might as well put the time back five or six years.

Judging from the release time of the above two concept cars, we can see that the launch of the GS4 COUPE is not a whim, but a premeditated plan. Over the years, as the automobile consumer group has gradually become younger, the GAC Trumpchi design team has also been exploring new ideas. Only a unique look can truly impress young people.

The SUV market has developed rapidly in the past few years, and GAC Trumpchi is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries. From the compact GS4 to the mid-size GS8, they have become the star models in their respective market segments. Sales are the most convincing proof. At the same time, we find that the SUV market is getting narrower and narrower, so it is not difficult to understand why in the past two years, many manufacturers, including GAC Trumpchi, have taken a different approach and made some cross-border models.

Due to the large size of the Chinese market, this requires manufacturers to better judge the market's future opportunities and consumer needs. Different brands have different approaches to create models with unique tonality. GAC Trumpchi hopes that a car in the future will have a personality, and there will be no ambiguity in positioning, but the car can find a genetic connection with the car.

■ COUPE user portrait is at least five years younger

For GAC Trumpchi, the regular version of GS4 is a typical mass production product that meets the needs of a large number of base users. When designing the regular version, the team should choose a more popular style, which is in line with most people's aesthetics. The COUPE version is obviously completely different. It is a model that owners hope to use to flaunt their individuality.

At the beginning of development, the design team did a lot of user research. The company leaders directly told the designers during the review that they should not be allowed to review the car at their age, and should find more young users to review the car. In order to better distinguish it from the normal version, the COUPE version and the normal version are two different designs.

■ Face the gust of “Flash”

There are currently three members in the Trumpchi GS4 family: the second generation Trumpchi GS4, the new Trumpchi GS4 PHEV and GS4 COUPE. Under the craze of two-dimensional IP, the design team gave the COUPE version a brand new look based on the new GPMA platform of GAC, and personified it as the “Wind Hunting Flash”, hoping that it could become a weapon for trendy youths. The designer said frankly that the difficulty of creating a COUPE version is no less than re-developing a new model. Of course, I am more interested in the subject of “The Flash”.

■ Responsible sexy, dancing in shackles

In fact, the theme of “The Flash” was not deliberately created. At the beginning of the development of the COUPE version, the team did not design this theme. The design team was doing research on car lights (that is, playing a lot of tricks on lamps). At that time, there was this theme. Everyone thought it was great. It was able to give GS4 COUPE stronger characteristics, so I took it.

Since there is no conventional family-style front face design, and if you want to please young people, GS4 COUPE must refuse to be boring in its styling design. “It's good to look at a distance, but good at close up”, it is not easy to do it. The upper, small, and large split grille layout, supplemented by dark black arrow rain grille as embellishment, plus the details of the lamps, the COUPE version looks energetic enough.

Design and cost, sexy and practical, are two issues that must be faced in the development of every car. The designer describes his work as dancing in shackles, casual but with extremely strict rules, and dancing under heavy load is the most moving dance that can best embody wisdom and talent. GS4 COUPE also made a compromise, with larger wheels, more aggressive tails… or limited by cost or craftsmanship, and finally had to give up.

In the view of the design team, the rear styling is no less challenging than the side of the body. It must be publicized without losing a sense of order, so as to echo the front face. In addition to the tail wing just mentioned, its highlight design includes taillights, high-position brake lights and rear surrounds and other details, the overall coordination and personality.

■ Interior: add some seasonings on the basis of the normal version

Since the normal version is enough to have a sense of technology, the center console of GS4 COUPE basically maintains the original design. So, how to meet the freshness that young people need? The designer chooses to work hard on the details and add some spices.

Although the design of the center console has not changed, you can enter the car, and you can still clearly feel the difference between it and the normal version, whether it is fabric or color matching, it is more sporty. Especially the one-piece seat, I believe it is the heart of many young people. Of course, as a version that emphasizes individuality, the COUPE version has room for enhancement in details, such as the steering wheel design and the addition of “COUPE” in the interior to enhance the sense of exclusiveness.

I believe that friends who are interested in the COUPE version will not have too high expectations for the performance of the rear space. The head space is slightly shrunk and the field of view is reduced. It is understandable. In the adult world, it's important to know how to make choices. But in fact, the COUPE version is not too difficult for everyone. When you get in the car, you will find that it is not as bad as you imagined.

■ If you only change the shell, it is not a qualified COUPE version

It is reported that GAC Trumpchi’s design team and engineering team spent more than 600 days, 4,000 hours of CFD simulation and 30 hours of wind tunnel testing, which enabled the Trumpchi GS4 COUPE model to have aerodynamics that surpass its competitors. which performed. The benefit of drag coefficient is not only reflected in fuel economy, it is also a comprehensive index to measure vehicle performance and quality.

GAC Trumpchi has always been driven by design, but the design team believes that GS4 COUPE cannot be just an empty shell. At first glance, it looks attractive, exciting and shocking. Secondly, in terms of driving, sports genes must be ensured, and they must not be superficial. Therefore, if you want to really understand this “Flash”, it's really not enough to just look at the appearance.

Full text summary:

As the most unique member of the Trumpchi GS4 family, the “Flash” GS4 COUPE shows everyone a young and dynamic side. In fact, after understanding the design story of GS4 COUPE, what makes people feel the deepest is not how cool its shape is, but its sincerity. It's not just a simple cover, and a lot of effort has been made in power adjustment, so it is obviously different from the normal version whether it looks or when it is opened. Next, let us look forward to its final price.