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[YesAuto Smart Car Federation Evaluation] After two years of development, Smart Car Federation is now more and more brands are actively embracing the domestic ecology. Among them, some overseas brands can only change a little because the ship is too big to turn around, but like Jiangling Ford Territory has chosen the domestic IoV ecosystem since its new product came out. For 2019 models, Territory has won a three-and-a-half score with the Flying Fish 1.0. As a pioneer in actively embracing the domestic ecology, it’s The spirit is worthy of encouragement, but the actual performance is difficult to stand out in the domestic car networking disputes.

With the launch of the 2020 Territory S, it has joined hands with Tencent Autolink to strike again. What level can it achieve in this year's Internet of Vehicles environment with a change of supplier? It is worth mentioning that Territory S provides two sets of Internet of Vehicles solutions. The platinum-collar type corresponds to the Feiyu Zhixing 2.0 system of HKUST iFLYTEK, while the respect-collar type and the 48V respect-collar PLUS correspond to the Tencent TAI automotive intelligent system. What we are going to talk about in this issue is the Tencent TAI automotive intelligent system jointly built by Territory S and Tencent Auto.

From the overall performance point of view, in addition to the slightly weaker service ecology, the Tencent TAI automotive intelligent system of Territory S has a good performance in human-computer interaction, function realization, and emotional communication.

Human-computer interaction

    At the human-computer interaction level, the main consideration is how the vehicle system communicates with the driver and occupants. If the screen is big enough, the response is fast or not, whether the voice function is rich, and the recognition rate is accurate.

In terms of size, the advantage of Territorial S is not big, but the 10.1-inch level is considered mainstream. The overall aesthetics and response speed are also quite satisfactory. The only drawback is the reflection of the screen and the fingerprints. Although it will not affect the use, it is for the pursuit of For the perfect person, you need to always have a cloth for wiping, or choose a film.

Voice can be regarded as one of the highlights of this system. In the past, DingDang voice was used as a voice solution for other models, but its performance was not satisfactory. However, this system does change my impression of Dingdang voice. First of all, it has rich functions. It can complete the task well, even if there are some who do not understand it. , It can also give more humane feedback where it is inaudible. It feels like you call a customer service, one tells you that you would like to comment on my service later; the other tells you pro, remember to give me a five-star praise, and make a judgment.

Other physical buttons and dashboards are nothing new, but wireless charging feels good when it comes to models at this price. It is indeed more convenient for people who don't have a charging cable in the car. Of course, some people will say that it is inconvenient to get the mobile phone to return information when charging, but driving itself should reduce the frequency of using the mobile phone, right?

In terms of human-computer interaction, the overall performance of Territory S is better, and the voice function and system level have been greatly improved compared with the previous ones, and the experience is very good from the perspective of use. Of course, the fingerprints and reflections of the screen also inherit the genes of the previous work. Although it does not affect the use, if you are a more meticulous person, it will eventually become the norm to wipe the screen.

Function realization

    The function realization level mainly considers whether the high-frequency application in the system is easy to use and whether it can meet the basic needs of drivers and passengers. For example, music, radio, navigation, parking video, etc., because the experience of using these functions often determines whether the driver will pick up the mobile phone again when getting in the car, and this also determines the quality of a car networking system.

In the entertainment system, the entertainment resources provided by the system are relatively rich, including listening to books and online radio music, and the operation is also very convenient. Voice control can meet most of the needs. However, it should be noted that you need to log in to your Tencent Auto Union account. In addition, part of the copyright of QQ Music depends on your QQ Music member.

When we are accustomed to Gaode Baidu, we will inevitably have a black question mark when facing Tencent maps. However, with the development, the Tencent map on the car system nowadays is easy to operate, voice support, and easy to use. Don't lose any picture provider.

The clarity of the parking image of Territorial S in daytime and low-light environment is not bad, but there is a flaw that there is a certain visual blind spot at the splicing. For adults or bicycles outside the car, as long as the driver is not distracted, it will not happen problem. But when there is a short child in front of the car, the driver needs to be careful when driving because the parking image may not be displayed.

At the level of functional realization, the overall performance of this system of Territory S is very good. First of all, it can achieve contactless operation on WeChat, map navigation, and entertainment systems by virtue of powerful voice, and has fewer dialogue levels. It is for listening to songs without special needs. Voice can be realized relatively quickly for navigation, navigation and WeChat conversation. The only regret is that the air conditioning information display is small and some functions need to be adjusted to a deeper level. Of course, voice can also meet the adjustment needs. This depends on personal usage habits.

Service ecology

The service ecology mainly considers which pan-life services the system provides under the scenario of relying on the car, and is strongly associated with the car. In order to solve the embarrassment of drivers and passengers using mobile phones to search in the car. On the one hand, it is to improve the driving safety, on the other hand, it is to eliminate the interaction level, and the direct communication between the car and the service can be realized after being associated with the car account.

At the service ecological level, the richness of the on-board system of Territory S is not high. Tuanyou can be regarded as a relatively representative function. It can not only complete the payment in the car but also compare the oil price, which has a certain degree of practicability. Thanks to the rich functions of Ford’s app, car owners can make appointments for maintenance and repairs and one-click rescue through the mobile app.

At the level of communication favorability, although the in-vehicle system of Territory S has not reached a high level of intelligence, it can respond accurately, quickly and emotionally in the face of some incomprehensible and inaudible problems. Compared with some rigid machine responses, it is easier to accept. Coupled with Tencent's unique voice package, as long as it is not a deep hatred, that tone is enough to calm your anger.

Written at the end:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
3 Changan CS75 PLUS
(Indus Car Association)
89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.2
3 Territory S 87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.2
4 Ideal ONE 101.5 86.2 10.0 40.0 77.1
5 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
6 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0
7 Buick GL8 Aivia
eConnect 3.0
89.5 86.5 30.0 20.0 75.7

Changan CS95

92.0 82.8 22.0 40.0 74.0

Hongqi HS-5

88.5 79.5 40.0 30.0 73.8

On the whole, the Tencent TAI automotive intelligent system brought by Territory S and Tencent Autolink has performed quite well. From the performance point of view, it is not easy to enter the top three of Chinese brands' perennial dominance. At the same time, we can see that there are two relatively hot new car-making forces models behind.

From the actual experience, the main advantage of Territory S is in functional performance. It has obtained a higher score by virtue of its voice function and the car application that we are familiar with. Of course, its shortcomings are also obvious. The lack of service ecological applications has made it lose a lot of points. At the same time, the in-car one-click rescue in the previous generation model was also cancelled on this generation model, but the screen reflection problem continued. Of course, even though it is not flawless, as an overseas brand, it is considered a success.

We hope that more and more overseas brands can actively embrace the domestic ecology and create their own in-vehicle systems suitable for domestic consumer groups. At the same time, it can also stimulate the momentum of Chinese auto companies in the field of auto association. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)